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As of February 23, 2018 10,073 RV aircraft have been completed and flown!

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You will sometimes see the numbers of flying RVs on this list rise without a corresponding number of first flight reports from builders. Why?

Well, we learn of flying RVs in many different ways. Ideally, a builder will email us with a photo of his or her personal "RV grin". Sometimes, they call on the phone, which is great, but doesn't provide us with anything to publish on this web page. Sometimes, we find out incidentally; for example, when a customer calls to order new tires, and we wonder why someone who is still building (so far as we know) would need them. Or we may discover a first flight announcement on an RV web forum. On other occasions, we learn of a new batch of flying RVs from "RV factories" overseas, but without individual details.

We'd like to see more RV grins here, so send in the pictures of your new "baby", or we may never know of your success. Click the link below for how to do it.

 Submitting First Flight Reports


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From: Wheeler North
Subject: RV photos
Date sent: Wednesday, February 21, 2018


I've never bothered to submit any first flight info on either of my RVs because it's not my thing.

But it would be a cool feature of your website, to have an RV photos gallery.

The RV-6 has 2300 hours and 48 states, the RV-3 is at about 300 hours and 15 states.

                Sunset RV-3 at Flabob Airport, EAA Chapter 1
                Photo by Michael Kosta RV-4
                RV-3 by Wheeler North RV-3, RV-6
                Wheeler North


From: John Vander Horck
Subject: First Flight RV-12 120850
Date sent: Sunday, February 11, 2018

Vans Webmaster,

Albeit not timely, I'm proud to acknowledge the first flight of my Rotax 912 powered ELSA RV-12, S/N 120850, N850VH, on May 20, 2017, at Archuleta County Airport, Stevens Field, Pagosa Springs, CO, (field elevation 7,662', density altitude 9,200') after three years and 1,800 hours of construction.

It is equipped with a single Dynon 10" Touch screen and autopilot with SV-AP Panel and SV-Knob panel, Garmin Comm radio and a full Flight-Line interior. All interior fuselage parts were scotch-brighted (by hand) and primed with Stewart's water-based primer before construction. The exterior design is by Ernest Tulfer; the paint is Sherwin Williams Acro-Glow and Jet-Glow applied with love by Dwight Tulfer, Animas Aero Design, Durango, CO.

The construction, flight test and final tweaking and ring-out could not have been accomplished without the able assistance of my friend and hangar mate, Craig Taylor, retired Navy A-7 driver and Vans RV-8 pilot, Michael Arbuthnot, friend and Glassair III builder and pilot and the little woman at home, Stacey. I also have to acknowledge the technical support from Vans Aircraft and Dynon for their assistance and timely responses to my several inquiries.

Lastly, for a more finished look, I added a couple of final touches after certification,the after-market stabilator tips (Now available from Vans) and enclosed all of the factory tool openings in the leading edge of the wingtips.

                Fifty hours on it now--flies great. Thanks Vans!
                John Vander Horck
                Pagosa Springs, CO


From: Ken Bochman
Subject: RV14A First Flight
Date sent: Friday, February 09, 2018

My RV14A, N141KB, flew for the first time on February 8, 2018 after 21 months of building followed by 3 months of waiting on paperwork from the FAA!

First of all, I would like to thank Gus, Sterling, Eric and all the great support staff at Van's. Their technical assistance was invaluable in completing my project. I sincerely appreciate all of their help.

I would also like to thank Jason Smith at Aerotronics for a beautiful G3X Touch panel and all of his VERY patient assistance with a novice builder. Jason will spend whatever time is necessary to talk you through any questions or issues that might arise during installation. I strongly recommend Aerotronics to anyone building an RV or other experimental aircraft.

And last, but far from least, I want to give a very special shout out to my dear friend and fellow builder, Bill Walsh. Without his assistance and expertise, N141KB would have never flown.

Bill was working on his own RV6 almost 30 years ago when life got in the way and he was unable to finish it. Fortunately for me, he completely understands light aircraft and the skills it takes to build one. I am eternally grateful for his help.

                The "RV GRIN" is alive and well in Memphis, Tennessee!
                Ken Bochman


From: Shayne McDaniel
Subject: 1st Flight RV-9A, Serial #SWM-5-9A-90590
Date sent: Monday, February 05, 2018

We are happy to report the maiden flight of our RV-9A, N679SP, on January 31, 2018, flown by my wife, Phyllis McDaniel, at the Neosho Memorial Airport (KEOS), Neosho, Missouri.

  • Engine: Lycoming 0320, 150 hp, 0-time
  • Prop: Sensenich
  • Avionics: Garmin G3X Touch with ADSB
  • Auto Pilot: TruTrak Gemini

After 30 minutes circling the airport, she landed and picked me up for one more circuit around the field. We both were very pleased with the performance and handling of the aircraft and exited the plane with the infamous "RV-Grin." We would like to thank Dwight Talburt, Russellville, AR, for the transition training in his beautiful 9A.

                Shayne McDaniel


From: Michael Ciaccio
Subject: First Flight N34MC
Date sent: Thursday, January 18, 2018

First flight of my RV7A happened on Jan 15, 2018. No squawks! Quick build kit (Ha Ha) took me 6 and a half years to finish. It has a Titan IOX 370 fuel injected engine and a Hartzell constant speed prop. Interior will be Classic Aero. Went all out on the panel (thanks Walt) with the G3X dual 10" touch screens sandwiched around a GTN 750. With the autopilot,audio panel,a G5, and the old school circuit breakers, the panel is pretty full. Obviously could not have done it alone--many thanks to my fully supportive wife and head rivet bucker Denese. A lot of the tougher jobs were accomplished with the help of my son (mechanical engineer and Air Force Reserve C-130 driver) and my very patient son-in-law! Numerous help also from other RV7A builders Rick Aranow and Jason Trimble. Walt Aranow (EXP Services 52F) has been an absolute godsend not only building my panel but in all other facets of experimental aircraft. Could not have done it without him. Lastly I would like to thank my Uncle Dale Meyers (RV9A) for getting me fired up and leading the way. With his direction we built the empennage at his place and later he came down to Texas to guide me through the canopy steps. Time to return his tools back to him so he can start another project!!

                Michael Ciaccio


From: Francesco Motroni
Subject: First flight RV-6 #25803 , I-WILE
Date sent: Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Good Morning Van's ...

The maiden flight of my RV-6 #25803 has been last 8th of October. After 3 yrs and a half of building process from a very slow kit, originally bought as a slide canopy RV-6A fuselage&wing kit and then turned in a taildragger , finally we went airborne!! Sooo smooth and fast flying !!!! She climbs 2000+ fpm ... indicated speeds as high as +150 knots.

  • Right control seat
  • Avionics : AvMap UltraEfis PFD & AvMap EKP IV Gps navigation
    MGL Xtreme EMS and Gmeter
  • Electric Flaps and Elevator Trim kit
  • FWF mounted battery
  • Engine IO-360-B2F vertical induction with 180 hp, Catto 3 blades fixed pitch
  • Inverted fuel , Raven inverted oil system
  • No frills,no servo's
  • Dry Weight... 470 kilograms
  • Special thanks for support and cooperation to:
  • Vans aircraft team
  • all involved friends in the project
  • Last but not least... my wife Giulia , in the looong last yr of building stages

                Best Regards
                Francesco Motroni
                Florence, ITALY


From: Wade Kennedy
Subject: Kit 73240
Date sent: Sunday, January 14, 2018

After 8 1/2 years of building, N74WK became an airplane on 12/16/17 when Vic Syracuse signed her airworthiness certificate. First flight followed on 12/19/17.

  • Airframe: RV-7A super slow build
  • Engine: O-360A4A zero timed by me with the oversight of an A&P buddy
  • Prop: Sensenich aluminum
  • Paint: JetGlo/AcryGlo done by me with knowledge and equipment provided by another A&P friend.
  • Interior: Van's seat foam covered in leather by a local upholstery guy, Flightline carpet and armrests, glare shield pad by me
  • Avionics: full Skyview suite including 10"touch, comm, transponder, adsb and intercom.

She flies good with the ball centered and no heavy wing. Wheel pants and gear leg fairings will be installed as soon as it thaws out. Looking forward to many more years of enjoyment and memories.

                Wade Kennedy
                Builder 73240


From: Dave
Subject: New rv10 flight
Date sent: Sunday, January 14, 2018

So happy to report finally a first flight of N197D, rv10 kit 40738 purchased from a previous builder but it's been an eight year part time project for me. The last year though was fiberglass prep, priming of most, and self painting the whole project. Some of the details: TMX-IO540, Hartzell BA prop, dual lightspeed plasma III ignition, dual battery, dual alt., AFS x3 screens, IFD540 navigator. Remote com, transponder, adsb, audio panel. Low light wing cam to copilot efis video input. You can't see me but yes I'm grinning,

                Dave Ford
                Cadillac, MI


From: Steve Tilford
Subject: First Flight
Date sent: Sunday, January 14, 2018

I don't have any exciting pictures to send but wanted to let you know that after a long building period, N511ST flew today. RV-7A S/N 72341, started in 2005. Moved twice, medical issues, family deaths and life in general took it's toll on schedule but the elephant was finally eaten with a teaspoon.  IO-360 200hp, Dynon Classic dual screens, with autopilot and ADS-B in/out. SL30, GNS430W and Garmin Audio Panel as well. Instrument panel built by Aerotronics in Montana. Interior by Classic Aero Designs. I can't say enough about all the people I talked to at Van's, component suppliers, EAA chapters and simply well-wishers over the years; they have all been encouraging, helpful, supportive and willing to get involved to make this project complete.  The journey was long but the rewards of the trip and the end product were worth it. I am grateful to you one and all.

