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Chalkie Stobbart’s RV-9 | Jeffreys Bay, Eastern Cape, South Africa RV-9 #91983

Chalkie just completed another RV! Congrats!

My first RV was an RV-6 23680 which I completed in early 2003 and then flew to OSH in celebration of the Centenary of Aviation in July / August 2003. 77 hours to OSH via northern route across North Atlantic. Return flight was St Johns – Santa Maria and was only 66 hours flight time. 2nd RV a RV-9 assisting a friend, 3rd RV a rebuild of a RV-10 I bought from the estate of a friend. 4th RV an RV-9A I had planned to build for my daughter, but life always gets in the way and RV-9A was sold after about 50 hours.

Final build: RV-9 ZU – IPG, the next registration number available from the CAA. Fortuitous, as I have promised: Once this aircraft is done. No more aircraft building I plan to learn how to Play Golf.

5 hours into test flying and no major snags. The coolest I have ever seen a new Lycoming run. (A few mods were done to assist cooling / reduce air leaks.)

As usual: Thanks to Van and his company for AWESOME machines. I tell all: The RV-9 is Van’s best kept secret.

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