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From: Brice Johnson
Subject: Serial # 90897 is flying
Date sent: Wed, 31 Dec 2014

Dear Vans Aircraft,
On February 8, 2014, serial #90897 first flew after 9 years of building.  Since then, I have flown it over 100 hours including its first trip to Oshkosh.  The plane is amazing!  The range of performance from the high end to the low end is better than I ever anticipated. I am looking forward to many new travels in this machine.  Attached are photos of the plane just after tie down at Oshkosh on Friday before the show, and the much storied RV Grin from first flight. 


           Brice Johnson.


From: Mauritz Muller
Subject: First flight @ 10 Desember 2014 for 120422 - ZU-FYB
Date sent: Sun, 28 Dec 2014


@10 December 2014 RV12 ZU-FYB took to the air for the first time

Many thanks to Vans, Jan Hanekom for all the guidance and support, Andre Labuschagne for the paint and many hours of working with me, JP Snyman, my son Corne and my wife for her patience during the building process and lastly to Marc Gregson for doing the maiden flight.


           Kind regards
           Mauritz Muller


From: Derek Hoeschen
Subject: RV-9A First Flight
Date sent: Wed, 24 Dec 2014

I am pleased to announce that after 2.5 years of Construction N803DK, RV-9A, Serial #92103, made its first flight on July 31st. 2014. Phase 1 is complete as of November 26th, 2014 and everything works and flies as advertised.
N803DK includes a Quick Build Fuselage, new Superior XO-320 from Aerosport Power, Garmin Dual Screen G3X from Steinair, complete interior from Classic Aero Designs and a Whirlwind ground adjustable propeller. I estimate about 1500 hours build time over 2.5 years and probably that much more in online research and purchases. Full Build is documented at . Special thanks to Vans Aircraft, Vansairforce and its affiliated Vendors.


           Derek Hoeschen


From: William Wilson
Subject: S/N 73267 First Flight
Date sent: Tue, 23 Dec 2014

Vans Aircraft

Please crank the Hobbs meter over one more for the RV-7A aircraft.

On Dec 21, 2014, after six years on construction S/N 73267 (VH-RBA), at Wagga Wagga airport Australia created space, due to airspeed between terra firma and the wheels.
What a joy to fly, handles superbly, to put it into just a few words.

She is equipped with,
YIO-360-M1B fuel injected, constant speed engine fitted with dual P Mags
Hartzell blended airfoil prop
Dual Dynon SV-D1000 Skyview EFIS, along with two axis Dynon auto pilot and Dynon Mode S transponder
Dual ICOM A210 VHF radios
Classic Aero Design interior



Date sent: Sun, 14 Dec 2014
From: Hugh Waller
Subject: 1st flight


Please add another RV-9A to your list. SN#90301 flew 14 dec 14 from KMJX in NJ.

Thanks to all at vans.


           [ hwaller at ]


From: Jeff Mitchell
Subject: First Flight report - RV8
Date sent: Fri, 5 Dec 2014

Hi Vans,

FYI, I carried out my first flight on my RV-8 (slow build) on 27 Oct 2014 from my home airport KDVT (Deer Valley Airport, Phoenix, AZ).

Overall the flight went very well and as of this note I have about 9 hours on the airplane.
It’s equipped with Dynon D100 EFIS, D120 EMS and a fuel injected 180 HP Lycoming (EXP) engine with dual P-Mags, and a Whirl Wind Constant Speed Prop. Empty weight (without paint) is 1083 LBS.


            Jeff Mitchell
           [jeffmitchell61 at ]


Date sent: Thu, 04 Dec 2014
From: Hank Moretti
To: Scott R at Vans Aircraft
Subject: Vans Aircraft First flight


After 15 years of building, RV-8 SN 81019, took to the air on Saturday , 11/29/14. from OQU in Rhode Island. The flight lasted (1) hour and there were no problems.