                Warmest regards,
                Steve Tilford
                Central Florida


From: petenlee
Subject: First flight for 72956
Date sent: Friday, January 05, 2018

Hi all @ Vans,

VH-ZYG, kit number 72956 made her first flight on the 29th December 2017.

She did 4 flights all up, and except for some minor adjustments, flew as expected.

Another big RV grin.


                Peter Clark
                Melbourne Australia


Date sent:

Our new RV-12, N767CF, has taken to the skies! Serial # 120762 was completed in early October and then transported to the Hagerstown, MD airport, where the wings were attached, and final checks then made over the next several weeks. On November 15, 2017 the maiden flight occurred, and went great! With the Rotax 912ULS Engine and Dynon Skyview display, we are so pleased with both performance and the panel layout, not to mention how cost-effective it is to operate ?.

Built by Craig Fuller, a retired Delta 767 Captain, and Test Flown by his son Dave Fuller, a retired American 777 Captain, this has been a fun family project! Craig has also previously completed an RV-4 and an RV-10, so building the RV-12 was familiar and very enjoyable. There are two additional pilots in the family as well, so our fun RV-12 is going to get its exercise! Thanks again to Van's aircraft for designing such a great performing, economical airplane for us to enjoy.

                Carl Fuller


From: Emarit Ranu
Subject: RV-14A first flight
Date sent: Tuesday, January 02, 2018


Kit #140059 flew for the first time on 10-Dec-2017. The aircraft flies like a dream and though I wish I could take credit for that fact, it's surely a consequence of superior kit design and fabrication rather than my skills as a builder. Van's has been a wonderful partner through the building process, providing excellent technical and materials support along the way.

I took the slow-build approach, receiving my first kit in April of 2013, marking a duration of 4 years and 8 months from first kit delivery to first flight. I took my time, investing 2,196 hours in building. I had 600 hours of help from eight other people during the building process. Thus marking 2,796 hours of total building. Panel design and all wiring were completed by me.

I have maintained an extensive blog of my building journey. It includes high resolution images, descriptions of challenges, disclosure and associated remedies of my errors, a rivet count, complete documentation and associated references, including my full POH, checklist and flight test program. The blog has given me the opportunity to connect with and meet a number of builders worldwide, for which I am very thankful for. My blog

                Thanks to everyone at Van's Aircraft for an amazing experience! The next chapter starts now.
                Emarit Ranu


From: Nigel Hopkins
Subject: First flight
Date sent: Monday, January 01, 2018

RV7 #73723 first flight 19 Dec 2017

  • Lycoming O-320 EXP
  • Whirlwind 200RV
  • MGL Discovery Lite

                Best Regards
                Nigel Hopkins


From: Robert Edwards
Subject: First Flight
Date sent: Sunday, December 31, 2017

I took N318EB up for her first flight on Jan 27, 2017. The aircraft is a slow build RV-8 powered by a 150 HP Lycommoing 0-320 swinging a Props Inc Wooden Propeller. The aircraft weigts 998 pounds and performs beautifully. The buils spanned 16 years of slow progress by my father, my son and myself. The pictures enclosed show my son at 7 working on the wing spar around 2003 and then the two of us arriving at Oshkosh July 2017.

                Thanks for a great kit
                Bob Edwards


From: Stephen Horst
Subject: RV-10 N317RV
Date sent: Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Hello Everyone,

RV-10 N317RV flew for the first time on October 17 2017 in Lancaster PA. This airplane is equipped with a Lycoming IO-540-X Barrett engine with a cold air induction intake, Show Planes cowling, and an MT 3 blade composite propeller with a 15" spinner. The interior is from Aerosport, and panel was built through Stein Air. The panel includes Garmin G3X touch displays, GTN-650 gps nav/com, G5 backup, GMC-307 autopilot, remote mounted GMA-245R audio panel, GNC-255A nav/com, GTX-45R transponder, and a VPX 200 circuit breaker. The paint job was done by JS Horst with Glasurit 55 paint and clear coat. I has 4 ineria seat belts and an extra lap belt in the rear. It weighed in at 1763 pounds. The serial # is 40430, and was built by our club called Sky Blue Flyers. We finished phase 1 of flight testing with some minor tweaks, and look forward to enjoying many more flights! Thank-you to everyone who helped make this sweet flyer possible!

                YouTube Video of First Flight
                Stephen E Horst


From: Nigel Campbell
Subject: Kit # 73171: First Flight G-MACI Vans RV7 Built and Flown by Nigel J F Campbell
Date sent: Monday, December 25, 2017

Hi at Vans,

Forgot to let you guys know that my latest project G-MACI Vans RV7 first flew on the 25th November 2016. After a year of trouble free flight I am able to inform you that kitted out with two 10"  Dynon Sky View Touch with auto pilot etc it is a magnificent flying machine. Now at 69 years this shall be my ultimate home build project although I wish there was more time to do it one more time.

FYI the RV7 is my second project my first was G-INTS a Vans RV4 first flown in 2007 and sold on in June of 2016 to the delight of the new owner.

                Kind regards,


From: Steven Isaacs
Subject: new RV 12
Date sent: Thursday, December 21, 2017

Fresh from the paint shop, first flew last April, now with 120 hours. Probably the most enjoyable airplane I have ever owned (of 8)! Thanks to Mitch for a couple of great rides, lunches, and his friendship. Thanks to my wife for her incredible support, and being able to get into all the places that I can no longer reach!

                Steve Isaacs


From: Randal McGee
Subject: RV-7A N174CR. Kit#72043 First Flight
Date sent: Saturday, December 16, 2017

Dear Vans,

RV-7A N174CR. Kit#72043 slipped the surely bonds back on August 11, 2017.

The kit was a 12 year (plus) build. When I ordered the tail kit, I figured I would do it in 2-3 years, Not! In my defense, Hurricane Katrina interrupted the building karma within the first year early on but that's really no excuse. Probably John Lennon said it best: "Life happens when you are busy making plans". Having quoted that I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the build journey regardless of the time taken.

The first flight was a non issue thanks to some great transition training with "Don't let her land" Jan Bussell. (As a side note to low RV time pilots planning on test flying their own aircraft I highly recommend him. ) N174CR flew as Advertised, and as a bonus, no heavy wings. The RV grin is alive and well in southeast Louisiana!

She is equipped with a 0360 180 H.P. Lycoming, Whirlwind ground adjustable prop, Dynon Skyview, VHF radio and autopilot with a GTN 650 presently on order.

Of course I must give the greatest thanks to my wife who bucked rivets and supported me through it all. Thanks also go to my dad , brother Dave and close friend Malcolm who helped immensely during the second half of the project and even gave me stick time in his RV-6A the last few years.

Thank you Vans for a great design! She is a joy to fly.

P.S. Here are some pics

                Randy McGee


From: Stern, Allan
Subject: 1st flight
Date sent: Thursday, December 14, 2017

December 14, 2017 N548RV #120941 first flight around PGD pattern. No major problems flew like an RV. DAR inspected plane on Sunday 12/10/2017. Took two years to build.

                Allan Stern


From: Gil Rockwell
Subject: First flight- our RV-12
Date sent: Monday, December 11, 2017

To all at Van's,

This is to inform you that our RV-12 (Serial # 120531 - N4754) has been successfully flown on November 16, 2017 after having spent 6 years under construction with delays due mainly to unexpected life events. We spent about 1200 hours building the kit which was longer than expected mostly due to spending a lot of extra time in material prep as called for in the well detailed assembly instructions. In the end, the DAR that inspected our plane commented on how well constructed it was, which was gratifying. The first few flights were for testing and adjustment and has gone well. We are grateful for the assistance of the tech support group at Van's for patience in answering questions as we progressed. We dealt with the wiring changes as our kit was one of the early ones in the transition to the Dynon D1000 avionics that we incorporated in our plane. The remaining task is to paint the plane and the hardest part of this task is to pick a color scheme.

                Thanks again to all at Van's, we have enjoyed the construction and now look forward to flying!
                Gil Rockwell and Dwight Nicholas, plus our new partner, Phil Theurer


From: Ken Ancell
Subject: RV9A First Flight
Date sent: Sunday, December 10, 2017

On Saturday December 9th 2017 I flew my RV9A S/N 91463 for the first time. We made 2 flights that day where the first flight we flew circling above the Bountiful Skypark airport in Utah for about a half hour which the landing was perfect, the kind of landings you brag about. After making a quick check of the RV for any possible problems we took off for a second flight away from the airport. This flight was another half hour long where we decided to see what the cruise speed would be. It indicated 160mph even with no wheel fairings installed. At this time there are no issues with the RV.

