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From: Peter
Subject: First flight report
Date sent: Sunday, November 05, 2017

Not sure if you where ever informed about my first flight

RV6 serial number 24049 airborne November 1999.

O-320 D2J 160 Hp with aymar demuth prop.

Engine was used from local flying club with 2350 hours, flew it for another 1600 hours, compression still 78/80 when sold.

                Regards Peter


From: Steven Pofahl
Subject: belated first flight report
Date sent: Saturday, November 04, 2017

RV8A #80752 (N84ME) flew for the first time on Oct. 19, 2015 with no issues. After 2 years and 200 hours it has met my expectations in every way.

A note on my tail number: I was determined to build this plane to MY specification, as opposed to how other people thought and told me it should configured and equipped. Hence the "8 4 ME" tail number.

                Steve Pofahl
                Brookings, SD


From: bs_racing
Subject: RV-6 N641S first flight
Date sent: Friday, November 03, 2017

rv-6 # 25688 finally flew nov 2nd 2017. Plane flew awsume at the hands of Jason Somes, caf pilot at. camarillo ca. N641S is equipted with 036-a1a, whirlwind rv 200 prop, duel dynon sv 7000, icom a210,garmin 240,garmin trans. Weight came in at an amazing1028 lbs. Its painted with ppg concept and nason tangear orange. The grin was huge and I was'nt even the one flying her. Thanks to vans for a life time dream come true.

                SCOTT MANNING


From: Gunter
Subject: Completion Report
Date sent: Thursday, November 02, 2017

I'd like to belatedly add another RV-8 completion to the Van's Hobbs meter. After 13 years of enjoyable construction, slow-build kit number 81515 completed its first flight on June 19, 2015.

Performance and handling are everything I was looking for. Van's design truly brings the concept of sports car in the sky to life!!

C-GMGO has a Mattituck IO360 M1B engine, with inverted systems, and dual LSE ignition. I've also been pleased with the lightweight Whirlwind 200RV prop. Avionics comprise dual GRT Horizon displays, TruTrak autopilot, and Garmin GNS430W, GMA240, SL40, and GTX327.

As others have found, flying an RV-8 really does bring out the RV grin on every flight!

                Gunter Malich
                Waterloo, Ontario, Canada


From: Bob Willaford
Subject: First flight RV-9 N49BW
Date sent: Wednesday, November 01, 2017

I flew my RV-9 for the first time on October 12th 2017. I started on the tail section almost 10 years ago. I really enjoyed building such beautiful aircraft. The kit and instructions were easy to follow and build. There was a lot of time that I was unable to work on my project but when work and family allowed I pushed on.

The first flight was uneventful. After flying a friends RV-7 for over 100 hours I felt that my first flight would be just another flight. The RV-9 flew without any complaints. The ball stayed in the cage even during turns. A clean and dirty stall was smooth with a quick recovery. After an hour of turns and slow flight I landed. This was not just another flight, it was a proud moment after building and flying such an awesome aircraft.

                Bob Willaford


From: Bill Albright
Subject: First Flight Report
Date sent: Tuesday, October 31, 2017

N975GP, a RV-9A made its first flight on August 11, 2017. The flight went smoothly except for some high cylinder head temps. A carbureted Lycoming O-320 with a Catto two blade prop is up front. The plane was a quick build, but still took me almost ten years to complete. It has dual Garmin G3X's, GNS400W, GTR 200, and GMC 305. I've had it up to 17,500 feet over the Rockies here and love the performance. Just need to get those fairings and wheel pants on now (plus paint, lights, etc).

                Bill Albright
                Montrose, CO
                S/N 90975


From: Sarah M B
Subject: First Flight Report
Date sent: Tuesday, October 31, 2017


We wanted to share that our E-AB RV-12 has been flying for the past 2 months or so. It only took 6 years to build, but then again, building is half the fun.

The plane has about 50 hrs so far, and has performed wonderfully! Our little 'redbird' has a Viking 110 engine which has worked very well for us so far. We also have a custom VFR panel with two ipads and a mini-efis that helps monitor the engine. The ipads talk to a wifi enabled pitot-static / ahrs / gps / ads-b system that provides great situational awareness in the crowded skies around Southern California.

We are having lots of fun as you can see from the 'RV' grins!

                Kind Regards,
                Sarah and Erinn Banks


From: Allison Knupp
Subject: First Flight Report
Date sent: Monday, October 30, 2017

More than a little bit late to the party, but our RV-7, S/N 73733 completed first flight on Jan 31, 2013. N418AK took just under two years for my partner Rick Aldrich and I to put together, and I flew the first flight in Mojave, CA. Big thank you to Mike Melvill for flying chase and Phillip Grassa for helping with the build.

N418AK is running a TMX-IO-360 with Lightspeed ignition and a fixed pitch Sensenitch prop. The panel has AFS avionics and a Garmin radio stack.

Rick and I had an excellent celebratory flight together after our 40hrs were flown off! We have flown over 200 hrs so far and it's still just as fun as day one!

