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From: Roger Heisdorffer
Subject: Finally got the paint done..
Date sent: Sun, 4 May 2014

RV-9A, Serial 90502, N942P, first flew in Dec. 2013. Finally got the paint done..

Panel has two Skyview screens with Dynon’s com, intercom, transponder, auto pilot, and ADSB.


           Roger Heisdorffer
           [rogerkwh at ]


From: Tom Callender
Subject: RV-9 1st flight
Date sent: Wed, 30 Apr 2014

Van's team,

Pleased to report successful first flight Dec 17th 2013 of RV-9 N793TJ at Sugar Valley airport 5NC2, Mocksville NC. Performance as expected, except little heavy left wing. Pictures taken by Deborah Leighton. Good job, thanks.

Engine is ECi OX-320-B4 kit, assembled by Lester, Bob, Louie and myself. Big thanks guys and to everyone who helped complete the project. Engine equipped w/one Slick, and one E-mag . Prop is wood/carbon fiber 68 x 76 by Prince Aircraft Co. Panel has some round gauges and Dynon D180 EFIS/EMS. Trio EZ Pilot and Trio Altitude control. IC-A210 radio and Bendix-King transponder. Empty weight painted is 1025 lbs.

Thanks to Van's for a well designed kit that makes a beautiful airplane.


          Tom Callender
          [ tcallender at ]


From: The Maker Technician
Date sent: Mon, 28 Apr 2014
Subject: First flight Vans RV-6


I would just like to report that Vans RV-6 # 21429 has completed its first flight on Friday 25/04/2014.

I have been building this RV-6 for just over 2 years after purchasing the kit from another builder.

Perth, Western Australia (Bindoon airfield)
AJ Wessels
o-320 E2D (160HP) with fixed sensenich 79 prop
MGL avionics EFIS, radio, transponder
2 axis auto pilot
Aviator interior

Complete RV-7 tail feathers.

Video of the first flight

Thanks for such a wonderful kit, she performs just as advertised.


           AJ Wessels
          [ technician at ]


Subject: RV-10 N814PD 1st Flight
From: Pete
Date sent: Tue, 22 Apr 2014

On Sunday, April 13th, 2014, N814PD took the skies above KRYY on its maiden voyage, flown by Pete Dillard.
Many thanks to Brian Unrein, Chris Sands, DAR Vic Syracuse, Keith Ward, and many others who made this project become a real flying RV-10. Words cannot express the thrill and excitement of making this 1st flight a reality.

N814PD is an incredibly capable airplane, and I look forward to many years of family fun.


          RV grins to all,
          Pete Dillard
          RV-10 N814PD
          Phase1 4.8hrs
          [ dillardpete at ]


From: Sunit Wahi
Subject: First Flight D-ESVM, RV-9A
Date sent: Sun, 20 Apr 2014

Dear Vans Team,

Herewith, we are reporting the successful first flight of our RV-9A that was accomplished on 19/04.

After the first flight was done by the test pilot Rolf, who is a professional flight inspector, the two of us (the builders: father Vinod & son Sunit) lifted her up and got airborne.

Thanks to all the supporters, first our family and of course the fantastic global Vans Society! This has been a long project for us (8 years, 24 days) and a fantastic one as well, father and son building the plane.

RV-9A, tip-up, EFIS/EMS, Autopilot, based in EDHS (Stade, next to Hamburg, Germany).


          Blue Skies….
          Vinod & Sunit
          [ Sunit.Wahi at ]


From: Randy Pflanzer
Subject: First Flight
Date sent: Fri, 18 Apr 2014

Just a quick note to let you know that my RV-12, N417E, serial number 120711, made its first flight yesterday April 17, 2014. Veteran RV builder and friend of Dick and Jerry, Jim Winings, was at the controls. Heavy left wing and need for right rudder trim were the only issues noted.

I flew it for the first time this morning. Again, everything was great.

Thank you for a wonderful airplane. I am really looking forward to getting around the country in this now that I am retired.

           Blue Skies,
           Randy Pflanzer
           Martinsville, IN.
           [ pilot at ]


Date sent: Tue, 15 Apr 2014
Subject: RV-10 2014 N824E First Flight
From: Bill Thomasson

RV-10 with standard engine/prop. Aerosport panel and overhead console. 1 Mag, 1 Lightspeed ignition. G3X, GTN 650, VP-X and Approch FastStack for wiring.

