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Van’s Aircraft never rests.  We  constantly strive to improve what many consider to be the finest aircraft designs and homebuilt kits in the industry. 
The RV-12 took the E-LSA market by storm in 2008.  Today, over 1,000 kit starts have been sold with well over 500 flying RV-12s in both the homebuilt E-LSA and factory built S-LSA form.  Impressive is an understatement.
Now there is the RV-12iS.
Yes, Van’s Aircraft is now offering the Rotax fuel injected 912iS as an engine option.
Benefits of Rotax’s latest 912 Series powerplant are:

  • Improved fuel economy
  • Easier installation
  • Easier maintenance: no carburetor balancing and CAN error diagnostics
  • Slightly more power and torque
  • Extra electrical power available allows more lighting and NAV equipment options  for flight schools

But that is just the beginning!  We have listened and learned since 2008, and are proud to announce that Van’s has made many improvements to the RV-12 airframe and systems based on real world customer feedback
Among them are:



  • Newly designed cowling which is easier to remove.  Plus it yields greater cooling on the ground and in the climb.
  • New throttle quadrant design which eliminates the need for special carb return springs in the 912ULS model engine .
  • Quick reacting electric flaps.
  • Quick adjust seat back feature.
  • New throttle actuation to easily select rich or economy mode.
  • New cup holder (Limited to positive G maneuvers)
  • Dual USB power outlets
  • New and improved landing main landing gear attachment.  More rugged and better suited to the training environment.  Check out our video on the gear tear off test.  Unbelievable!
  • New transversely mounted fuel tank gives more baggage volume and easier loading.
    • Makes inspections and maintenance much easier.
    • Same tank capacity but has much less unusable fuel in climb.
    • Larger fuel filler neck now mounted below the Plexiglas rear window on the co-pilot side.
    • Increased baggage capacity to 75lbs

  • Improved canopy latch design
  • Cockpit handle on panel to aid entrance and exit.
  • Horizontal stabilator tips are now available as an option.
  • Airframe kit improvements include:
    • Pre-bent longerons
    • Redesigned electrical harness now routed away from other systems and installed at a much later stage of construction making installation easier.
    • Harnesses will be designed specifically for your EFIS choice and will have standard accommodations for typical options such as lighting, autopilot, ADS-B, AP control module, etc.
    • Harnesses will be bench tested at Van’s to ensure they are bug free before delivery.
    • Point to point wiring which eliminates the AV50000 control box, reduces connections and improves audio quality
    • Stick grip options to allow trim control from the stick, PTT function, AP disconnect and one of various COM functions selected by the pilot.
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