81019 is a day/night VFR airplane with a O-360A1D engine; Hartzel constant speed prop; Van's gages; 396 GPS; electronic international UBG-16 engine gage; Funkwerk transponder; ATS KRT 2 comm radio and a manual wing leveller. Weight 1111 lbs.

Interior ( seats, carpeting, stick boots and glare shield cover), were made by Abby at Flightline.

The (10) hours transitional training with Mike Seager was well worth it.


Hank Moretti
[hmoretti at]


From: Kirby Elliott
Date sent: Tue, 2 Dec 2014
Subject: First flight 40443 RV-10

July 19th 2013. IO-540. MT 3 blade prop. Thanks to

my wife, Connie, for all her help.


           Kirby Elliott
           [elliot225 at]


From: Margaret Serviss
Subject: First Flight
Date sent: Mon, 1 Dec 2014

For your records, RV7A 73195 C-GWZE made its first flight at Langley, B. C. on November 30, 2014 at 3 P.M.

           George S. Serviss


From: Tony
Subject: First Flight RV-10 41114
Date sent: Mon, 17 Nov 2014

Hi to the wonderful staff at Vans,

A short note to let you know that RV10 41114, ZU-TCD, undertook her maiden flight in Port Elizabeth on 23 Sept 2014.

The team at Aircraft Assembly & Upholstery Centre helped to complete this aircraft belonging to Eugene Deschamps. The panel is made up of dual Dynon Skyviews, Garmin Com and Nav/com, Dynon autopilot with external knob panel.

We wish you many happy flying hours Ed!

Thank you to all at Vans yet again for the expert service and products.


           Sigi Bailes
           [ anthony at ]


Subject: First Flight
Date sent: Wed, 12 Nov 2014
From: Pratt, David E.

VANS Team,

The first flight for my RV-9A was Oct-28-2014. Kit / Builder number 91580. I completed the project in 7 ½ years. N953E is powered by an IO 320-D1A with a Hartzell constant speed prop. Panel has two 10” Dynon Skyview with GPS, EMS, Transponder, & ADSB. Since I used a certified engine and prop combination my Phase One is only 25 hours. I have half of them flown and N953E flies as advertised and expected. Thank you for the great airplane.


           David Pratt
           Builder # 91580
           West Jordan, UT
           [ David.Pratt at ]


From: Norman Joseph
Date sent: Sun, 9 Nov 2014
Subject: RV-9 #92003 First flight

On Friday November the 7th 2014 my RV-9, ZU-FUE flew for the first time after just over 3 years of part time work.

It has a Lycoming YIO-320 160 HP engine with a Hartzell constant speed prop. In the instrument panel there is a Dynon SV D1000 with autopilot and all the other necessary Dynon bits that go with it. The radio stack includes a Garmin SL30 and an SL40 with the GMA 240 Audio control panel.

The paint work and upholstery was done by Tony and Ziggi Bailes´ team at their Aircraft Assembly Company and they deserve a huge thank you.

I have to say a very big thank you to my mentor, Chalkie Stobbart, for more than just helping me on the build and also for putting up with my slow pace of work. I am also very indebted to his wife Maureen for allowing me to stay in her house at least once a month for 3 to 5 days for the last three years.

My family and friends that knew about the build were all very supportive and special thanks go to Wayne Elliot for doing some machining work for the build. Some colleagues of mine must also be thanked for bringing back to South Africa some components from the UK or the USA for the build.

Lastly, my wife Moira, who has been long suffering during my periods of absence must also get a huge thank you for being so supportive of this very big project. I have learnt a huge amount and am still learning every day that I deal with building and flying the RV. I now am proud to say that I have one very large RV Grin!!!


