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Carlos and Martin Ibarra’s New RV-12 | Argentina RV 12 ULS #120852

Congrats to the Ibarra’s, who sent this report about the first flight of their RV-12:

We are so anxious about behavior of plane. Was all of our work ok ????
On 08/21/2020, weather was great, only a little crosswind from north, but, was at this time or never. No more excuses.
Only a little taxi on the runway, back, and full power !!!! All or never !!!!!!
And …surprise…… or not……. flew like a beautiful bird, smoothly and stable !!!!!. Like a champion on the ring !!!!!
My heart and my soul were on the top emotion step !!!!!
Wonderful plane !!!!!! Like ever was in my command !!!!!
Thanks Vans !!!!! A great plane to enjoy all kinds of flying. !!!!!!!!!

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