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How long does it take to build an RV?

Based on reports from completed projects, we estimate current Standard Kits will typically take 1200-1400 hours over 18-24 months. A QuickBuild Kit may cut this by 35% or even more. Actual completion times have ranged from 70 days for a QuickBuild RV-8 to well over 20 years for some early RV-3s and RV-4s. Some of the first kits Van’s sold are not finished yet, but we never give up hope!

The RV-12iS takes somewhere around 800 hours to build, but again it has been done in much less time by experienced builder, and in significantly more time by others.

So the real question is, how long will it take YOU to build an RV? This is largely under your control. If you provide yourself a comfortable and convenient workplace and are able to work in a dedicated and consistent fashion, you’ll have every chance of meeting or even beating the times we quote. For more details, visit the Building an RV page.

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