          Many thanks to VAN´s
          Norman Joseph
          South Africa
          [ chalkboy at ]


Date sent: Fri, 7 Nov 2014
Subject: 1st Flight RV-9A #90816
From: Greg Pyke

Nov 3 2014 @12:03 PST kit number 90816, N725GM flew for the 1st time at Thun field, Pierce County airport (PLU), and it was good. The emotion I felt on take-off roll reminded me of my first solo. While it did take me a while to complete the kit, it was worth it and yes I would do it again. My build philosophy was keep it simple and not to get carried away with all the gadgets out there.

Aero Sport O-320
fixed pitch prop
Dynon D100 and EMS D120
Dynon autopilot (did not originally plan on this, but it was so simple to add)
VFR day/night
simple interior
weight - 1050 lbs (nice round number) no paint or fairings yet

Great job on the kit Vans. Thanks to Mike Seager for the transition training. I can't imagine that you can get better training anywhere else. Thanks to my wife of 33 years who thought it would be a good family project. She did most of the riveting with me and the seat upholstery. It's fun looking at the photos from the build watching my kids grow up while they helped.


           Greg Pyke
           [ gapyke at ]


From: John McIlvenna
Subject: RV-12 120691
Date sent: Wed, 05 Nov 2014

Today RV-12 120691 flew its first flight. Registered as an E-LSA N112J, it took off from KIWA the early morning of Nov 5, 2014 only to encounter unforecast winds of 03015G25 (rwy 12) upon return that resulted in a go around and diversion to nearby KCHD where we sat out out the winds, waited for a ride home and encountered several EAA types who gave it the twice over!

It has a left banking tendency at max throttle, but flys perfectly hands off during base and final in calm conditions. I have a slightly worrisome high (yet green) right EGT that needs a little investigating.

The video link is the second flight taken by former RV-8 builder Charlie Wambolt at KCHD as I was beating sunset to make the 5 mile flight home to the hangar.

Thanks to Vans for making an airplane that I can build and fly.

           John McIlvenna
           Phoenix, AZ
          [ johnmcilvenna at ]


From: Johannes Klement
Date sent: Tue, 4 Nov 2014
Subject: Maiden Flight # 72352
To: Barbara at Van's

It´s a pleasure to inform you of my maiden flight of my RV-7A on 10th of October in LOGW Austria.

Thank you and everyone at Van´s for the perfect support and especially Richard VanGrunsven for a great design.


           With best regards
           [ jklement at ]


Subject: First flight of RV-12 N1312G on 9/11/2014
Date sent: Fri, 31 Oct 2014

Serial #120270 with Ul260iS engine first flight on 9/11/2014. No surprises. I have flown my RV-4 for 4 years, my RV-6A for 14 years and my RV-7A for 5 years. I acquired Serial #120207 project 2 years ago and finished building and registering it this year {2014).

I still legally fly my RV-7A at age 95.


           Gordon Zwirtz
           [ gordon76 at ]


From: Tim Welles
Subject: First Flight Report
Date sent: Thu, 30 Oct 2014

RV-8, N108TW took wing for the first time on Oct. 27, 2014, almost 10 years to the day from the start of construction. Of course, we really only took five years as we spend our summers racing sailplanes.

N108TW is equipped with a Superior XP-360 engine, with fuel injection and constant speed Whirlwind prop. Avionics include a GNS 430W, GRT Horizon EFIS and Digitrak autopilot.
Great project, and it sure flies nice. Note the RV grin!


           Heinz Weissenbuehler
           Monty Sullivan
           Tim Welles (Pilot shown)
           [ timwelles at ]


From: Rick Thorburn
Subject: Rick Thorburn First Flights
Date sent: Sun, 26 Oct 2014

A first flight from a repeat offender. The photo is of the 4 aircraft that I have built over a period of many years.

C-FXLC RV-6A, s/n 23140 has 500+ hrs. on her. 150 hrs. by a new owner.

C-FVTJ ,s/n 24906, my second RV-6A only has 50 date. 160 hp., Dynon 100, fixed pitch metal prop, and a good cruiser.

