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Bob Bower’s RV-6A | Everett, Washington RV-6A #24589

Congratulations to Bob who recently completed his RV-6A! He writes:

In the capable hands of experienced RV pilot Dan Thomas (1,300 hrs in type), my RV-6A airplane slipped the surly bonds of Earth for the first time today. Paine Field air traffic control was very cooperative and accommodated Dan orbiting the airport at 3,000 feet for about an hour to help break-in the engine. Everything went well with only a few minor issues. Engine sounded good and strong and the takeoff and landing were smooth as silk. At full throttle the plane was doing 180 mph. Next step is to remove the engine cowling for a thorough inspection of fuel, oil and brake lines for any leaks and any other anomalies. Thank you Van for a great design and a special thanks to Van’s Aircraft staff for all the support during the build.

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