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Zack’s Airline Retirement Flight

A huge congratulations to Van’s East Coast Rep, “Zack” Czachorowski, who flew his final trip as an airline pilot on Saturday. We thought we’d share this with all of you!

After 29,300 hours of flying, and 35 years of “Airline” flying, I had my final flight with United Airlines, also known as the “Fini Flight” in the business, on October 19th, 2019. The flight was with one of my best friends, Billy Smith, who is also a Captain at United and is a Line Check Airman, which allows him to fly copilot’s duties. That was memorable.
My last flight was from Denver to Baltimore, and as you can see, I had a great welcome, water cannon salute and all! What truly made it special is that I had my wife Cathy onboard who supported me with this airline career years ago, and only fitting that she end it with me. Thank you Cathy!
Many of my friends were there to welcome me as well and I will always remember that day, just like the day I solo’ed almost 50 years ago!
Now, I look to the future with Van’s Aircraft. I have been pretty busy with demo rides and transition training here on the east coast and expect that to continue to grow.
I made it to the “Finish Line” and I am very happy about that!

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