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Chandler Webb’s RV-14A | Safford, Arizona RV-14A #140304

Chandler wrote to describe the first flight of his RV-14A in April! What he doesn’t mention (so we will!) is that he’s since started working at Van’s Aircraft in our Aircraft Assembly Division. We’re happy he’s here! Great looking airplane, Chandler – Congrats!

“It was a beautiful Friday morning and I had come in on Thursday to work everything out and make sure my baby was all ready to go for her big day the following morning. Started with some high speed taxi tests and just pulled the nose off to see how heavy it might be at rotation. The CHTs started to climb and so we decided to pull it back into the shop and take a look. We found a couple wires that had been too close to the exhaust pipes as well as a zip tie that wasn’t holding the fire sleeve properly. After we got that fixed we gave it another couple high speed taxis and then my boss, Wade Barnett, decided to take the big leap! She went up beautifully, the engine was running smooth and strong. No coughs or sputters. What an exciting day for me for completing my first project all by myself.”

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