Building the aircraft took ten years, eight of those years was while I was working full time. I accomplished more work during the last two years retired than the previous eight.

I would like to thank those who helped with this project:
My Wife, for letting me build the RV and her help riveting and lifting various sections around the garage.

Bill Letcher, who got me started and taught me a lot about sheet metal work.
Richard Ford, we assisted each other while building our RV9A's.

Norm Anderson, who flew with me on these first flights, his experience was very helpful. I would highly suggest anyone who flies a home built aircraft for the first time to have someone experience in that type of aircraft to go with them on their first flight. This really increases safety for these first flights.

                Thanks to all who helped and the great Vans RV Kits!
                Ken Ancell - Notice the RV Grin!


Subject: first flight
Date sent: Tuesday, December 05, 2017

On 12/3/2017 RV6A SER# 60277 Took to the air it was a wonderful moment in my life . This little bird has had a long and neglected life bought new in 1992 and changing hands 5 times before ending up with someone to give it a little love . I purchased it as a canoe on wheels and completed it in 2 years 6 months , it has a superior 0360 185 horse motor a whirlwind constant speed propeller, a avmap efis and a VM1000 , 2 coms ,king moving map and a ipad mount, and tru trac autopilot . I also painted it myself with epoxy primer and prism paint. First flight went smooth , took off at 5090 ft climbed up to 6500 ft and flew for 45 minutes temps were all in the green and I saw 157 kts . I am looking forward to many adventures in the future with this time machine . I would like to thank my wife of 32 years for her support and help and my many friends and helpers from my EAA chapter 1373 and Lowell Manery for persuading me to purchase it and his help and advise that has been envaluble during this build . I also took advantage of the second pilot program and since Lowell qualified he got to be apart of this wonderful experience . Also thanks to Michael Seagar for the great transition training .

                Clayton R. Caywood


From: Ron Sterba
Subject: RV9A completed and Flying
Date sent: Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Another splendid RV9A flew for the first time. Kit #91669 took seven years and 4,324 hours some of which time was removing what I had built because chapter members would come over to the hangar and say,"actual " go with power trim "YEP"Dynon rep Kirk showed up at our EAA chapter 292. Yep! Skyview 10"&7"Touch & Autopilot. Craig CATTO, talked about NASA asking him to design a prop,YEP 3 blade,Love iiit! Met Alan from Anti-Splat at Vans homecoming fly-in. Yep, oil separator, Yep, vertical stab bracket,Yep front gear leg brace. YEP Glove box removed and sub panel so new ATC fuse-panel went in.Yep old landing light,Yep it too made room for a Rigid LED and Aveo LED nav lights.I watched & wondered why RV's are so LOUD.Yep Vetterman mufflers, thee best! How could I forget the top cowling hinge pins, yep gone So was my SKIN,ouch! Twist-n-lock.yep! The wheel bearings, them too, Bearinger ,Yep.Brake lines,stainless too! Oh forgot the Dynon heated pitot tube,NW weather you know. Can't forget the FAA, Yep had to buy a Dynon 261 transponder,GPS puck, "lucky that DYNON MADE THEM INTERCHANGEABLE" "Phew" so I threw in ADSB too! I didn't even know what it was, glad I did! Garmin GTN 650 waas navigator to work for the Dynon Skyview. Foot pump,,just kidding,went with AndAir fuel pump and filter. Oh how could I forget, ELT and the 406. Yep as expected, tower confirmed and so did the Air Rescue on the other side of the world ??They knew exactly where to find me! I say that with reverence! Make sure you are registered and current. Did I forget anything,UHMW??whatever,,rudder stop.Love these next, they are cast foot pedals with the initials R & V.( need two sets). VAF forums from a gentleman in the Midwest,beautiful! "Maybe Jim or James". Yep built my hangar (R&M) with in the -floor heating while conversing with Van's excellent stall.My point is two-fold. #1, The RV platform is a solid foundation,#2, add what you want to be the finest Aircraft you'll EVER FLY! Oh one more thing,,,,my employee code # where I retired from just happens to be the "Three" numbers in the middle of the "9's of my assigned kit # 91669! Yep I was destined to build,wonder,ponder induced aggravation, smile and teach others what they should TRY in their build. Other builder don't even come around anymore, they said it costs them money evertime they get home! NOPE haven't picked out a color scheme, well maybe,we will see when I get back from my new RV friend's hangar! Thanks to my wife for tolerance and support & the age old line,,When's it goin to get done! My response, when the earth comes out out from totality!!

Yep on my first flight well I forgot the comfort of flying is from Oregon Aero seat and Classic Aero interiors.

                AKA: Ron in Oregon RV9A ,yes I Love to fly it!
                Ron Sterba,SALEM Oregon, aka Ron in Oregon RV9A kit # 91669.
                Mr. Gizmo


From: William Davis
Subject: First flight
Date sent: Saturday, December 02, 2017

Hello I would like to inform that RV6A serial number 24737 has flown for the first time one year ago on November 16, 2016. Was a 12 year project and is equipped with sds dual electronic ignition, 0320 with 10:1 pistons, and Sam James cowling. Flies straight, true, and fast. Top speed down low of 176kts, and has accumulated 100 hours in the last year. Thanks Jesus, my father, mother, brother, nephew, wife, and 2 kids for enabling me to complete this project. Quick pic.

                Bill Davis
                Riverview, Florida


From: Jesse Saint
Subject: First Flight N224EC
Date sent: Friday, December 01, 2017

Allen Anderson's RV-10 N224EC made its first flight today in Dunnellon, FL. It has a new IO-540 and Hartzell prop. The panel has 2 G3X touch screens, a GTN650 and GMC307 auto pilot. There were only a few minor bugs in the first 2 flights this afternoon. It ran beautifully and flew hands off.

                Jesse Saint
                Saint Aviation, Inc.
                jesse at


From: Rick Brown
Subject: N992RB First Flight
Date sent: Friday, December 01, 2017

N992RB (RV-14A) flew for the first time. The 2RB's in N992RB are Robert Bisbee and Rick Brown. Bob flew the first flight and we are now breaking-in the engine and starting Phase I flight testing. N992RB was a Quick Build kit and we built the empennage kit under the supervision of the highly qualified, very friendly and very helpful folks at Synergy Air in Eugene, OR. The build time was 13 months from start to first flight. Special thanks to our wives our Meryl (Brown) and Lori (Bisbee) for putting up with us while we pursued this passion. Special thanks too to our technical advisors and helpers, Mitch Garner and Pete Dooley. The avionics include a dual screen G3X Touch System with autopilot, a GTN-750 GPS/Nav/Comm, remote ADS-B transponder and Comm 2, and a G5 backup flight display. We have installed the Thunderbolt version of the Lycoming YIO-390 engine with the Hartzell 2-blade blended airfoil propeller, so we are being rewarded with a smooth and speedy ride. We are also grateful to Tom Swearengen at TSFlightlines for help with the fuel and brake lines, to John Stark at Stark Avionics for help with the avionics wiring and to Abby at Flightline Interiors for the beautiful leather interior.

                RICHARD BROWN


From: Matthew Koschak
Subject: First Flight: RV-7 N16DK
Date sent: Thursday, November 30, 2017

On 27, November 2017, RV-7 kit #72938 officially became a flying machine!

I took the build over from the original builder, Terry Gudz, as a project to work on with my Dad. Terry had mostly completed all the main structures and I figured it would take us a year to get it to flying status. That was 4.5 years ago. We did all the electrical wiring, instrument panel, avionics installation, and final assembly.

The panel is basic VFR with a single screen Garmin G3X, Garmin GTR200 radio and GTX327 transponder. I have a TCW backup battery that can run the G3X in the event of a electrical failure. I also installed a backup steam gauge ASI and altimeter since they came with the project. Eventually, I would like to add an IFR GPS navigator for instrument flight capability and maybe even an autopilot.

The engine is a Superior XP IO-360 assembled by Eagle Engines in CA. It has 9.5:1 pistons, a cold air sump, Vetterman 4-pipe exhaust, Lightspeed II+ electronic ignition firing one set of plugs and a Slick mag for the others. It's spinning a Catto 3-blade prop.

Interior is by Flightline Interiors. Empty weight came in at 1055 lbs.

The first flight was a thrill as the plane took off and climbed like a rocket in the cool, Chicago fall morning. The only issue was a heavy left wing at cruise speed.

Ever since I was a little kid, I dreamed of building my own airplane. A big thank you to all the people that helped make that a reality: Dave Smith for providing advice, tips, plus some flight time in his finished RV-7. Don Orrick for lending me his help and tools, Carlos Riviera for his guidance and multiple visits to look my project over. My Mom for tolerating the project in her garage until we moved it to the hangar. Brian Becker for lending a helping hand on several occasions. Everyone in EAA chapter 414, and anyone else who came by to help whether it be for 10 min or several hours. Most importantly, my Dad without whom the project definitely would not have made it to the finish line and my wife, Herine, who let me slip away all those nights and weekends to work on it.

