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Adam and Kyle Randall – RV-7 | Doylestown, PA RV-7 #72023

Adam writes in to tell us of the first flight of the RV-7 he and his brother built! Congratulations!

After 15 years, N631AK had its first flight today! I started the project in 2004 and built the empennage, but didn’t get serious until my brother Kyle joined the project in 2012. He flies an F-15C in the Air Force and is serving in the Middle East at this time. He had to watch the first flight from afar, but is excited to come back home in July to put some time in to the Phase I testing. My Dad recently passed away on April 21st of this year and we both know he would have been proud to see this day!

Thank you to Vans for a great airplane and building experience!


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