All slow built kits. Did all the building, wiring and paint myself. About 50 hrs of helpers, and 2350hr for the build 450hr for the paint. Build took 3 years 1 month and 16 days.

First flight on March 30, 2 weeks after moving to airport. Plane flew great! Now have 3.4 hr and hope to accelerate flight testing this month.


           Bill Thomasson
           Suwanee Ga.
           [ bill at ]


From: Stanley M.Ruggles
Subject: First Flight N9MV, Cortez Colorado
Date sent: Tue, 15 Apr 2014

RV-12 - N9MV flew first time Saturday, 4-12-14 at CEZ, Cortez Colorado, #120308. Its ELSA with all options. First time builders Johnny Warren and Marty Ruggles, worked 4 years to complete.

Would like to thank all of the Vans staff, Dwight Chamberlin for talking us into the Vans aircraft and loaning us tools and help, also thanks to Jeff Buchanan, pilot on first flight and will be doing phase 1 testing. Jeff said the left wings heavy and needs right rudder shim. We are happy! Also thanks to Mitch Kidd for the beautiful paint. Lots of grins at CEZ last Saturday.


           Stanley M.Ruggles
           [Stanley.Ruggles at ]


From: Kurt Wooten
Subject: RV-9A First Flight Report
Date sent: Tue, 15 Apr 2014


I'm pleased to report that my RV-9A, N425KW (kit number 91970), successfully and safely made its first flight today.

I'm still processing the fact that I flew an airplane I built in my garage. It still seems surreal.

Thanks for a great design and a great kit. I look forward to many thousands of hours in the air and many fabulous destinations with my wife, who can't wait for me to fly off the Phase I hours.

            Kurt Wooten
           [krw5927 at ]


From: Wayne Pedersen
Subject: First flight C-GOOH
Date sent: Tue, 15 Apr 2014

RV-10 C-GOOH put its nose into the wind and roared off into the sky for the 1st time Friday April 11th. IO-540, 2 blade Hartzell prop, Aerotronics G3X & GTN 750 glass panel, Dual Lightspeed ignitions & a Flightline interior made this a complete aircraft.

Only thing left is the paint, but I figure that I’m going to fly it for a while then let the painter remove the bugs :-)

BIG thanks to Doug & Susan Murray for their great work &assistance. Now the hard choice will be….fly
my -10 or the -7 eh?

Keep building, its worth it !


          Wayne Pedersen
          Rocky Mountain House, AB
          [waynepedersen4 at ]


From: Dawie Van Staden
Subject: ZU-ISC Kit73761
Date sent: Fri, 11 Apr 2014

ZU-ISC RV-7A Kit#: 73761 Flew it’s maiden flight on 1 Feb 2014 at Kitty-Hawk South-Africa
The RV-7A has a 180HP Superior IO-360 fitted with Dual Plasma III elctronic ignition and a Hartzell prop.
Avionics consist of MGL iEfis Explorer and V6 radio. Transponder is a Becker Mode S. MGL auto-pilot is also fitted.

She flies like all RV’s ! Beautiful !!!

This was my second built! Aircraft is owned and operated by my Brother in Law, Francois Vetter.


          Regards Dawie Van Staden
          Centurion, South-Africa
         [ dawie1970 at ]


Date sent: Thu, 10 Apr 2014
Subject: N184RM 2013 RV-8
From: Chris Michael

N184RM RV-8 81124
First Flight June 12 2013 1.5 hrs greatest hour and a half ever
Showplanes cowling, Grove gear
Lycon IO-360 roller technology, Hartzell C/S, superior cold air induction, Electroair ignition
Dynon Flightdek 180, Dynon autopilot, Dynon heated pitot and AOA, Garmin 300XL GPS/Com, Garmin 796
This aircraft is a pilots dream. Aircraft has about 60 hours on it now and plans for the paint shop are being made. Best decision I ever made.