                Allison Knupp


From: Robert Marshall
Subject: RV6A
Date sent: Monday, October 30, 2017

I can't remember if I informed you that I was flying or not??

Anyway, just in case you don't know about me and my RV here is the info:

Robert Marshall, Builder # 25621

N364BT first flew 11/12/13. Hangered at Santa Maria KSMX

So far, over 300 hours on HOBBS.

I have dual 10" Dynon Touch Screens with Garmin GTN 650 for an all glass panel (Dynon D6 for 6-pack backup), autopilot, Lyc. O-360 with Sensenich Prop.

I think this is a great cross country airplane-very fast (I flight plan for 160 knots cruise) and well set up for IFR including coupled approaches.

                GREAT PLANE, Thanks Dick,


From: Simon Hitchen
Subject: First Flight
Date sent: Sunday, October 29, 2017

After a longer than planned build time, RV-7 C-FCSH finally took to the air on October 25th/2017. Everything went as planned and expected, total air time only 40 minutes to an uneventful landing.

Only issue is a heavy left wing that was easily trimmed out and will be fixed shortly. I flew an additional 6 hours on the 26th and 27th. What a fantastic little airplane! With 190 HP it really moves and is a joy to fly. Totally agree with the philosophy of keeping it as light as possible. Just love this plane! All the hard work was worth it, such a great and enjoyable journey.

C-FCSH is an RV-7 tip-up with a Titan IO-360, Vetterman trombone exhaust, Dynon Skyview and Garmin radios. I went with a fixed pitch Sensenich prop and kept it nice and light at 1068 pounds.

I painted the aircraft myself with DuPont Matrix base/clear paint over the period of a year.

                Simon Hitchen


From: Rich Bohnsack
Subject: First Flight - RV-7
Date sent: Saturday, October 28, 2017

Empennage kit received in Jan 2001 for an RV-6. Van's introduced the RV-7 about two months later so I transitioned to RV-7. First flight occurred on July 31, 2015. (Construction was slowed by work/travel requirements. Hard to build an airplane when you spend 4 - 5 nights a week in a hotel.) Equipped with a YO-360 engine and Hartzell C/S prop. Avionics includes Dynon Skyview system with dual screens and autopilot, Garmin GTN 650 GPS and comms , as well as Dynon backup GPS.

Good airplane that was fun to fly until FAA pulled medical at 81 hours.

(Be aware that it can still happen.) Aircraft sold - buyer got a very good deal. Excellent support from Steinair and Van's Aircraft except for somewhat limited hours of tech support. From Van's.

Would I do it again? Not on your life!

                Rich Bohnsack
                Manlius, NY
                Kit # 70909
                rich.bohnsack at


From: Justin Serbent
Subject: First Flight
Date sent: Friday, October 27, 2017

Van's Team,

First flight of N862JS was 12/10/2016. The kit number is 82756. I ordered the kit on my 45th birthday in 2007. I planned a five year build to coincide with my 50th birthday. I failed, but I had a blast building this aircraft. The empty weight is 1060 lbs. The aircraft is powered by a Mattituck IO-360 with P-mags and an Avstar throttle body. It all swings a Catto three bladed prop. Inside the cockpit is a Dynon SkyView system with a Garmin 430W and a Garmin SL40. A Trutrack Gemini is the back up PFD. Wheels and brakes are standard but the gear legs are from Grove gear. The tail wheel is from Screaming Eagle. The interior was done by Flightline Interiors.

I would like to thank my wife Chris for buckets of patience and Van's for a great kit and support. I had lots of build help, Noah, Steve, Keith, Dave, and Hank to name a few. A special thanks goes out to the guys at Dust n' Run paint shop, Greg and Mike. One more special thanks goes out to Scott for flight testing my RV. In a bit of irony I lost my medical two months prior to the RV getting it's airworthiness certificate. Scott has kept her flying while I work on getting back in the air.

                Justin Serbent


From: Eric Gromala
Subject: First Flight Report
Date sent: Saturday, October 28, 2017

RV6A, N-51EG kit #21214 This plane was kept to Vans lightweight design, Engine is an O-320 with a Sensenich metal prop, 1003 Lbs. I would like to thank Chuck Newman for taking me on my first RV ride. He got me hooked, answered all my builder questions and "forced" me to get my Private pilot license and the RV6A.

On June 26th N51EG took her first flight, slight loss of power about a half hour into the flight (problem with right mag), when returning to the field, the Impulse coupling lets go in the left mag. Good time to be at 5K above the runway. She could still make a little power on the right mag but had a bad case of hiccups and would cough once in a while. A successful landing puts that Vans smile back on your face. After rebuilt mags, stage one is done and no problems since first flight.

                Awesome plane, thanks Vans.
                Eric Gromala-Builder


From: Jon Elder
Subject: First Flight Report
Date sent: Saturday, October 28, 2017

Hello Vans Team,

Sorry about the late notice, however, following a two-year build, RV-10, VH-ORN, completed its maiden flight in Feb 2017 at Narromine, New South Wales, Australia, and has since logged up 70 hours flying my little family around the countryside.