                Matthew Koschak
                Deerfield, IL


From: Peter Spradling
Subject: First flight of our RV-6A
Date sent: Thursday, November 30, 2017

After 19 years and one month of fairly steady but mostly week-end work, N48PS first flew on June 18, 2017. Perhaps that qualifies as the slowest one owner build, but persistence pays off. Sandy and I started off with basically no mechanical skills especially in metal fabrication or fiberglass work. Pete has dabbled in electronics over the years which helped when wiring the panel. Pete is an old pilot and did not want to give up all his round gauges but also wanted an EFIS. Don't know how all of that squeezed behind the panel and yes it is heavy. Engine is a Superior XP-360 with MT constant speed propeller.

Pete loves flying the plane which always gives him the RV Grin. He took transition training and benefitted greatly with Jan Bussell in Okeechobee, Florida (FD70), .

                Peter Spradling
                pmspradling at


From: bob greenall
Subject: RV-7 First flight
Date sent: Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Well after 12 years and 2 months 516RG serial #72697 took to the skies on 11/29/17. Its powered by an O-360 A1A swinging a hartzell blended airfoil constant speed prop.The panel is equipped with a Garmin G3X touch,two axis A/P and Garmin ADSB in and out in and out.Empty weight came in at 1097lbs.First I would like to thank my family,especially my wife Sally for her support and helping with the hard to get rivets.Also my son Greg,Dana and Megan who also helped me during the long build process.Thank you VAN's for a wonderful flying aircraft and builder support.I would also like to thank Stein-Air for their outstanding product support and Alex De Dominicis for his great transition training Down in Texas.Keep pounding those rivets.You don't know what your missing. Bob Greenall Lansford,Pennsylvania

                Bob Greenall


From: David Hudson
Subject: First Flight Report - N787DH
Date sent: Tuesday, November 28, 2017


RV-9A, Serial #91514 registered as N787DH took to the sky for the first time on March 27, 2017 from Conroe, TX (CXO) with Rich Jankowski at the controls.

It took a little over 10 years to complete and now has over 50 hours on the Hobbs.

It is powered by a Superior O-320-D1A engine and Catto 3-bladed FP prop.

Avionics are Dynon Skyview components including a D-1000 10" EFIS display, EMS, XPNDR, ADHRS, A/P, GPS, AOA/Pitot, and Backup Battery. Also installed are a VP-X Sport ECB, MGL V6 Com, AeroLED lights, altimeter and ASI.

Paint by GLO Aircraft Painting in Ft. Worth, TX - completed November 2017.

Thanks to all those who offered a helping hand, encouragement, advice and moral support throughout this journey - especially my wife Kathy (aka., "Rosie"), several members of EAA Chapter 302 in Conroe, TX and the folks at Vans.

                David Hudson


From: Jim
Subject: First Flight
Date sent: Tuesday, November 28, 2017


The first flight of N727JM (#73788) took place on 2/27/17 after 6.5 years of building. The plane has an IO360-M1B and a fixed pitch Sensenich prop, dual G3X, GTN650 and a Vizion 385.

Many thanks to Van's for a great design and kit and for their support, to Steinair for the panel, to Classic Aero for the interior, to Lancaster Aero for a beautiful paint job, to VAF and the contributors there for having the answers to all my questions without me having to ask, and to Mike Seager for his excellent transition training.

                Jim Suggs
                Horseheads, NY


From: Lorne Montgomer
Subject: First flight
Date sent: Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Kit #73559 flew for the first time on Jan 06, 2011.

This Quick Build RV7A took about a year and a half to complete.

It has since flown about 350 hours.

IO360 180hp CS, dual Dynon SkyViews, Classic Aero interior.

                Thanks Van's Aircraft for the wonderful airplane!
                William C. Brown


From: Tobias Treichel
Subject: First Flight Report
Date sent: Wednesday, November 29, 2017

After 5 years of building our RV-7 (#74165) did its first flight last Sunday. Based in the southwest of Germany, weather is a problem at this time of the year. But we managed to find a suitable time frame between two showers of snow.

Our plane weighs 1095lbs, has a simple panel-layout with basically just one Dynon Skyview display. Equipped with an IO-360 (Lightspeed EI and 1 magneto) and a Hartzell-CS-Prop, take-off-performance was amazing and there were no major problems during the 21min flight.

                Thank you for your support and for offering such a nice kit!
                Tobias and Wilfried


From: Lambert H Havelka
Subject: Finished my RV-10
Date sent: Tuesday, November 28, 2017

First Flight was June 14, 2017.

Phase I testing complete: August 30, 2017

N817LH; S/N 41054

Construction was the most wonderful journey ever taken! The "Big Bird" now has 64 hours. Total Awesomeness!

                Lambert Havelka


Subject: G-RVTB first flight!!
Date sent: Monday, November 27, 2017

Good Morning

I would like to inform you that my RV7 took its maiden flight this weekend at 13:30local Saturday 25th November from Netherthorpe Airfield in the U.K.

Builder / owner is myself Tom Bootyman and test pilot on the day was Nick Riddin.

I will forward more photos and video shortly along with the test report

                Kind regards
                Tom Bootyman


From: GPI / K. Lorenz
Subject: First Flight RV-7
Date sent: Monday, November 27, 2017

Dear Vans-Team,

This report is a little late, but RV-7 (D-EIOI) made the first flight at Febr. 04, 2014.

Now, after 3 ½ years of much fun and 290 hours in this incredible plane, I enjoy every flight with the famous grin.

Meanwhile this plane saw many parts of Europe: North Cape, Southern Italy with Sicily, Elba, Sardinia, England (2 times), South France (multiple times), Corsica, Austria, Poland aso.

Engine is an O-360 A1A with Hartzell 2-blade CS and dual 10 in. Skyviews.

                Clemens Henselmann, Germany
                Builder #74149


From: John
Subject: RV-12 First Flight Serial#120644 N644JG
Date sent: Saturday, November 25, 2017

On Monday October 24, 2016 another Van's RV-12 serial number 120644 registered as N644JG first took to the skies. The RV-12 is configured with a Dynon SkyView avionics system with optional Autopilot and Knobs panels installed. Although powered with the standard Rotax 912ULS engine and two blade Sensenich prop combination, the RV-12 was built as E-AB . mainly because of the use of flush pulled rivets on all the RV-12's outer skins. To the best of my knowledge, N644JG this is the first RV-12 to fly assembled using flush pulled rivets on the all the outer skins of the aircraft. Other modifications made during construction include addition of a parking brake, split baggage bulkhead, Teflon fuel and brake lines, firewall mounted fuel and oil pressure sensors, throttle/choke quadrant separate from the center instrument panel and backup steam gauge instruments to name a few.

Admittedly, making modifications to the RV-12 can add substantially to the build time . and it did, because it took 4 years to complete the project. But it was worth the effort because the RV-12 is a really nice airplane . truly a joy to fly!! In the photo below the "after first flight RV grin" speaks for itself. All that is needed now is a little paint . and blue skies.

                Thanks to Van's Aircraft for producing a quality kit which both Van's and the builder can truly be proud of.
                John Grznar
                Canton, Ohio


From: David Porter
Subject: First Flight - RV-7, Serial #74311
Date sent: Saturday, November 25, 2017

Hello. Just a quick note to let you know that my slow build RV-7 had its first flight today. It is equipped with a Lycoming O-360AIA and Hartzell blended airfoil, constant speed prop. The first flight was great! I actually flew it twice today. I have some minor avionics issues to work out, but otherwise, all was well. This was my first build.

  • Empennage Kit received March 2, 2014
  • Airworthiness Inspection November 14, 2017
  • First flight November 24, 2017

                David Porter
                Martinsburg, WV


From: Geofffrey Patterson
Subject: RV9A #91859 has flown
Date sent: Friday, November 24, 2017

What started out as a father/son project (with my 15 year old, playing-too-many-video games son) ended with him, a graduate of Arizona State with a degree in Aviation and a recent hire and soon to be a FAA Air Traffic Controller, and us with a beautiful RV9A, N194GM. The plane flies just perfect, and we love it. Aerosport IO 360, Dual PMAG Ignition, Cato prop, Dual 10" Dynon Skyview with GTN 750, James cowl Classic Aero leather interior. Paint to come.

We marveled every step of the way at what a wonderfully designed kit by Vans we were building.

                It flies light, nimble, fast, and safe.
                Thanks for giving us this gift which will bond us forever.
                Geoffrey and Matt Patterson


From: Paul and Leanna
Subject: Serial # 71118 First Flight 10/26/2017
Date sent: Thursday, November 23, 2017

N806GP, an RV7A had its first flight at 4 PM 10/26/2017 at the Merlin Aerodrome grass strip just west of Richmond VA. The plane was completed over a 14 year period with the following individuals contributing to the building and educational process.

