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Give-Back Offer from E-MAG for Van’s Customers

E-MAG and Van’s Aircraft are partnering during Spirit of Aviation Week to give RV builders an opportunity to assist their favorite aviation non-profits while equipping their RV project with E_MAG electronic ignition systems. These are challenging times for our aviation community, and every little bit helps.

For qualifying ignition orders, E-MAG will:

  1. Award 10% of the purchase price to the aviation non-profit of the builder’s choosing.  You can specify the funds go to EAA, an EAA chapter or division (Warbirds, Vintage, IAC, Homebuilt, etc.), a STEM high-school aircraft build project, Young Eagles, an aviation museum, or another qualified aviation non-profit (to be approved by E-MAG).
  2. Pay your dues to the Van’s Air Force (VAF) forums for the next two years.

To qualify your order:

First, fill out the form below.  Van’s will authenticate your information and pass it along to the E-MAG home office.

Next, contact E-MAG during Spirit of Aviation week (9:00 am 7/21 thru 5:00 pm 7/25, central time, US) to place your order.  At the time of order you will need to:

  1. Identify the order as an E-MAG/Van’s Give-Back purchase and provide the name you registered under, below.
  2. Select the non-profit recipient (with the organization’s contact information, please).

Depending on inventory at the time, equipment delivery may be delayed. Award disbursements should be processed within 30 days of sale completion.

Thank you for supporting aviation non-profits in 2020!


Van’s Customers complete this form to register for this program:

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