           Chris Michael
           [ n184rm at ]


Subject: RV-7 first flight April 6th, 2014
From: Robert Cox
Date sent: Tue, 8 Apr 2014

N109bj, IO360 from Lycon, Vasalia, CA, MT three blade prop, James cowl with plenum, extended range fuel tanks, Stein Air Garmin glass panel, Classic Aero interior.

Three and half years of building and she flies great! Thanks for all of the mentoring and help Chuck Brietigam!


           Bob Cox
           [robertcox11 at ]


From: Jean Pierre HUCHET
Subject: First flight RV7 F-PJPH
Date sent: Sun, 6 Apr 2014

Hi team Van’s

April 02th 2014 RV-7 F-PJPH
IO-360 M1B Propeller 3 blade VALEX
Double Dynon Skyview 1000
Vertical Power Pro
Classic Aero interior

I made my first flight in my completed RV-7, after 6 years of building kit number 73145, it was a perfect day. Some perform 3000ft, 175kts / 2450Rpm in descend 200ft by minute, the duration of this flight 50 minute.

You can see on the photo, my wife, kids and friends. Thankfully I have a wonderful wife and kids that supported the project throughout.

Thanks to Van's for a fantastic design and support!


          Jean Pierre HUCHET
          [ jean-pierre.huchet at ]


Date sent: Thu, 03 Apr 2014
From: Chuck Brietigam
Subject: N58WJ

Today at the Caldwell Industrial Airport, Caldwell, Idaho, Don Suggs flew his "snail" built RV-6 for the first time.

The RV-6 plans and kit (kit number 21739) were purchased in 1991 but due a a myriad of challenges along life's way, the build process encountered several set backs. But, tenacity prevailed, and the red, white and blue Six was airborne after twenty-three years of construction. This is probably not the longest build time to date, but I would imagine it's close to it!!

Powered by a Lycoming O-360 and Hartzell constant speed propeller N58WJ performed just like all the other
RV---very nicely.

Thank you Mr. Van!!!

For Don, Chuck Brietigam
[ ctbrietigam at ]

From: Don Suggs
Date sent: Mon, 7 Apr 2014

A huge thanks to fellow rv owners. Darrell Kubik and Chuck Brietigam. Without their encouragement and assistance this airplane would still be unfinished and collecting dust.


         Don Suggs
         [ dsuggs at ]


From: Klaus Voußem
Subject: First flight RV-10
Date sent: Sun, 30 Mar 2014

Vans RV-10
cust. nr. 41045
engine: Lycoming O-540
prop: 3-blade MTV-12B constant speed
license: Germany D-ERVT

We started building 1 of May 2010. On the 17th of December 2013 the RV 10 had its first flight.

There were some minor problems like trimming the ailerons and speed range of the prop, but no serious ones. The problems were easily solved.

Now the plane has about 20 hours in the air and we are very content with the flight quality. The behavior in the air is very good.

Special thanks to Wilhelm Gerads, who took the most efforts of building!


          Klaus Voußem
          [ kvoussem at ]


From: Dennis Winkel
Subject: RV-8A first flight
Date sent: FRI, 28 Mar 2014

On March 8th, 2014, RV-8A N80WD, s/n 82449 took to the air for the first time after 24 months and 800 hrs of love and labor. The plane was a quick build kit another builder had partially completed and decided not to complete because of family commitments. N80WD is powered by a mid-time 180 horsepower O-360-A4A, turning a 68 inch Catto 3 blade propeller. The EFIS is a MGL extreme, the radio a MGL V-6, the transponder a Narco AT50A, the GPS for now is a Lowrance 600, the altimeter and air speed combination gage is a MGL ASX-2 and rounding out the gages a round Hobbs meter. The plane has wingtip landing, taxi, strobe and position lights along with a tail mounted combination position and strobe light. The plane will be flying naked for at least this summer until I get my flying fix filled. I need to make up for being without a plane for the past two years.

This is my 3rd RV the first two being a RV-6A and a RV-3. The RV-8A handles similar to the RV-6A but doesn’t seem to pull to the left on takeoff like the 6 or the 3. Other than a few small instrument and radio adjustment squawks the plane flew and landed just like I expected. Now I need to work on flying off the rest of the 40 test hours and familiarize myself with this great little airplane.


