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Van’s Aircraft Plans Reopening of Business to the Public (COVID-19)

On Wednesday, June 30th our company’s policies related to the required use of masks and social distancing at the factory/office will change to remain consistent with changes in the State of Oregon’s COVID-related mandates. This will allow us to permit non-employees in the building without restriction and will remove pandemic-related restrictions and requirements to which employees have been subjected.

Our offices remain closed to the public until this change takes place on June 30th.

Effective starting on the morning of Wednesday, June 30th

  • The requirement for non-vaccinated employees to wear a mask will be removed. 
  • We will begin generally accepting visitors (with or without appointments) in the building.
  • Will-call orders will no longer need to be placed outside (although we may at times do so due to staffing needs).
  • We will post signs for employees, visitors, and customers stating that if a person is sick with COVID-like symptoms they should not enter the building.
  • People who still want to wear a mask may, of course, continue to do so.

Starting on Tuesday, July 6th

  • We will resume our daily customer factory tour schedule, which will follow the same schedule as in the past. Daily tour times are 9:30 am and 1:30 pm.
  • Demo flights will also be available as part of the tour process, on days when factory pilots and aircraft are available, as was our practice before the COVID limitations were put in place. All of our standard requirements for demo flight eligibility will apply. We will, of course, still accept requests for scheduled demo flights. Customers coming to Van’s for a demo flight will be able to come to the front door rather than going to the Lynx FBO or some other location.

The following limitations remain in place through June 29th:

  • Will call orders for kits and parts are available only on a limited, pre-arranged basis. Please order and call ahead to arrange. Details are below.
  • We cannot combine multiple orders – they will need to be shipped as ordered, so please place your orders accordingly.
  • We cannot modify orders once they’ve received (last-minute additions and deletions).
  • Returns will be processed on a time-available basis and may be delayed due to limited staffing.

We’re incredibly glad to be able to go back to something approaching the way things were before the pandemic started. Our fingers are crossed that no future mandates will be required or implemented by the government.

Thank you for your support and understanding throughout this time. We appreciate you!

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