C-FAKO, s/n 70789 an RV-7A is my third aircraft. She has 50 hrs. 180 hp., IO 360, Dynon 100, and a strong flyer. I managed to build her without any big dings (oops) in the metal work, so I only painted the fiberglass red; the rest is decal. First flight reports for both C-FVTJ and C-FAKO.

C-FAJE, s/n 80265 an RV-8A was only a fin and stab when I purchased her. Final inspection for her is only
months away. My hobby is building ; but my sport is flying.

Our local airport in Vernon B. C., CYVK is an RV haven with 18 RV's on the field.
I hope to report my first flight on the RV-8A before winter sets in.

Van should be proud of his accomplishments . I enjoy building them.


           Rick Thorburn (Retired Architect).
           [ trthorburn at ]


From: Keith Rhea
Subject: First Flight of N60KR
Date sent: Tue, 21 Oct 2014

My RV-7 was started in August of 2012. I work full time so this was an evening and weekend project. This is my third experimental aircraft and my first slow build kit. I must say after plans building two other aircraft that Van’s has got to be the finest kit. Almost everything fit to a “T” and required very little extra work.. I already had a lot of tools and knew how to use them.

The first flight was October 16, 2014 with Dave Austin at the controls. Dave took a 20 minute first flight and pronounced that we had a little right wing heavy so hand formed the left aileron is all it too. No rudder trim necessary.

Thanks to Doyle Reed for all the help and encouragement, family and grand kids for their help and

N60KR is a 1020# slow build slider and is equipped with a low time 0-320-D2A, EFII ignitions, Catto Propeller, MGL Enigma EFIS with AP servos, AHRS, MGL V-10, MGL AS-1, Trig TT21,Pathfinder ADSB. The Interior is by Abby at Flightline interiors with my supplied leather.
My own paint and polish and my wife's design of the chevrons. Now have accumulated 14 hours of
the RV-7 and getting some of the fine tuning done.

            Click here to view a photo collage

           Keith Rhea 74099
           [ krhea at ]


Date sent: Tue, 14 Oct 2014
From: Tom Newell
Subject: First Flight of RV-9A, 49TN

My RV-9A SN:90676 finally took wing after almost 12 years from purchase of empennage kit. I flewthe first flightI of 49TN on Tuesday, October 7 at 7:30 AM.

As with all who have gone before me, it is an incredible feeling to take off and look out at the wings that I built. Way different than the Cessna take offs. The 55 minute flight over Salem, OR,McNary Field was uneventful.

The only issue was very high CHT's on climb and now I know that that is normal on a new Lycoming O320, carbureted engine. They have since come down as the engine gets broken in. My plane is a slider, Sensenich fixed pitch prop, AFS 4500 and 4500 screens, AOA, Altrak, Digitrak, Garmin SL40, and 327 Tx.

Many thanks to all of the folks at Vans for the great design and tech support along the way. Mostly, thanks to my wife Cece for the long suffering support of my hobby and the money that it takes to continue. And thanks to Jake Theisen, George Adkins, Jim Wallace, JIm Shelton, Steve Johansen and Ron Sturba for hands-on help and support.


          Tom Newell
          [ tncnewell at ]


From: Roger Kellogg
Date sent: Mon, 13 Oct
Subject: First flight - N247RV - kit 70587

It's quite a thrill to finally transfer from the ranks of RV builders to the league of RV fliers!

With a Titan IO-360, Hartzell prop, and Dual SkyView panel, it should make a good cross country cruiser. Three thousand hours of build time over six years seems like a blur now.

Special thanks to two sons who set high standards for bucking rivets and all those other four-hands tasks. Special thanks to a wife who remained patiently supportive as 'the new girl' slowly became "Wild Blue". Yes, there were times when external encouragement was required.

Looking forward to aviation adventures when Phase 1 is completed.


           Roger Kellogg
           Newark, Illinois
          [ rlkellogg at ]


Date sent: Mon, 13 Oct 2014
From: Merrill Evans
Subject: First Flight RV-7 72580 N87EM


Very happy to report that after 8 1/2 years of very slowly Quick-Building, I flew my RV-7 on its maiden flight September 28, 2014!

