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Bruce Mason’s RV-7A | Kaysville, Utah RV-7A #74211

Congrats to Bruce, who made the first flight in his RV-7A late last year!

First flight was November 9, 2019 at KOGD airport. First flight lasted 53 minutes performing “engine break-in” orbit over the runway at high power. The airplane flies straight & true without any need for tabs. I could not have done it without the support of my sweet wife, Debbie.

Special thanks to my good friend, Grant Haymore, RV-8 builder/pilot who was there encouraging and assisting me over the 6 1/2 year build. I took advantage of the “Additional Pilot Program” (AC 90-116) with Grant as my “Qualified Pilot” during my 1st 12 hours of Phase I flight testing. What a great program for a rusty pilot! I now have 56.2 hours flight time in N258B.

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