  • My wife Leanna (who married into the project and can buck rivets in all the tight spaces), our two Children, Michael and Rachel who think it is perfectly normal to have airplane parts in garage and guest bedroom.
  • Bryan McMahon - fellow pilot who helped me decide on the Vans kit and start the project and who still need to take the plunge and start his building project!
  • Dave Chamberland - for teaching basic sheet metal/riveting skills, resident A&P adviser, and aviation expert who kept us in line.
  • Eddie Edwards - fellow builder, photographer and assistant on all the difficult sections of building like cutting the canopy (which is harder to plan it out and think about than actually doing it).
  • Bob Martin - RV6 owner for sharing years of ownership/maintenance experience, and fiberglass expert adviser.
  • Matt Tucciarone- test pilot, and fellow RV7A owner.
  • Thanks to all the folks at Vans for making a great kit plan and contributing so much to General Aviation.

The plane is VRF, has an 0360 A1A engine that Dave and I overhauled with all yellow tagged parts. Catto 3 blade prop with nickel leading edges, Dynon Skyiew system with backup traditional airspeed indicator, and a basic Garmin SL 40 radio. Canopy is glued in with Silko marine epoxy. Currently the plane is has a pink cowl and bare metal and weights 1035 lbs.

We had what seems to be some of the routine items during the first flight - hotter #1 cylinder, and a "heavy left wing". Now the process of working out some of the minor bugs begins. Top GPS recorded speed during the 30 min. test flight was 185 mph with no fairings or wheel pants on.

Next step is getting transition training and continue to work out the phase 1 test plan.

See the link for photos of part of the building process and first flight.

                Paul White


From: Jon Thocker
Subject: RV8 first flight
Date sent: Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Hi Vans,

A note to let you know that RV8 #83272 N804RL made its maiden voyage today 11-21-2017 at 1 pm EST. I was at the controls and had my friend and fellow repeat offender Scott Hersha flying my RV8 #82689 N486JT as chase. Since my friend Larry Wolf wasn't busy he flew RV8 #82688 N80XL (ex N485JT) also as chase. Hangar mate and repeat offender Bruce Brielmaier flew his RV8 as photo ship and RV9 builder Scott Balmos operated a camera from Bruce's rear seat.

This is the 10 th RV I have built and probably the 20th first flight I've made. They have all been uneventful and today's was no different with the exception of a clogged #1 injector that surfaced about 40 minutes into the flight. Rough running with EGT and CHT dropping rapidly warranted a RTB. Cleaned the injector and all was well for the second flight.

The plane is equipped as follows:

Superior kit engine built by JB Aircraft Engines of Sebring, Fl. IO-360 parallel valve with cold sump, 10 to 1 pistons, AvStar fuel injection, dual mags including Slick Start.

Hartzell 76 in. Advanced Structural Composite prop and aluminum spinner

Garmin Panel with G3X Touch, GTN 650, GMA 245 audio panel, GTR 200 comm, GTX 45R transponder, G5, second AHRS.

Oregon Aero Seats, Hooker Harnesses, Grove airfoil gear, EarthX lithium battery, Whelen Orion 600 Nav/Strobes and Parmetheus Plus landing lights.

SteinAir cut the panel and hydro dipped it and the associated switch and circuit breaker panel in carbon fiber.

It weighed in at 1109 lbs.

                Best regards,
                Jon Thocker


From: Jake Mahoney
Subject: RV-7 First Flight Kit # 72018
Date sent: Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Kit # 72018 had a successful first flight today 11/21/17. Quick build RV-7 slider, IO-360-M1B, MT constant speed prop, Advanced AFS-5600 Panel, Classic Aero interior, manual trim and flaps. 1081 pounds empty, exterior is a mix of paint and vinyl. She flew great, straight and level hands off with no squawks, flys like a dream!

                Jake Mahoney


From: Robert Anglin
Subject: Scott McDaniels.
Date sent: Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Scott I had read your post in D.R.'s web site and was moved by you request of how much it means to the RV community to share the joy of first flying your own home built aircraft. I normally would not send something like this out as I am kind of a privet person for the most part. But thanks for your request. Here is a quick rundown on our 8-A. We "my wife and I" stated it in our spare time while still working and only spent what time and money we could spare out in the garage at home. It was all done with kits as a slow build in order to learn and pick-up the skills and tools as we went along. I spent a lot of extra time making sure I understood all the little details of the needed procedures and techniques needed to do a very clean strait and light job. So it did take us a good amount of time. I kept a good handmade log that finally totaled a little over 4,300 hours of build time. It turned out better than I had expected. Straight, clean, and light, with just the right amount of power and prop. She weighs 1,008 Lbs., has a hand built E.C.I. "By me" IO-360, putting out around 195-197 Hp. with a nice Prince "P" tip carbon over wood 68'X81" propeller. The panel is Garmin G3X, with a 16 watt Garmin Nav. Com., Garmin Audio panel with G.S. and a Garmin A.P.. We did install ADS-B in and out with an ES-transponder and GDL-39R received.

Thanks for all the help over the years. I have tried to attach a few JPG's , but don't know if they will come through. Yours as always, R.E.A. III #80888

                Robert Anglin


From: Alex Badia
Subject: RV-6A N358VA (SN:25218)
Date sent: Monday, November 20, 2017

I am sending this a little late. Four years late.

  • Received Airworthiness Certificate on May 3rd, 2013
  • First flight on Feb. 1st, 2014 due work moving me to NC and the RV-6A stating in TX for just over 2 years.
  • First flight was exciting and outstanding. The RV-6A performed better than I expected. First flight lasted about an hour.

    N358VA Specs..
  • Dynon Skyview system with autopilots, heated pitot, backup battery
  • Garmin GNS 430W with Glideslope connected to the Dynon Skyview
  • Garmin GTX 327 transponder
  • Garmin 340 Audio Panel
  • Steam gages (six pack) as backup
  • Lycoming IO360
  • Empty weight 1121 LBS

I bought the kit from another builder who had done about 30%. It took me another 4.5 years to complete the next 67%. Even though it is 97% complete and flying, it still needs to be painted and I am not sure that it will be 100% complete since new things are being added and improvements made.

                Alejandro Badia
                Executive Director, WW Quality, Client Care and Product Engineering
                Lenovo US


From: Brian Steeves
Subject: First Flight Report
Date sent: Monday, November 20, 2017


It all started three years ago with a group of friends and some teenagers building Vans Tool kits. Soon after the build of our RV12 #120849 was in full swing.

On November 9th it received its airworthiness certificate from our local FSDO office. And on the morning of November 19, it left the ground for the first time.

Was great to see not one, but many RV grins as an accomplishment to what we just achieved.

    It was built as an E-AB and has the following equipment.
  • Dual Garmin G3X Touch Displays
  • Garmin 305 Autopilot
  • Garmin GMA 245 Audio Panel
  • Dual Garmin Remote Com's
  • VPX Sport

Now on to the next one!

                Thanks Vans for building such great kits. I am forever hooked.
                Brian Steeves


From: Yocom, Kevin R SFC USARMY 104 DIV INST TNG (US)
Subject: 82919 Report of flight (UNCLASSIFIED)
Date sent: Monday, November 20, 2017


  • CN 82919
  • Builder Kevin R. Yocom
  • N870KY
  • Vine Grove, KY
  • Date of first flight: 19Feb2017

This serves to inform Vans Aircraft of the first flight record which occurred on 19FEB2017. Flight lasted .7 hours and was completely squawk free. Empty weight 1051lbs, IO-360M1A, Catto 3-blade, G3x touch. Flew hands off since first flight. Currently 100 hours on plane. Wonderful experience, thanks. Sorry it took so long to report.

                Kevin Yocom


From: Harvey McKinnon
Subject: First Flight
Date sent: Monday, November 20, 2017

RV-8 sn 82093 CGWDD

First flight Aug 8/14 at Lyncrest Airport Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. Built as per Vans. It is a wonderful airplane . I have flown it down the Hudson River and as far south as Key West become proficient in aerobatics and formation, the best part is all the great people I have meet building and traveling with this airplane . I was blessed to have my wife Nancy support bulding she did fuselage riveting , my friend Ian Munroe ran the riveting gun building the wings . There were many people that helped along the way I would like to thank them all. Vans Airforce was a great resource.

                Thank you
                Harvey McKinnon


From: Dale Fanning
Subject: First Flight
Date sent: Saturday, November 18, 2017


Just wanted to send you a note and a big thanks. My RV-9A, s/n 92046 registered as N929DF took to the skies this morning, Nov 18th, 2017 after 6 years of building. She flew straight and true right.

I wanted to give you all a big thanks for selling such a great flying aircraft. No project of this scope is done in isolation - I had a lot of help from all the good folks at Van's, VAF, and my local EAA chapter.

It's powered by an AeroSport Power 0-320, with a carb, dual PMags and a Sensenich ground adjustable prop. A Dynon Skyview Touch, ADS/B in and out, Garmin 400w, D-10A, two axis autopilot and a couple of comm radios round out the avionics. She came in at 1067 pounds and flies like a dream. I've had an absolute blast building it - and got to meet so many great people along the way.

                RV grin and a shot of the plane enclosed. Thanks!


From: Lasse Lykke Espersen
Subject: One more RV on French register
Date sent: November 20, 2017

Dear all

Just a short note to let you know that F-WLLE RV9A serial 91637 changed from being an expensive gocart to a real aircraft on November 19, 2017

She took off from LFOB rwy 30 in the very capable hands of Eric LEROY - our local FI.