           Dennis Winkel
           [ dwtooldesign at ]


From: Paul & Kitty Eeds
Subject: No. 120506 First Flight
Date sent: Wed, 26 Mar 2014

After three years of construction, Van's RV-12 Serial No. 120506 made it's first flight on Monday 3-24-2014.

All went well.

Paul Eeds
[ peeds at ]


Date sent: Mon, 24 Mar 2014
From: Matthew Lorenz
Subject: RV-7A N721AM First Flight

RV-7A S/N 73554 flew for the first time Saturday March 22, 2014 from Bartow Airport (KBOW). Everything worked great with a slightly heavy left wing, which could have been my 195lb body.
The airplane was built from a slow build kit over 4 years and 7 months. It's powered by a Lycoming O-360 (Overhauled to "New" Specs by Matana Aviation Group) with Dual PMags and a Whirlwind 200RV prop. Avionics are a Dynon Skyview suite with a GNS430 GPS/NAV/COM, Dynon A/P, PS Engineering Audio Panel / Garmin GTR Radio . All power is controlled by a Vertical Power VP-X. Empty weight came in at 1083lbs.


           3 Videos :

           Matthew Lorenz
           Lakeland, FL
           [ skypilotusa at ]


From: Duren Jr, Ronald
Subject: RV-7 first flight
Date sent: Mon, 24 Mar 2014

On March 16th, 2014, RV-7 N531R, s/n 73536 took to the air for the first time after 59 months and 2800 hrs of love and labor. The plane is powered by an IO-375-B1B Aerosport Power engine putting out 200hp, turning a large 77” WhirlWind 200G-CS prop. Dual Pmag’s give her spark and a Sam James cowl and plenum dress her up. The interior is a semi-custom Classic Aero Design aviator package in red leather. The EFIS is a Dynon 10” SkyView; supporting avionics include a Garmin GDU-375, GDL-39, SL40 and PS Engineering PAR100EX. A vertical power VPX-Pro keeps the electricity under control.

She has a heavy left wing, but the engine and prop were as smooth as silk. Control harmony was exactly what you would expect from a Van’s aircraft. The main squawks from the first flight were avionics bugs. The landing didn't score any style points, but I was happy to be down safe. My RV grin didn't start until after the adrenaline wore off, which took a few minutes…it was a day I wont ever forget. Paint date is set for May 1st at GLO Custom in Texas. Come by and see “Wablosa” at OSH14!

First Flight Blog with First Flight Video:

Ron Duren Jr
[ Ronald.DurenJr at ]


Date sent: Wed, 19 Mar 2014
From: Greg Blanck
Subject: First Flight - RV-8 N84GN

RV-8 S/N 83151 flew for the first time Saturday May 15th 2014 from Hollister Airport (KCVH). Everything worked great with just a slightly heavy right wing to report. It will be based at San Carlos, CA (KSQL) once out of phase 1.

The airplane was built from a quick build over the path 3 years and 3 months. It's powered by an Aerosport Power IO-375 with Dual PMags and a Whirlwind 200RV prop. It sports a tinted canopy from Todd's and interior from Flightline Interiors. Avionics are a two-screen G3x suite with a GTN650 GPS/NAV/COM, Trutrak GX Pilot AP, PS Engineering PAR100EX intercom/com2 and a Dynon D-10A backup EFIS. All power is controlled by a VP-X. Empty weight came in at 1128lbs.

More info and (eventually) first flight videos will be posted to my builders log at:


           Greg Blanck
           Redwood City, CA
           [ gblanck at ]


From: Steven Howell
Subject: First Flight
Date sent: Wed, 19 Mar 2014

After more than 13 years of on and off building RV-6A slow build N893SH and builder number 25883 finally took to the sky on 3/14/14 from Wiley Post airport in Oklahoma City (KPWA). What an amazing plane, building process, and learning experience.

First flight went without any issues at all – not even a heavy wing. Much thanks to the whole crew at Vans, Mike Seager, Vans Airforce, my EAA technical counselors, EAA Chapter 24, a very understanding wife, and everyone else that helped along the way.

RV-6A with a Lycoming 0-360, fixed pitch Sensenich prop, dual screen G3X and a GTN 650.


          Thank You,
          Steven Howell 25883
          [ Steven.Howell at ]


Thanks for the e-mails.

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