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This page contains links to RV builder's personal websites, builder's groups, and OEM companies supplying Van's Aircraft.

These links are published solely at the discretion of Van's Aircraft, Inc. and only our OEM providers will be allowed commercial advertising. We also provide links to as an avenue for all other commercial interests.

NOTE: Material found from linked pages does not constitute approval or endorsement by Van's Aircraft, Inc. Van's Aircraft, Inc. accepts no responsibility for material found on linked pages.

Customer Web Sites


Steve Jones - Illinois
Carl and Rafael's - South Carolina
K.C. and Ashley - Texas
Milton Ramos - Brasil
Emarit Ranu - Colorado
Bill Schweinberg - Ohio


Tom Benton - Florida
Jerald Greenberg - Florida
Marty Santic - Iowa
Tony Tessitore - Washington

RV-12 Youth Build Websites:
Bob Kelly Eagles Nest


Greg Hale - Oklahoma- Downloadable W&B Program
Lorenz Malmström - Switzerland
Palle Olesen - Denmark
Tim Olson - Wisconsin
Mike Schipper - Texas
Vernon Smith - Oregon
Michael Wellenzohn - Switzerland


S. Todd Bartrim - British Columbia, Canada
Diana Hoffman & Mike McGee - Oregon
Mike Hoover - South Carolina
Andy Karmy - Washington
Philippe Marseille - Québec, Canada
Peter McCoy - California
Bill Repucci - North Carolina
Smitty - Texas
Jerry Szelc - Virginia
Jerry Thorne - Tennessee
Camillo Ungari - Italy
John Walter - Texas


Rod Dantzler - South Carolina (RV-8)
David De Ridder - Belgium (RV-8)
Matt Dralle - California (RV-8)
Ray Fogg - Oregon (RV-8A)
Nathan Garrett - Oklahoma (RV-8)
Greg Hale - Oklahoma (RV-8)
Olivier Le Carbonnier - France (RV-8)
Randy Lervold - Washington (RV-8)
Luca Perazzolli - Italy (RV-8) (first RV Italian website)
Mark Richardson - Ontario, Canada (RV-8)


Leonard Westermeyer-Newman Lake, Washington(RV-7A)
Jan, Deon, and Attie - South Africa (RV-7A)
Jason Beaver - California (RV-7)
Phil Birkelbach - Houston, Texas (RV-7)
Simon Bromiley - Australia (RV-7)
Mike Bullock - Maryland (RV-7)
Mike Cencula - Ohio (RV-7A)
David Clark and Mark Taylor - Michigan (RV-7)
Bill Cloughley - Maryland (RV-7)
John Coloccia - California (RV-7)
Ron Duren Jr - Colorado (RV-7)
Daenzer / Lichtensteiger - Switzerland (RV-7A)
Thomas De Wilde - France (RV-7)       
Kathleen Evans - Folsom, California (RV-7A)
Alfonso Hernandez Garcia - Spain
Jason Gibson - Texas (RV-7)
Tracy Hallock - Texas (RV-7A)
Detlef Heun & Liliana Tagliamonte - Florida (RV-7A)
Alfons, Josep - Spain (RV-7)
Kevin Johnson - Massachusetts (RV-7)
Bill & Liz King - New York (RV-7A)
Steffen Ostersen - Denmark (RV-7)
Dana Overall - Kentucky (RV-7)
Paul Paeleman - Belgium (RV-7)
Jamie Painter - Georgia (RV-7A)
Jim and Carolina Piavis - California (RV-7)
Mark Rataj - Ontario, Canada (RV-7A)
Jason Rouault - Colorado (RV-7A)
Ross Schlotthauer - Idaho (RV-7)
Dave Setser - Massachusetts (RV-7)
Dominik Stadler - Switzerland (RV-7A)
Bruce Swayze - Oregon (RV-7A)
Daryl Tolliver - Texas (RV-7A)
Bob Trumpfheller - Colorado (RV-7A)


Chris Anderson - Wisconsin (RV-6A)
Kenneth Beene - Minnesota (RV-6A)
Olle Bergquist - Sweden (RV-6)
Sam Buchanan - Alabama (RV-6)
Ian Corse - United Kingdom (RV-6A)
Rick Grenwis - (RV-6A)
Jim Headberg - Florida (RV-6A)
Marcy Lange - (RV-6A)
David Leonard - California (RV-6)
Doug Reeves - Texas (RV-6)
Paul Rosales - California (RV-6A)
Michael Stewart - Georgia (RV-6A)


Matt Dralle- California
Harmon Lange
S. Sampson - United Kingdom
Dirk Schlichtenhorst - Germany
Camillo Ungari - Italy


Randy Lervold - Washington


Builders' Group Web Sites

EAS - Swiss equivalent of the EAA
Van's Club de France (VCF)
RV Builders in France

RV Builders in the UK
Kansas City RVators
Ohio Valley RVators
Sacramento RVators
Van's Air Force - Minnesota Wing - RV news and discussion

Other RV/Aviation Information

Team RV - Formation Demonstration Team
MIL-R-47196A - military spec: rivets, buck type, preparation, and install
RV-List - free e-mailing list for RV builders, donation suggested

EAA Web Sites

National - Oshkosh, WI.
Chapter 12 - Greater Houston, TX. area
Chapter 14 - San Diego, CA.
Chapter 23 - Salt Lake City, Utah
Chapter 32 - St. Louis, MO.
Chapter 44 - Rochester, NY.
Chapter 46 - Buffalo, NY.
Chapter 48 - Dayton, OH.
Chapter 49 - Lancaster, CA.
Chapter 54 - Lake Elmo, MN.
Chapter 60 - Beloit, WI.
Chapter 65 - Hamilton, Ontario
Chapter 90 - Oakdale, CA.
Chapter 96 - Los Angeles, - South Bay CA.
Chapter 72 - Colorado Springs, CO.
Chapter 105 - Portland, OR. Twin Oaks Airpark 7S3
Chapter 119 - Watsonville, CA.
Chapter 129- Bloomington-Normal Illinois
Chapter 187 - Austin, TX.
Chapter 242 - Columbia, SC.
Chapter 292 - Independence, Oregon
Chapter 403 - Carson City, NV.
Chapter 486 - Hosts annual RV forums at Oswego County, New York
Chapter 538 - Deer Valley, AZ.
Chapter 582 - Millbury, OH.
Chapter 774 - Brookshire, TX. West of the Houston area
Chapter 902 - Portland, OR. Southeast Portland + area
Chapter 1267 - Grand County, CO.

OEM Web Sites

Hartzell Propeller Company - Manufacture of aircraft propellers
Langair Machining, Inc. - Gear legs for experimental aircraft
MT-Propellers - Manufacturer of aircraft propellers
Precision Airmotive - Carb and FI sytems on the OEM engines
Sensenich, Inc. - Manufacturer of aircraft propellers
Lycoming - Engine manufacturer
Usher Precision - Hydroforming, Machiningand Welding


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