Unfortunately - due to safety restrictions at LFOB - I do not have pictures of the take off, but attached a short video from our chase plane instead - more to follow at a later stage.

She apparently flies hands off except need for right aileron input at low airspeed - Why I haven't figured out yet??

No heavy wings, no need for rudder trim at least at the part of the flight envelope opened so far. Stalls are non events with nose dropping straight. Recovery is quick with no tendency to drop a wing.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone on the VCF forum - but especially Alain VAN SEVEREN and Michel LISMONDE - for advice, encouragement and help in getting my aircraft to this stage.

She will go for paint in March, so far only the inside is finished

Lycoming O320 carbureted, dual Pmag ignition and Sensenich FP prop....Nothing fancy but hopefully reliable.



From: Ted Elswick
Subject: My RV7A 71828
Date sent: Saturday, November 18, 2017

I was minding my own business when life caught up to me. When I was in the corp in 75, pushing Helicopters off the back of the ship I wanted to fly. I had always told my friends that when I was not competitive anymore with my desert dirt bike racing, I would get a pilots licence and start flying. So the day came that I started my lessons and building my RV7A. Found a uncompleted kit in Arizona and sent my son Derrick Elswick and his friend Gary Goodson to get it. 6 years later it was done and rolled out for it's first flight in Lompoc Ca. I would have too many people to thank in this Email. Big thank you to EAA chapter 275. So now with 70 hrs on it, I was able to sign my log book and fly it out of my FAA box, to it's home in Fallon Nv. I have a ton of pictures of it, but will not bore you guys with them.

                T Elswick


From: Joeflyr
Subject: First flight
Date sent: Saturday, November 18, 2017

On October 3rd 2017 I made the maiden flight of N731JN. IT took just over five years to get to this incredible day. Thanks Van's for this great little aircraft.

                Joe Monderin


From: Jones, Doug
Subject: RV first flight
Date sent: Friday, November 17, 2017

Good morning. I don't remember if the -10 was reported to you or not. Serial number 40761.

First flight was May 30, 2010. This was the second first flight for me having previously completed a 7A in 2004. I have to admit that I did just as much planning for the second first flight but wasn't nearly as nervous on this one. The -10 flew great and only had a couple of minor squawks. Alternator wasn't working --- Someone forgot to attach the wire the switch to ignite the ALT Field. Easy fix. Also had a couple of cylinders a bit hotter than the others that was quickly fixed with a little baffle work and reducing dam height.

This time I opted for a QB and it is running dual AFS 4500's with a 3500 slave for instrumentation. Standard Lycoming IO540 and Hartzell prop for the power source.

I've been flying the -10 for 7 years now. Love the plane. Commute from the South Side of Atlanta (KCCO) to the North Side of Atlanta (KLZU) daily. It's a great cross country platform or just for the short hop across ATL (at least short in the air, definitely not short via I85).

Thanks to all for a great design and kit. Next up. maybe a -14.



From: Lyle Clarkson
Subject: First Flight C_FLJC
Date sent: Friday, November 17, 2017

Hello everyone, first flight of kit # 90858 was on April 22, 2017. She was a joy to fly. My 9A is equipped with a Lycoming IO-360 done by Aero Sport with dual EFII ignition and fuel injection. It also has a VPX unit controlling the electrical. Classic Aero seats and interior. It also has a Dynon Skyview display with Garmin avionics which were done by Stein Air. Out front is a Catto 3 blade prop. I designed the paint scheme and painted the plane my self in my garage so don't think it can't be done. I now have about 65 hours on the plane and am very happy with my choice of the 9A. It is based in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada.

                Lyle Clarkson


From: John and Gloria Pappalardo
Subject: RV6 Kit #20414
Date sent: Thursday, November 16, 2017

G`day, I`m sure I ever let you guys know but this kit became an aircraft VH-PAP and flew way back in Feb 2000. Greatest all round aircraft ever, but then I`m biased (how could I not be after enjoying the flying qualities of of a RV)

thanks Vans you are a gentleman and a scholar and thanks to all your crew and the RV family.

Hope this helps you guys get across the magic line.

                John and Gloria Pappalardo


From: Manuel Enriquez
Subject: First flight
Date sent: Wednesday, November 15, 2017


RV-12 with Serial Number 120024 first flew on November 27, 2016. It was a slow build and it took me seven and a half years to finish. I started building in Virginia and finished it in South Carolina. It is registered as E-LSA and upgrades were incorporated during the build (Dynon Skyview Touch, ADS-B, autopilot knob panels, etc). Only had a few minor squawks. It has over 100 hours since first flight and it is a lot of fun to fly. I want to thank the EAA Tech Counselors who look at my project and made good recommendations, Buz Rich in Williamsburg, VA, and Ken Harrill in Columbia, SC.

                Manny Enriquez


From: Robert Belgau
Subject: N770RV First Flight
Date sent: Wednesday, November 15, 2017

RV-7, S/N 70827, Reg. N770RV N770RV made her first flight November 14, 2017 from Fort Pierce, Florida.

The original kit was purchased in 2002 by a good friend of my. He worked it from 2002-2005. It had a long rest and I took possession and built it between 2013-2017.

It has a Superior IO-360, Airflow Performance Fuel Injection, Catto 3-blade prop, Rod Bower Ram Air. The Panel has Dual Garmin G3X touch 10" screens with all Garmin equipment.

It's a Florida airplane so it is etched, alodined and primed inside and out. It's original empty weight was 1092 lbs with an aft CG due to the 17lb Catto Prop. I added A 22lb crush plate to pull the CG forward and wound up with an empty weight of 1114, and CG 81.27.

First Flight lasted 30 minutes and was without wheel pants and ram air closed. TAS 185mph at 2530 rpm. Need to finish up the paint, panel and get the engine broke in.

                Robert J. Belgau


From: Cam Andres
Subject: Vans RV9A 91205 first flight report
Date sent: Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Vans RV9A Kit #91205 C-FTLL First Flight Report

Vans RV9A Serial Number 91205 took to the skies for the first flight October 7th 2014 with my transition trainer Rick Appleton in the pilot's seat and yours truly in the trainee seat. Upon completion of the first flight, which was totally incredible yet uneventful, we traded seats and started into the transition training program.

The aircraft is powered by an ECI IO360 from Aerosport Power with an Eagle Fuel and Ignition controller. Instrumentation is a combination of Dynon Skyview and a Horner Graphical Controller which I designed and programmed myself. The Horner system communicates with the Eagle ECUs and displays engine control data and alarms. It also communicates with the Dynon and pulls engine data for display with the ECU data. A third GPS puck and air speed transmitter connected to the Horner provides a backup EFIS system should the Dynon fail.

The aircraft took about 8 years to complete, with most of my building activity limited to the winter months. I enjoyed this project, my second homebuilt aircraft. The first one was a plans built 701 which was finished in 2001. I love flying this aircraft, my 701 gathers dust.

Cam Andres (the guy with the Vans hat), Rick Appleton ( my fabulous transition trainer)

                Cam Andres


From: Burke Wick
Subject: First Flight RV6
Date sent: Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The first flight was on 4/13/2016 piloted by Robert Edison of EAA Chapter 42 in Anchorage Alaska. Flight was out of the Birchwood airport and plane flew without any issues. Light on the controls like all RV's and no roll or yaw tendencies. Gale did a great job on construction with assistance from the members of EAA Chapter 42 for final assembly and rigging.

  • Serial Number 21910
  • N Number 10562
  • Engine Lycoming O-360-AIA
  • Built by Gale Partch

                Burke Wick


From: Jim Carey
Subject: First Flight RV-10 N415JS
Date sent: Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Slow build kit # 40874 took flight for the first time on Oct 30 2016. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the 8 years of building (along with the birth of 2 kids, 3 jobs and a cross country relocation) flying is even better! That's why it's taken a year to report this milestone...

N415JS weighed in at 1,645lbs, equipped with a YIO-540, Hartzell prop and Garmin G3X panel. Performance is as advertised or better, enabling lots of family trips we could never have managed in our old Cherokee. From our home base at Naper Aero (LL10) outside Chicago, we've been to see the solar eclipse in Missouri, made the pilgrimage to Oshkosh and even flown non-stop to Morristown NJ in remarkable comfort. Huge thanks to my wife, Sara, for her patience and support, not to mention bucking a couple of thousand rivets and more than a few trips to the workshop to "just hold this for a minute"... Attached are a couple of pictures, one after first flight and one with a huge load of camping gear we managed to fit in and still stay under gross!

                Jim Carey
                Naperville IL


From: Andy Pierpont
Subject: First Flight of 73014
Date sent: Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Dear Vans,

73014 flew for the first time on March 15th, 2015 after seven years of build time.

                Great machine.


From: Rick
Subject: N5427W First Flight
Date sent: Tuesday, November 14, 2017

11/5/2017 was the first flight of N5427W!

N5427W is an RV-7 slow build kit with the slider canopy. I built it in a little over two, very focused, years. I rigidly stuck to the plans except for the "Almost a 14" mod and the "Supertracks" slider mod. As an electronics engineer and software guy, I designed my electrical system and designed and wired my Garmin G3X IFR panel. Up front, I have a brand new Titan IOX-370 engine with a Catto 3-blade prop. She came in at 1040 pounds (unpainted and without pants).

