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From: Brice Johnson
Subject: Serial # 90897 is flying
Date sent: Wed, 31 Dec 2014

Dear Vans Aircraft,
On February 8, 2014, serial #90897 first flew after 9 years of building.  Since then, I have flown it over 100 hours including its first trip to Oshkosh.  The plane is amazing!  The range of performance from the high end to the low end is better than I ever anticipated. I am looking forward to many new travels in this machine.  Attached are photos of the plane just after tie down at Oshkosh on Friday before the show, and the much storied RV Grin from first flight. 


           Brice Johnson.


From: Mauritz Muller
Subject: First flight @ 10 Desember 2014 for 120422 - ZU-FYB
Date sent: Sun, 28 Dec 2014


@10 December 2014 RV12 ZU-FYB took to the air for the first time

Many thanks to Vans, Jan Hanekom for all the guidance and support, Andre Labuschagne for the paint and many hours of working with me, JP Snyman, my son Corne and my wife for her patience during the building process and lastly to Marc Gregson for doing the maiden flight.


           Kind regards
           Mauritz Muller


From: Derek Hoeschen
Subject: RV-9A First Flight
Date sent: Wed, 24 Dec 2014

I am pleased to announce that after 2.5 years of Construction N803DK, RV-9A, Serial #92103, made its first flight on July 31st. 2014. Phase 1 is complete as of November 26th, 2014 and everything works and flies as advertised.
N803DK includes a Quick Build Fuselage, new Superior XO-320 from Aerosport Power, Garmin Dual Screen G3X from Steinair, complete interior from Classic Aero Designs and a Whirlwind ground adjustable propeller. I estimate about 1500 hours build time over 2.5 years and probably that much more in online research and purchases. Full Build is documented at . Special thanks to Vans Aircraft, Vansairforce and its affiliated Vendors.


           Derek Hoeschen


From: William Wilson
Subject: S/N 73267 First Flight
Date sent: Tue, 23 Dec 2014

Vans Aircraft

Please crank the Hobbs meter over one more for the RV-7A aircraft.

On Dec 21, 2014, after six years on construction S/N 73267 (VH-RBA), at Wagga Wagga airport Australia created space, due to airspeed between terra firma and the wheels.
What a joy to fly, handles superbly, to put it into just a few words.

She is equipped with,
YIO-360-M1B fuel injected, constant speed engine fitted with dual P Mags
Hartzell blended airfoil prop
Dual Dynon SV-D1000 Skyview EFIS, along with two axis Dynon auto pilot and Dynon Mode S transponder
Dual ICOM A210 VHF radios
Classic Aero Design interior



Date sent: Sun, 14 Dec 2014
From: Hugh Waller
Subject: 1st flight


Please add another RV-9A to your list. SN#90301 flew 14 dec 14 from KMJX in NJ.

Thanks to all at vans.


           [ hwaller at ]


From: Jeff Mitchell
Subject: First Flight report - RV8
Date sent: Fri, 5 Dec 2014

Hi Vans,

FYI, I carried out my first flight on my RV-8 (slow build) on 27 Oct 2014 from my home airport KDVT (Deer Valley Airport, Phoenix, AZ).

Overall the flight went very well and as of this note I have about 9 hours on the airplane.
It’s equipped with Dynon D100 EFIS, D120 EMS and a fuel injected 180 HP Lycoming (EXP) engine with dual P-Mags, and a Whirl Wind Constant Speed Prop. Empty weight (without paint) is 1083 LBS.


            Jeff Mitchell
           [jeffmitchell61 at ]


Date sent: Thu, 04 Dec 2014
From: Hank Moretti
To: Scott R at Vans Aircraft
Subject: Vans Aircraft First flight


After 15 years of building, RV-8 SN 81019, took to the air on Saturday , 11/29/14. from OQU in Rhode Island. The flight lasted (1) hour and there were no problems.

81019 is a day/night VFR airplane with a O-360A1D engine; Hartzel constant speed prop; Van's gages; 396 GPS; electronic international UBG-16 engine gage; Funkwerk transponder; ATS KRT 2 comm radio and a manual wing leveller. Weight 1111 lbs.

Interior ( seats, carpeting, stick boots and glare shield cover), were made by Abby at Flightline.

The (10) hours transitional training with Mike Seager was well worth it.


Hank Moretti
[hmoretti at]


From: Kirby Elliott
Date sent: Tue, 2 Dec 2014
Subject: First flight 40443 RV-10

July 19th 2013. IO-540. MT 3 blade prop. Thanks to

my wife, Connie, for all her help.


           Kirby Elliott
           [elliot225 at]


From: Margaret Serviss
Subject: First Flight
Date sent: Mon, 1 Dec 2014

For your records, RV7A 73195 C-GWZE made its first flight at Langley, B. C. on November 30, 2014 at 3 P.M.

           George S. Serviss


From: Tony
Subject: First Flight RV-10 41114
Date sent: Mon, 17 Nov 2014

Hi to the wonderful staff at Vans,

A short note to let you know that RV10 41114, ZU-TCD, undertook her maiden flight in Port Elizabeth on 23 Sept 2014.

The team at Aircraft Assembly & Upholstery Centre helped to complete this aircraft belonging to Eugene Deschamps. The panel is made up of dual Dynon Skyviews, Garmin Com and Nav/com, Dynon autopilot with external knob panel.

We wish you many happy flying hours Ed!

Thank you to all at Vans yet again for the expert service and products.


           Sigi Bailes
           [ anthony at ]


Thanks for the e-mails.

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