The DAR inspection was the day before. I orbited the airport at 2000', while running the new engine hard for about forty minutes, before a small contingent of friends and family watched me land. The airplane flew beautifully - no surprise!

Thanks to a whole lot of people who helped me get this done. First to Van and all the people at Van's Aircraft. What a great design and super company. Next, to Doug and all at This has been a daily stop for me for a long time. I would have quit if it were not for all the great information, shared difficulties, and solutions found here. Several of you have or had your own websites that I visited countless times, including of course, Dan C., who gave me my first RV-7 ride many years ago. I had already bought the kit and was very happy to confirm that an RV-7 handled so well.

Thanks to my friends at ILG, who made certain that I kept focused on the "end game", and who share in this passion of ours. Dave D. thanks for letting me fly your PA-20 whenever I could. That short-winged Piper was great preparation.

Finally, thanks to my family, some of whom drove a few rivets or more, and especially to my wife, who never waivered in her support of 'the airplane'. I have flown twice more - the Grin is still there!

Photos taken by Rob D. (thanks Rob) 9/28/14


           Very Best Regards,
           Merrill Evans
           Hockessin, DE
          #72580 N87EM
          [mdevans9 at ]


From: Stephen Denmark
Date sent: Mon, 13 Oct 2014
Subject: N126SD RV-9A

Good morning,

RV-9A, N126SD, Builder 91709, flew for the first time this past Sat. First flight was 50 minutes with Tom Berge at the controls. She flew very well. Heavy left wing which required left flap and aileron adjustment (too high compare to right upon diagnosis) and required more throw on the elevator trim note up position.

She has a Aerosport IO-320-DIA, Hartzell prop, Dual Advanced Flight 4500, 430W, Navworx ADS-B and Classic Aero Interior.

If she trims better, and Tom and I are comfortable, then I will fly this weekend.

            Stephen Denmark
            Eagan, MN
            [stephen.p.denmark at ]


From: James Scritchley
Subject: First flight of VH-JSX
Date sent: Sun, 12 Oct 2014

On Sunday 12th of October VH-JSX lifted off for the first time from Gawler Airfield north of Adelaide South Australia piloted by Marc Michell a very experienced pilot and friend.

It has been 7 very enjoyable years in the building and it all seemed worth it when she "jumped" into the sky. She is a fairly conventional RV-8 with a 180hp IO-360 and a Hartzell constant speed prop.

I definitely would like to recognise all of the great people who have helped with a multitude of various items along the way. Lots of advice and valuable expertise has guided me through the building of this great aeroplane. Obviously there is a special thank you to my long suffering wife Sue.


           James Scritchley
           [jimboscr at ]


From: Andrew Shay
Subject: RV-12 Rego 19-8510 Sn#120573 (Australia) First flight
Date sent: Sat, 11 Oct 2014

Hi Guys,

A quick note and thanks to you all the Vans staff for the excellent aircraft building experience, the prompt and extremely patient, courteous delivery of minor orders along the way. Especially the challenge of trying to deliver the ELT to Western Australia.

RV-12 Sn # 120573 Rego # 19-8510 flew for the first time Sunday 7/09/2014 a very rewarding flight with only a few minor adjustments required to tweak. 2 days later it had 12 hrs of the 25 hour area restriction hours flown. As at 7/10/2014 it has 34 hours flight time logged.

A very special thank you to a very patient and understanding wife and mother who fully supported her husband and son in the build. A big thank you to our friends who assisted us during the build and with the first flight preparation. Also the Vansairforce RV12 forum community for a wealth of information along the way.

A photo of our son and aircraft partner Neil Shay and his RV grin will be along in due course (Neil is currently working on the other side of Australia and missed the first flight.