After a final inspection by my EAA Tech advisor and DAR, Dave Prizio on Saturday, 11/4/2017, N5427W was officially an airplane. My first flight was being planned and executed by the team of Richard Wilsher and myself. Richard was the Flight Director and was responsible for the overall flight, and of course, I was the test pilot. Before the flight, he spent a lot of time working with me on the checklists. During the flight he kept me apprised of the schedule, helped monitor traffic, provide comm support (and backup if NORDO), took notes, and generally kept an eye on things. Having Richard on the ground really freed up my brain allowing me to concentrate on flying. Also, supporting the first flight was my son Jack (who is creating a documentary of the effort) and my son Hank and Richard's better half, Pat.

With a new engine up front, it wants minimum ground time and maximum time at 65 to 75% power. So the flight test was an initial 30 minute segment at 75% power, then some slow flight, then if everything looked and felt good, another 30 minutes at 75% power, followed by a low approach and a landing.

Taxi, run-up, and takeoff were uneventful. Then about 500' agl I smell SMOKE! I get to pattern altitude, reduce power, switch off my standby battery (which is in the cockpit) and radio that I am returning for landing. But the thing is, the smoke smelled like wood smoke and I have an aluminum airplane. All the gauges were good, no smoke reported from the ground, and it was definitely not an electrical smell. Then I noticed a few ash flakes floating in the cockpit. That's when I realized what it was. We had massive wildfires in the Corona, CA area recently and some of the smoke and ash got into my vents. By now, on downwind, the smell was diminishing. I decided to do one more slow orbit, the smell was completely gone, everything was green so I powered up to do the test pattern.

The test pattern was a 4 nm by 2 nm rectangle centered over Corona airport. Flying at 2400 feet, this kept me within gliding distance of the airport. Aside from a slightly heavy right wing (mostly because my fat a** was in the right seat) which I could trim out, the plane flew flawlessly. There were zero avionics or instrumentation problems. Everything just worked.

So after 30 minutes at 2400 rpm, the CHTs were right at 400 and the oil temp was right at 200. I did some slow flight and the since everything looked and felt good, we continued with another 30 minute test pattern.

Then, the landing. I got my tailwheel and some aerobatic training in a Decathlon at Sunrise Aviation and my RV-7 transition training from Mike Seager in Oregon. Adequate, but I ain't no expert tailwheel jockey. So I do a low approach with Richard calling height above runway to give me a sight picture. Then I climbed back up and came around for the real landing (and by now, a crosswind had come up).

I came down as gently as I could. But after touching, I was having a small porposing. Not bouncing off the runway, just sort of rocking. Then I hear in my headset, "stick back". Richard, who has ton's of tailwheel time, spotted my problem. Stick back and all was well. When I watched the video, it turns out I had done an inadvertant wheel landing with the tailwheel maybe a foot or so off the runway. More practice to come.

Of course the first flight was the culmination of much hard work which cannot be accomplished alone.

First, without the support and encouragement of my wife, Barbara, this project would not have happened. And while she was happy to provide moral support, riveting required something more tangible. That is where my neighbor Jack S. and my friend Richard really came through. Jack was always willing to shoot some rivets, even when it meant working in the nasty tank sealant while riveting the fuel tanks. Richard came by whenever asked and left his mark on the fuselage and wings. Over the build I had a few guest riveters as well. My son's Hank and Jack pitched in many times, and Jack's friends Andrea and Jennie built a seat back. A coworker, Peter B., checked in throughout the build and got his hands dirty a time or two.

Once the plane moved to a hangar at Corona, help was always a request away. Rick M. really came through when two sets of hands were required and Steve C. provided the guidance needed to tackle that most daunting of tasks, fiberglassing. In addition to those mentioned, many others lent physical and moral support along the way.

Getting ready to go! (yes I fly from the right seat) Checklist checking... RV Grins All Around! Me (Rick) on the left, Richard (my Flight Director) on the right. Sharing the big moment with my sons Jack (L), and Hank (R)

                THANK YOU, EVERYONE!!!

                Rick Woods
                RV-7 N5427W


From: Hansjörg Candrian
Subject: 73690 first flight
Date sent: Sunday, November 13, 2017

This report is a few years late.

Kit 91058 was started December 2004.

First flight was May 29 2011 at Yarrawonga Vic Australia

VH-YWG now has over 300 hours .Great to fly ,reliable,fast or economical.

  • Aerosport IO-320
  • Hartzell constant speed
  • Lightspeed and magneto
  • AFS efis and autopilot.
  • Garmin sl40
  • Garmin aera 660
  • Weight with paint and interior 1130 lbs

                Peter Edney
                Yarrawonga Australia


From: Hansjörg Candrian
Subject: 73690 first flight
Date sent: Sunday, November 12, 2017

Van`s RV-7A, Serial 73690, HB-YNW: first Flight 10. November 2017

Building, Flying and «Grin?»

What started 7 years ago as a therapy after the forthcoming retirement form professional life and in order to avoid eventual boredom, just walking around in the apartment with the remote control of the Tv, I ordered the Van`s kit.

Looking back, I wouldn`t miss one hour of it. It was a great experience with all the various disciplines involved. It is like being the management of an aircraft company, the engineers, the specialist workers, the technical editor, and administrator in one single person. In other words: you are the king! Now I`m starting as test pilot. . .

May I thank you Van`s aircraft for your fantastic product and the support and many thanks to all the engaged suppliers and the great builder community which is accessible over the internet in the entire world.

Special thanks go to my colleges of the Experimental Aviation Switzerland, the authorities and all the persons which helped me realizing this project.

From thisTo that in 7 Years
Bad Ragaz, LSZE Turning final after first flightBig step for a man
Some Modifications which could be of interest
COM / Transponder supportwith joining bracket

The bracket serves as support of the radio and transponder while joining the instrument panel with the secondary panel and tus providing additional rigidity to the support of the throttle, prop and mixture controls.

Nose wheel spacer

the cylindrical spacer has contact to the inner rings of the nose wheel bearings. The low overall stiffness of the original nose wheel support is substantially increased since the bolt can now be torqued to its nominal value. Note that the length of the spacer has to be within narrow tolerances (I made 3).

    Aircraft and Equipment
  • Empty weight: 501kg
  • Engine: YIO 360-M1B from Van`s aircraft
  • Exhaust: Vetterman Trombone
  • Propeller: Hartzell 74`` CS
  • Static thrust: 2974N
  • Avionics: Dynon Skyview 10 touch with autopilot
  • Traditional Instruments: speed, altitude. variometer, ball, compass
  • Interior: Cleaveland Aircraft Tool (Seats and sidewall)
  • Carpet: From hardware store, treated with BBT Anti-Flame
  • Primer: Azko Sikkens 37035A
  • Exterior finish: Nuvite polish, Vinyl 3M 1080 matte brown metallic

                Hansjörg Candrian (age 70), Il Stuz 12a, 7018 Flims Waldhaus


From: Brian J. Decker
Subject: First flight report -- 10 years late
Date sent: Saturday, November 11, 2017

Good morning;

RV-7, Serial # 71937 registered as N374BD took to the sky on December 1, 2007 from Taylor, TX (T74)

It took a little over 3.5 years to complete.

It had an Aerosport Power IO-360-A1B6 with a Hartzell CS Prop.

Avionics were Dynon D-10A, Steam Gauges, Garmin radio stack - 430W, SL30, GTX-327, GMA-340, and a TruTrak Vision AutoPilot

                Brian J. Decker


From: Jack Groat
Subject: First Flight of RV-10 #41389
Date sent: Saturday, November 11, 2017

I just want you guys to be aware that RV-10 kit #41389, purchased in October 2012 by Jack and Dave Groat of Canton, MI flew for the first time this morning.

On Nov 10, RV-10, N1861G took to the air and flew for 22 minutes. Serial no. 41389.

Everything went well. Plane flew level and hands off.

We have a new Lycoming fuel injected engine with MT prop. Full Garmin avionics panel done by Aerotronics.

Full interior by Aerosport...

Our test pilot, a Spirit commercial pilot plus enthusiastic GA pilot said it was a joy to fly. "If you want any help flying off the 40 hrs. give me a call. It is a fun plane to fly.

                Jack and David Groat
                Canton, Michigan


From: Allan Paige
Subject: First Flight RV-6
Date sent: Friday, November 10, 2017

I just wanted to let you know rather belatedly that RV-6 S/N 22927, registration C-GAPV, first flew on June 25, 2016. I now have about 70 hrs on it and it flies great. Powered by an Aerosport IO-375 with a Hartzell constant speed prop.  Avionics include two Dynon Skyview displays, a GNS 430W and an SL30.

                Allan Paige


From: Philip Groelz
Subject: First flight RV-9A
Date sent: Thursday, November 09, 2017

I took advantage of the FAA's Additional Pilot Program for the first flight of 90772 on June 27, 2017. Like most RV's, it flew well on the first flight and continues to do so. A great tribute to Van's is that with reasonably good craftsmanship the aircraft meets the factory specifications for performance.

