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Van’s Aircraft – Temporary Shipping Closure through January 15th

Due to a recent unfortunate COVID-19 exposure event, our parts and hardware shipping team is out of the office for a 14-day quarantine period. This means we have only a couple of people in place to try to support a workload that is normally staffed by more than 10 individuals.

As a result, our shipping department is currently considered to be closed until January 15th, with the exception of bonified emergency shipments. We are still accepting orders, but shipments of these orders will be delayed.

If you have an aircraft stranded on the ground or another similarly legitimate emergency need, we will do the very best we can to help you out. Note that this closure primarily affects shipments of RV parts, accessories, and hardware. We will continue to ship RV kits (larger crated items), which are packed and managed by a different team. If we discover cases where certain kit-related items cannot be included we will backorder those individual items, if and when necessary, and ship them to you when available.

Note that during this period our shipping team will not be able to answer their phone due to the lack of available staff. If you have an urgent need, please email shipping@vansaircraft.com and include your order number and other specifics in your email.

We will continue to take web and phone orders during this time, but be aware that we will not be able to ship non-priority orders on our normal schedule. From a practical perspective, for the time being we will not be able to accurately quote shipping timeframes for orders affected by this closure delay. We’re have been able to partially staff the department during this period, but will not be able to achieve the same throughput until our staff returns. At that time, the team will have a backlog of shipments to get out and we will, of course, work hard to make that happen as quickly as we are able.

Please understand that this is a complicated time for us all, and especially difficult for the people here who are working hard to try to keep things running. We ask that you please be patient and considerate in dealing with our staff, as they’re under a lot of pressure right now to keep things afloat and moving.

We truly appreciate you and we will do the very best we can, given the unusual circumstances. Thanks in advance for your support and understanding. We’ll get through this together.

– The Van’s Aircraft team


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