           Andrew Shay
           [ ashay at ]


Date sent: Fri, 10 Oct 2014
Subject: First flight of RV-7A N5972C
From: James Palmer

After two years of construction, my RV-7A lifted off then runway on September 26th without any major issues. The right wing was just a little heavy and it also needed a small rudder trim tab. Both very minor issues.

The panel is a Dynon Skyview touchscreen with the Dynon: radio, intercom, transponder and two axis auto pilot. The Dynon system works perfect. It has a Lycoming 0-320 D2B 160 hp with a combo wood propeller
from Props Inc. Jeff at Props Inc. is extremely nice and easy to work with.

The plane has exceeded my expectations. I have been flying a Cherokee 180 for the past 8 years. After flying this RV, I cannot imagine flying the Cherokee again.

It is an awesome machine!!!! No words to describe how pleased I am and how much fun it is to fly. Special thanks to Ron Dobbs who flew the plane for me on the initial test flight.


           James Palmer
           [ jamestpalmer at ]


Date sent: Thu, 9 Oct 2014
Subject: RV-6A N763RV
From: John McLaughlin

RV-6A, N763RV broke ground on Sunday, April 5, 2014 at Boone, IA after 5 years and 11 months of construction (which included time out to rebuild a RV-7A and RV-10). Powered by a Lycoming 0-360C1G with an Airflow Performance fuel injection package and spinning a Whirlwind 74RV prop. Cruise power is revealing 172 ktas at 10.1 gph.

First flight was as expected with no issues with the engine or airframe. Flies fast and true like an RV should. Wrapping up configuration of IFR panel included Advanced Flight 4500, TruTrak autopilot and Garmin 430.

Thanks to the support of Keith Campbell and friends at W & C Aircraft in Boone, IA for facility rental and plenty of advice and encouragement along the way.


            John McLaughlin
            Chief Meteorologist, KCCI-TV Des Moines
            FAA Designated Pilot Examiner, Rotorcraft/Fixed Wing
            NRA Certified Firearms Instructor
            [ copterjohn at ]


From: Jesse Bentley
Subject: First flight N229Zulu
Date sent: Wed, 8 Oct 2014

When I first started building N229Zulu, I had no idea about the roller coaster ride I was going to be on during the 6 years it took to build it! (Nope, not "finished" quite yet. I'll be flying "naked" for a while.) Between purchasing the tail kit and making the first flight I acquired a new bride, a new home, a new dog, a new step daughter, 4 new grand babies, learned a bit of lawyering to defend myself pro se (successfully) against a 3 year law suit and grew 6 years older! Whew! I've learned that "airplane time" means [ take the amount of time you think an airplane related task will require and triple it ]. That'll get you close. Hence, 6 years versus the 2
I thought it would take.

The airplane has an IO360 built by Mattituck with fuel injection, dual P-Mags and horizontal induction. Prop is a Whirlwind 200RV with Jihistroj governor, custom leather seats from Classic Aero, carpet and glare shield pad by Abby at Flightline, Hooker harnesses, TrueTrak autopilot, a Garmin radio stack and an AF4500 from Advanced Flight Systems.

No substantial mods to speak of other than adding access doors to the bulkhead in front of the instrument panel.

Other than a bit of a heavy wing issue that we're still working though, the airplane performs well so far.

As I'm a low time pilot, and hadn't really flown at all for the past 7 years, I needed quite a bit of re-training to get my skills up to snuff and to earn a tail wheel endorsement and transition training, but it all worked out.

On July 20th, 2014, Jeff Point piloted the airplane on it's maiden flight. I flew with Glenn Bottsford in his RV-7 as chase. It was kind of surreal seeing the fruits of my labor actually flying! All went well. On September 27th, "I" was finally ready, and made MY first flight! I was nervous, but all went well………except for the really bad landing! Oh well, they've improved since then and the airplane remains usable!

