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What warranties are available when I order a ROTAX engine?

There are two warranty options available when you order a ROTAX 912iS Sport engine from Van’s Aircraft. Typically, the engine is ordered as part of an RV-12iS Powerplant kit, but it is also possible to order an engine on its own (if, for example, one wants to install a new engine on the RV-12iS).

When and how the engine warranty  is activated

The ROTAX engine warranty automatically starts two months after the engine ships to Van’s from the ROTAX distributor (this is a ROTAX function, not controlled by Van’s), or when you activate the warranty with ROTAX – whichever date comes first.

We receive the engine at Van’s and combine it with your other powerplant kit components (such as the propeller, engine mounts, and other parts) and then send it to you when ready. Obviously, that can’t all happen the moment it arrives at Van’s, so there is some amount of shelf time (which varies) while we put your powerplant kit package together and prepare it for shipping. We do whatever we can to minimize engine shelf time, while keeping powerplant kits flowing on the crating/shipping schedule.

The ROTAX warranty options

The standard ROTAX warranty for the 912iS Sport engine runs for 18 months from the date the warranty activates (described above), or until the 200 hours of operation – whichever comes first.

ROTAX also offers their ROTAXCare extended warranty, which must be specified at the same time the engine is ordered since ROTAX assigns serial and part numbers at the time of order, specifying the engine comes with ROTAXCare. This option extends the standard warranty to a total of 60 months or TBO (2000 hours), whichever comes first. As of late 2022  ROTAX is shipping a Bose A20 headset with engines that include ROTAXCare (note that Van’s does not know when ROTAX will end this offer, which ROTAX controls and which can end without notice). As of late 2022, ROTAXCare coverage adds about $2900 to the price of the powerplant kit or engine order.

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