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Andrew Kilroy’s RV-14A | Alameda, CA RV-14A #140394

Congrats to Andrew Kilroy on the first flight of his new RV-14A! He wrote to let us know:

The first flight was eventful! Took off in chilly, calm conditions and noticed that my airspeed went dead five seconds after take off. I did a simple pattern and landed (without airspeed). In just the first 4 minutes of flying I already know this is my new obsession.

She’s a beautiful RV-14A with the following features: Garmin G3X system, FlyEFII System 32, Beringer brakes, Classic Aero Seats and carpet, JD Air Latch, Tosten Sticks, Hooker Harness restraints, etc

There are too many people to thank for this. My wife, my club (Alameda Aero Club), all the members and friends who came by and I showed how to do rivets. Vans Aircraft deserves most of the credit. They made a kit that even a full blown nincompoop like myself can turn into a majestic flying machine.

Here’s a link to the first flight video:

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