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Byron Gillespie’s RV-14A | Douglas, Georgia RV-14A #140466

Byron wrote in to let us know about the completion and first flight of his RV-14A:

N384RV took to the air May 1st with a very un-eventful first flight – just as we all strive for. This was a second build for me with the first being N253RV – RV-10. We downsized from our RV-10 to the RV-14A mostly due to missing the building process but also to take advantage of the newer technology available. N384RV was a slow build all the way with the IO390 and standard Hartzell prop. She performs great with the only squawks being finalizing the electronics settings. The panel is an Advanced Flight Systems IFR panel and the interior is another great work by Flightline Interiors. Looking forward to many hours ahead.

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