The airplane excels at its primary mission which is to enjoy good flying weather. A used Aerosport O-360 engine drives a Props Inc. climb prop which limits the cross-country cruise speed somewhat. The combination was chosen with lower weight, lower cost, and lower maintenance in mind. If I begin making frequent cross-country trips at some time in the future I may have a new prop carved. But I am quite content to live with the compromise favoring take-off and climb performance for the present.

I was the second builder on the project. The empty weight is just under 1000 lbs. Contributions to the low weight were an Earth-X battery, spartan interior and electronics (but using and Advanced Flight Systems 5600 EFIS) and somewhat minimal paint.

As the paint scheme suggests, I grew up driving John Deere tractors.



From: Brian Perry
Subject: RV 14 First Flight builder 140205 N617BP
Date sent: Thursday, November 09, 2017

Hello fellow builders and mentors,

My first flight was August 12, 2017 and took place at Heber Airport outside of Park City, Utah. It was a dream come true needless to say and what a beautiful day it was to take her airborne for the first time. As you can see I decided to hold off on the wheel pants and fairings so I could get her up and flying sooner vs later. I'm almost done with the Phase 1 flying and have started the wheel pants and fairings. With any luck she will be off to the paint shop toward the end of the year.

I decided to go with a Lycon custom build IO-390 with all of the improvements that they have to offer to include dual PMags and mated with a MT 3 blade composite propeller. I had the exhaust ceramic coated inside and out. MT was a tremendous help picking out the appropriate propeller based on the performance specifications my engine was developing as tested by Lycon. The interior was manufactured by Flight Line Interiors, is all leather and Abby was very helpful in coming up with a design.

I went with the Dynon dual 10" HDX displays and hired Stein to help with the design and layout of the panel. I had them CNC the panel which they then had hydro dipped to simulate a carbon fiber look.

                Brian Perry


From: beachhunter01
Subject: first flight
Date sent: Wednesday, November 08, 2017

After a very long build, my RV-9A is finally completed and made it's maiden flight October 31, 2017, O-360 , 3 bladed Catto Prop with James cowl, responsive and easy to fly.

                Ron Francis


From: John Harrell
Subject: RV-7A First Flight Report
Date sent: Wednesday, November 08, 2017


Yes, I know this report is late, N147EW took 4.5 years to build and first flew on Aug 31, 2014. I've had no significant problems with the aircraft over that time. It has flown straight and level from day one and I love the responsiveness of the controls. Empty weight is 1117 lbs but that is without paint. Thanks to my wife Denise for all her patience and support over those 4.5 years.

  • Aerosport Power IO360-B1B
  • Dual PMag ignition
  • AirFlow Performance fuel injection
  • 3-blade Catto composite prop
  • Dual 10-inch Skyviews
  • TruTrak Gemini PFD for backup
  • Classic Aero leather interior

                John Harrell, builder and owner
                Builder number 73678


From: Orrick, Donald
Subject: first flight N410JA
Date sent: Wednesday, November 08, 2017

N410JA kit #40010 first flew on July 18th 2007 after 3 years and 10 months of build time. I have a Garmin G3X (non-touch) GNS 430 GTX-330ES with Tru-Track A/P A/C and Flightline interior. Painted By Grady O'Neil @ Glo-Custom. I upgraded the doors from original design to flush door latched and custom vent system during initial build as well as several smaller custom modifications to build my version of the -10. I recently exceeded 1000 hours of safe flight in the plane and love my -10. I am currently completing Instrument rating in my plane. Thanks to my wife for her total support to help build and support my dream of owning my own aircraft and all who supported me to help achieve this milestone including Van's Airforce for the wealth of knowledge and resources to build a safe and reliable aircraft.

Congratulations to everyone at Vans on reaching 10,000 flying aircraft.

                Best Regards,
                Don Orrick
                Serial # 40010


From: Mike Rhodes
Subject: First Flight RV-8A 82088
Date sent: Wednesday, November 08, 2017

RV-8A N468DL made its first flight 28 Jan 2012 from Scappoose, OR

Built by Don London, this was his 2nd RV build.

Powered by an Aerosport IO-360 and Hartzell constant speed prop, the airplane few great with only a few tweaks required.

Flight test program was flown by RV-9A builder/pilot Mike Rhodes. Unfortunately due to health problems, Don was unable to ever fly in the airplane and he passed away within a year. Fall of 2016 the plane was sold and delivered to USAF pilot Capt. Katie Schuler in NM. Katie reports she's having the time of her life flying her new ride.

                Mike Rhodes


From: Rick Hildebrand
Subject: First flight report
Date sent: Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Hello Van's

I am not sure if my plane was counted or not but, the pictures were never shared.

I'm a US Airforce brat that finished my dream and that of my late father and brother, to build and fly my own airplane. First flight of RV 120722 was on July 10th, 2016 (Dad's birthday). She left the earth's surface without a hitch. The RV Grin tells the story of the flight. I need to thank my wife for enduring the years I spent with my aluminum mistress. We now look forward to being together (My wife, not the airplane) for the adventures ahead and all the fine people we will meet along the way. Thanks Van's for a great kit that allowed me to achieve my goal.

                Rick Hildebrand


From: Lars Pedersen
Subject: another RV-9A
Date sent: Tuesday, November 07, 2017

I realize I failed to include the builder number (91672) or current registered owner (Grant Cassady of Tulsa, OK).

The story of this RV-9A is a mixture of happy and sad. My friend Ralph Finch started the build, his dream, about 2008. Worked progressed with myself and other local builders occasionally helping out, until early 2015 when Ralph was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. At that point he asked if I would be willing to help him finish the build. Ralph passed away the following Christmas, after which I continued on behalf of his widow. On May 16th of this year I received the pink slip, and on June 11 N249RV took to the skies for the first time, my second first flight in a Van's RV. It flew a lot differently than my own RV-7 but, as everyone says, it flies like... an RV. Which is to say delightful. I put 42 hours on the Hobbs in phase 1, after which I gave Ralph's wife a ride in her husband's dream followed by watching it fly eastbound for the last time with its happy new owner at the controls. Bittersweet. I was honored and moved by the experience. Godspeed, Ralph, your dream lives on.

The attached photo isn't the greatest, but you get the idea. Quickbuild RV-9A, Aerosport Power IO-320, dual LSE Plasma III ignitions, Catto 3 blade prop, Dynon Skyview Touch with full Dynon avionics suite.

                Lars Pedersen
                Davis, CA
                RV-7 flying, 530 hours and counting
                loving every minute


From: Don Johnson
Subject: First Flight RV-7A, N546DR
Date sent: Tuesday, November 07, 2017

RV-7A #70546 experienced it's first flight on April 18, 2017 at Hicks Field (T67) Texas. N546DR is equipped with an ECI IOX-360, 2 P-Mags, Airflow Performance Fuel Injection, and Whirlwind 200-RV prop. Avionics include 2 Dynon Touch screens, autopilot, ADS-B in/out, and GNS 430W for IFR Navigation. Extended range tanks give it lots of legs for cross country flying. Weighed in at 1108 pounds prior to an incredible paint job by BOSS Aircraft Refinishers in Salisbury, NC.

My wife, Rita picked the paint scheme because "the tips on the new propeller were black", but of course. Her patience, encouragement, and support during the fifteen years of construction earned her the right to select the paint; and she did a heck of a job.

                Don Johnson


From: Matthew Kirk
Subject: First Flights
Date sent: Tuesday, November 07, 2017

RV9A #90171 C-GVMK first flew on July 25, 2012

It now has over 450 hours. It's been my commuter and has proven to be fast, reliable and fuel efficient.

                Thanks for the great product.
                Matthew Kirk


From: Bob Collins
Subject: Rv9a 90763
Date sent: Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Just wanted to belatedly let you know that rv9a 90763 first flew on 6/6/16. I now have about 100 hrs on it. I built it on the cheap with a rebuilt o-290d2 and wood prop. It also came out light at 990lbs empty. It is a fantastic flying plane. 150kts and stalls at 43kts.

I completed the plane while raising 3 kids and full time employment. To those on a budget,it can be done. I spent just over 30k over the 12 years building. If i had more money or time it would have been done sooner, but it was worth the wait.

                Special thanks to EAA 141 and 1210 but especially to craftsman extraordinaire and RV8 builder Ron Maier for dragging me across the finish line. I couldnt have done it without him.
                Thanks Bob Collins


From: Charlie England
Subject: 1st notice?? old -4, purchased flying
Date sent: Tuesday, November 07, 2017

I'm the 2nd owner of N914RV, serial number 2462, built by Chuck Dunlap with a completion date of 1991. I have no idea whether he notified you when he completed it.

It spent the 1st decade of its life flying off gravel strips in the Arizona high desert, and the rest of its time here in the low, wet country of central Mississippi. At least it's had a roof over its head for partial protection down here in the Soggy South.

                Charlie England
                Slobovia Outernational Airport (MS71)


From: Jim Simpson
Subject: First flight
Date sent: Monday, November 06, 2017

Just want to make sure my RV-4 was submitted for its first flight of September 1988. N19AZ kit/serial number 1850.

                Jim Simpson

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