Many thanks to my lovely wife for supporting me and putting up with my frequent absence at the end, all my friends who supported me, my brother Tom who was my biggest cheerleader and a big thank you to Jeff Point who has been my tech counselor, test pilot and flight advisor, and of course thanks to Doug Reeves for making the VAF possible and all the folks that provided knowledge along the way.

Here's a link to My first flight. Number 8 for the airplane.


            Thank You,
            Jesse Bentley
            [ JesseB at ]


Date sent: Tue, 7 Oct 2014
Subject: First flight
From: C. Michael Hendricks

120LL (Kit 120118) made it's first flight on September 17at Frederick, Maryland. Only minor squawks. Ailerons perfect. Needs small wedge on rudder Everything in the green on the engine. Now have seven hours on it.

Thanks for a great kit and good support.

           Mike Hendricks
          [ michael.hendricks at ]


Date sent: Mon, 06 Oct 2014
From: John
Subject: 8838 on the Hobbs

Hello Vans, It looks like kit number 70312 for the RV-7's has FINALLY FLOWN! Kit 70312 broke the surly bonds of Earth yesterday, October 5, 2014!

I started the tail in August of 2004 and fully expected it to be such poor workmanship that I would have to throw it away. As it turned out it is usable! I kept on pounding rivets and ordering parts. With the
assistance from local builders and the online communities I was able to finish and fly my dream airplane!

I installed a Mattituck engine, Hartzell Prop, G3i Ignition, a G3X Panel and VPX Electrical System. It all weighed in at a svelte 1109 pounds and is very functional. It all went together as planned and flies GREAT!

Thank you to all who helped, to Van and everyone in the office there. Perhaps I will see you all at the Homecoming soon!?!


          John Sannizzaro
          Plymouth, MA
          [ jsannizzaro at ]


From: Indra
Date sent: Wed, 1 Oct 2014
Subject: RV-7 First Flight kit #73981

After 2 Years and 7 months of building my RV-7 I finally took the first flight on September 27th 2014 at
Cibubur (w18) at 0635.

It is easy to fly, what a great experience.

Thank You Vans Aircraft for a great aircraft. Also many thanks to Asia Aero Club, Mr. Erris, Mr. Bagas, Mr. Robbert Cau, Mr. Teddy h, Mr. Basuki, Mr. Tikno, and Mr. Rile n, Mr. PLN Milan who did an excellent job.
Thank You for your support.

Upon T/O The aircraft has ZFW 1049,5 Lbs With CG 81, 20 Gal Of fuel, & 176 Lbs Of pilot weight.


            [ pks067 at ]


Subject: First flight RV-8 VH-VBN Port Macquarie Australia.
From: robert needham [ ansonneedham at ]
Date sent: Thu, 25 Sep 2014



From: Brent Owen
Subject: First Flight RV-9A (Raver)
Date sent: Wed, 24 Sep 2014

Hi from York PA.

I flew my RV-9A for its first flight on 9/7/14. The takeoff was shorter, rate of climb brisk and handling better than I had expected.
It flew straight and balanced from the start. I haven’t explored the full flight regime, but it seems to be performing well up too

It has a Lycoming IO320 by Aerosport, dual GRT EFIS and GRT EIS with a Garmin 430W and Trutrac autopilot.

As far as I can see it is a perfectly straight forward, honest aircraft. I am delighted with it.


          Brent Owen
          [owen2 at]


From: Owen Mihalop
Subject: RV-8 First Flight
Date sent: Wed, 24 Sep 2014

On Tuesday 23rd September 2014, RV-8 #82943 G-RVOM made its first flight at Perranporth Airfield in the UK. There were no major issues and she climbed away beautifully but the flight had to be cut short when the oil door popped open!

Many thanks to Stefan Heale, who is undertaking the test flying, Shawn Ingram for all his help during the build, Mike Hanley my build inspector and my wife Anne for putting up with it all over the last 5 years.


