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AirVenture 2019

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We hope you enjoyed EAA AirVenture 2019! Thanks for coming to see us at our new booth location, near the flight line and the Homebuilders’ Headquarters.

The RV-4 Turns 40 This Year – Let’s Celebrate!

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the RV-4. EAA established a special parking area just for RV-4s that flew in, Dick VanGrunsven presented a forum session on the history of the RV-4, and a variety of other cool things were scheduled in celebration of the anniversary.

Come See Some Van’s Aircraft Design History – The RV-5

In addition, for the first time we have brought with us an unusual and historic RV airplane — The RV-5 — that was designed and built in the 1970s (one copy only!) to investigate some specific ideas and needs at the time. The RV-5 was never actually intended to be a production aircraft, but the things Van tried for the first time in this engineering prototype made their way into later designs. Many attendees took the opportunity to glimpse into the early days of Van’s Aircraft and how ideas were made real in the interest of experimentation and discovery!

Everything RV-Related at the Show!

We had lot of great stuff for you to see and learn about this year, including:

  • Our engineering and prototype shop teams’ QuickBuild RV-7A drop-test fuselage was on display, with our new-design 7A/9A engine mount and nose gear attached
  • With our partner/neighbor Cleaveland Tools in the adjacent booth, attendees had a chance to pick up and try out many of the tools that RV builders use when building their airplanes
  • New Van’s Aircraft apparel was available
  • Of course, all of our factory airplanes were at the show, including:

Demonstration Flights

We conducted limited demonstration flights at AirVenture for people deciding which RV kit they’d like to purchase. All demo slots were filled via an online registration process before the show. Be sure to watch our web site and social media in the months and weeks before the show next year if you find yourself trying to decide, and sign up early!

And of course you can always come to the Van’s factory in Aurora, Oregon for a tour and – assuming you qualify – a demo ride there! Tours are conducted twice every weekday at 9:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m., so just drop in or let us know!

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