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Dan Garrelts’ RV-9 – with a tailwheel! | St. Charles MO RV-9 #90621

Let’s be honest: You just don’t see tail-dragger RV-9’s all that often! Dan sends in his maiden flight report:

“First flight was 3/16/19, or 16 Years and 5 Months from the date I sign the Van’s License agreement. Engine ran fine staying within all the ranges and the airplane flew very predictable. After taxiing back off the runway it fully hits you what a major thrill it is. Looking forward to exploring the envelope to fully appreciate what this plane is capable doing and then to begin sharing the experience.

“Thanks to the entire Van’s team for all your support and guidance along the way. Between emails, phone calls and visits in person at fly-ins, your entire team has always worked to get me pointed in the right direction. This airplane would not be flying without all of your help. A sincere thank you for all you do for us.”

Hey, Dan – Congrats, and thank you for sending the report and inspiration!

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