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Chris McGough’s RV-14A | Perth, Western Australia RV-14A #140642

Congratulations to Chris on the completion of his third RV:

VH-BEL , what a delight to fly. Much quicker construction than the RV-6 and RV-10 that my wife Susie and I have built before. My 16 year old, Darcy, gave me a hand with construction and once I learned to put him on the gun and not the bar, everything went smoothly. He was a bit overwhelmed at the start, but I showed him one page at a time and taught him that if you do something every day – you will finish the project . I flew off the 25 Hour test period and then Darcy jumped in and that was a smile I will never forget and more to the point he will never forget that feeling of achievement. See my son when he was a little tacker with the engine for the RV-10, of course he picked the color and now a 16 year old with the rivet gun. Thanks Van’s – great kit and another RV in Australia!

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