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All First Flights

Adam Wachtel’s RV-7 | Thornhill, Ontario Canada RV-7 #70770

Congratulations to Adam on the first flight of his beautiful RV-7! He writes:

While building I would look at this first flight page and wonder how anyone could wait an extra minute to post their first flight. Here I am one year later and only posting mine now. A testament to how much fun it is to fly the aircraft I built.

The First flight (and all subsequent flights 60Hrs TT now) was just perfect. Everything has gone as planned. No low wing, engine performance, and temps acceptable (better after break in). Flew for an hour of circuits and focused on engine monitoring and flight controls. Can not explain how happy and impressed I am with this machine. The experience of building, Education and the friends made along the way it has been a great experience.

Special thank you to my Wife Melissa, sons Ryan and Jared and my daughter Jordan for the help building and patience with my preoccupation. Melissa putting up with all the metal shavings tracked through the house and the help with the fiberglass work. Thank you for making it easy for me to have had this experience. Thank you to Van’s for such a great product. Special thanks to Simon Hitchen for first flight PIC duties and Michael Baranowski (Hurry up with the RV-9) for the brainstorming along the way and first flight photo ops.

IO360 Horizontally inducted, old school mags, Garmin G3X (GDU460 x 2), GTN650, GNC255, G5, GMC 507Auto Pilot, PMA 8000BT audio panel GTX – 45R remote transponder. AVEO Engineering Zip Tips, Classic Aero Interior. Stein Air is a brilliant outfit.

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