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Christian Schaerer’s RV-8 | Basel, Switzerland RV-8 #82861

Christian flew his RV-8 for the first time, congratulations!

After 3000 hours in 6.5 years of building my standard kit RV-8, I finally took off for the first time in Basel, Switzerland (LFSB).
I tested the control behavior in clean and landing configuration and after a couple turns I returned for landing. The hobbs showed 20 minutes after touchdown and the RV grin finally showed up after engine shutdown.
What a great and successful day!

Thanks to all the people who supported me during this time.
Special thanks to my wife and my 3 sons for supporting me during this time.
Also many thanks to my build advisor Dominik Stadler and my TestFlight advisor Dave Oldani and the team of EAS (experimental aviation Switzerland – https://www.experimental.ch) for their excellent support.

I recorded all the building process from the first minute in the shop until the first flight. These timelapse videos are without a comment. You will find them on my YouTube channel . A short video of my first flight taken by the ACM of GAC Basel: 

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