           Many thanks,
           Owen Mihalop
           Truro, UK
           [ omihalop at ]


Subject: RV-12 First Flight
From: Deene Ogden
Date sent: Tue, 23 Sep 2014

I flew my new RV-12, N399AD for the first time on Sept 10, 2014 at KGTU, Georgetown. All went well with
Stu McCurdy of Falcon Fight flying chase.

Many thanks to my friends, my wife Anna and DAR Mel Asberry for their support and help.


            Deene Ogden
            Builder #120600
            [ deeneogden at ]


Subject: first flight
From: Oliver Spatscheck
Date sent: Tue, 23 Sep 2014

RV-8 (#83177) N-2EQ made its first flight today. Flys straight and climbs well with all instruments in the green.

Still grinning now...

          [ oliverspatscheck at ]


Date sent: Tue, 23 Sep 2014
Subject: N898TT RV-8 first flight
From: Andy Karmy

Here's my first flight report to add to the counter. Saturday Sept 20th I successfully completed the first flight on my new RV-8. This was my second RV and I tried to use all the learnings from the first one to make this one even better. Powered by an Aerosport Carbed 0-360 with a Catto 3-blade prop and a few other aftermarket parts brought the empty weight in at a nice light 1035! It flys beautifully and with careful attention to alignment and trailing edge geometry flew hands off balanced on the first flight. This was a standard kit, and it took me 14 months to complete. My 9A was 18 months so the learnings helped a bit. Thanks to Van's for the great kits that are always improving, to my family for indulging my "hobby" (this is my 4th homebuilt) and all my friends at EAA326 in Puyallup WA for their help and encouragement.

Here's a link to the first flight video


            Andy Karmy
            Auburn WA
            RV-8 83363 N898TT
            [ andy.karmy at ]


From: John Siebold
Subject: First Flight
Date sent: Thu, 18 Sep 2014

Oh, yeah, #72413, another RV-7, first flew in January, 2014. Number five for me. Seems I'm never satisfied. This ship is 2020 compliant. The pilot can select the Trio Pro Pilot's info source from GTN650, GX3, or GPS795. Normal operation is referencing the 650, no button-pushing required on the EFIS. My philosophy is fewer chances to screw up with minimal button-pushing. The 795 repeats the 650 track for a big screen presentation and weather, traffic, chart, blah, blah, overlay. Or it can be isolated to stand alone. Meanwhile, the EFIS remains in it's PFD mode with HSI. A SL-40 is typically used for comm; simpler to operate than the 650 and no chance of messing up its nav screens. (Do you get the idea I don't care for button-pushing?) Everything can operate independent of everything else with it's own control head, no losing one box taking down another, with the exception of the remote GTX23ES which the EFIS controls. Everything not having to do with flight is monitored/displayed by a JPI740. Power train is an IO-375-B1B from Aero Sport Power, 9.6:1 compression, dual P-mags, RSA fuel injection, twisting a Whirl Wind 74RV prop. Jugs were flowed and ported by LyCon. The engine is quite strong, having to significantly increase static low pitch beyond WW's 180hp setting, so the prop doesn't overspeed before the governor can catch it. Gascolators at each wing root and a EFII pump mounted immediately aft of the firewall yield a nearly flat floor from the fuel selector forward.


           John Siebold
           Boise, ID
           [ oceanbrave02 at ]


From: rv7a.builder
Subject: First Flight
To: Gus at Van's

Hi Gus,

Today at 6:30 am I slipped the surly bonds of earth with my RV-7A for the first time. Plane behaved perfectly well for the short flight over Chino Airport.

It has been 12 years since I ordered the tail kit so I guess this might be a record for the slowest quick build kit? Other than last week during my transition training I had never been in a flying RV but I can tell you it is great!  

I want to thank Vans for a great design and you personally for answering most of my questions during the building process. Can't wait for the next flight?


          John Robinson RV-7A #70840
          Phase 1 test flying underway
          [ rv7a.builder at ]


Thanks for the e-mails.

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