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Recap: One Week Wonder Oshkosh 2018

Kicking off EAA AirVenture Monday morning at 8:00 AM with the ceremonial opening of the fuselage and wing crates, the “One Week Wonder” project to build an RV-12iS in six and a half days breathed life.

Led by Scott McDaniels, the Van’s Aircraft “Build Team” included leaders Davis Payton, Ed Chesney, Ryan Jandrow and Tony Kirk. The team commenced assembly, working consecutive four-hour shifts with volunteer assistants in front of a constant stream of airshow attendees throughout the week. By the time Friday rolled around, the goal of taxiing on Sunday was nearly assured and the pressure and tension began to ease.

DAR Joe Norris arrived Sunday morning to perform a thorough inspection of the airframe, flight controls and all systems before his stamp of approval was proffered. After an arduous 6.5 days of construction, N2018 was issued its airworthiness certificate. Empty weight came in at 767 lbs. with the CG calculated to be well within design limits. With an hour to spare, the RV-12iS was then repositioned to the flight line via Celebration Way, where it calmly waited in the shadow of a C-5’s tail for the highly-anticipated victory taxi. With Scott McDaniels at the controls and Van proudly waving to the crowd in triumph, the aircraft taxied in front of the air show attendees, and the embodiment of cooperation and collaboration which is the true spirit of the EAA was on display. Only in togetherness could the realization of this dream have become a reality.

After the AirVenture masses had departed for home and the few remaining service items were checked off, the first flight was successfully made by Vic Syracuse on Monday evening (7/30/18).

Please enjoy these videos showing the build, the crowd and the first flight of N2018, the One Week Wonder RV-12iS!

At Van’s Aircraft we could not be any more proud of our crew, which embraced the challenge and conquered the difficulties involved in making the “One Week Wonder” the wondrous experience it truly was.

Well done!

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