  • RV-10 # 41589
  • Lycoming IO 540
  • Advanced Flight Systems IFR 'Quick Panel'

I owe much thanks to my Karin and Noa for their patience, and to Colin Crittendon, Ashley Miller and Jock Elder for their build assistance. Thanks too to the Vans teams for their professionalism throughout and especially the resourceful and patient Barbara Billman.

                Jon Elder


From: Ashley Miller
Subject: Fwd: First Flight update
Date sent: Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Hi Van's Team,

Could you please check if My Rv-10 has been reported as first flight,I do not remember if you were ever notified.
First Flight 14/07/2014

First flight was in Mackay,Australia, where after approx 3 years construction VH-XTE took to the skys in north Queensland.The aircraft has flown over 400 hrs to date and exceeded all expectations.

  • RV-10 #40597
  • Engine IO-540
  • Hartzell 2 Blade Prop
  • 4 Fuels tanks with 4 way selector
  • Airflow Airconditioning
  • Dynon Skyview Touch x 2
  • Garmin GTN750

Special thanks to my wife, Adrienne for sharing the dream with me.

Thanks to Vans for an awesome kit !!

Kind Regards,

                Ashley Miller


From: JSR B
Subject: first flight
Date sent: Thursday, October 26, 2017

I heard you're looking for unreported first flights. RV-4 SN 4463 first flew in October of 2009. An O-360 and a Hartzell on the nose it pushes you back into your seat on take off, and pulling the prop into cruise it throws you back again until you're clipping along at a breathtaking 190 mph. I used a Rotec throttle body, steam gauges, and Oregon Aero seats. Painted it myself and took 6 years to have it completely finished.

                Joe Boisselle


From: Bill Hempel
Subject: RV-7 First Flight Report
Date sent: Monday, October 23, 2017

Hello Vans Aircraft.

I am happy to report RV-7 N17HB, serial #73687 is a completed and flown airplane as of October 19th 2017. This was a Standard kit purchased back in 2010 and was finally completed after several stop and goes on the construction. Finally, the last 9 months have been 5-7 days a week and it went quickly. Power is from a Lycoming AEIO-390X 210HP built by Barrett Precision Engines and is driven by a Hartzell Composite 74" CS propeller. Vetterman 4-pipe Exhaust, Dual Dynon D1000 screens and a custom CF instrument panel by AeroSport Products. Aircraft weight came in at 1092 pounds. Transitional Training provided by Michael Seager and I cannot thank Mike enough for his knowledge and tutelage on "how" to fly an RV! He taught me a lot and made flying this airplane much more enjoyable as I get used to it. There have been no issues at all during the test flight and Phase I, so far. Below pictures are of the test flight with myself and Mike enjoying the 1.3 hour test flight. This project would not have been completed without the help from Paul Reavis. Thank you Paul for all the time and help you gave me teaching me along the way. After 4 days of flying we now have 9.1hrs TT. :) Most of my build thread is here on my FB page:

                Bill Hempel
                Tucson, Arizona


From: Darrell DeBoard
Subject: First flight of N470D serial #73468
Date sent: Monday, October 23, 2017


Sorry for late report, N470D took 5yrs. Slow build to complete. Friend and test pilot Larry Beck first flew her on July,23,2013. Since then I have accumulated 290hrs.and have loved every minute. Building and flying my own plane is truly an unforgettable experience. I parked her for 2 months this spring to splash some paint on it.

  • *Superior IO360, roller lifters, cold air induction
  • *Hartzell blended C/S
  • *Grt. Sport
  • *Tru Trac vision auto pilot

                Darrell DeBoard


From: Brian D. Wendt
Date sent:

N772RW was a father-son project started in November of 2009, and first flight occurred on the morning of 19 October 2017. She was built from an RV-8 slow-build kit with a ShowPlanes fastback and tip-over canopy modification. The powerplant consists of a 180-hp Lycoming YIO-360-M1B turning an aluminum Hartzell 74-in blended airfoil prop. Avionics include a Garmin G3X Touch system with two-axis autopilot and AOA indexer, a Garmin GTN 625 GPS navigator, and a Vertical Power VP-X Sport controlling the electrical system.

First flight was uneventful, and the airplane flew like a dream! She leapt off the runway in no time at all, control harmony was perfect, and only a light touch was required to command a change in any axis. I'm looking forward to many years of fabulous flying and grand adventures.

Thanks to our amazing EAA Tech Counselor, Tom Olson, for all of his help and advice along the way. And of course, thanks to Dad -- I couldn't have done it without you!

                Brian D. Wendt


From: Bob & Deborah Giesbrecht
Subject: First Flight
Date sent: Saturday, October 21, 2017

I have enclosed a submission for a recent completion for the Van's Hobbs Meter.

Bob Giesbrecht's RV14A S/N 140066

RV-14A, C-FAXO, took its maiden flight on October 14, 2017, with friend Bill Funk at the controls. C-FAXO has a Lycoming IO-360 engine with 10:1 pistons and a roller cam turning a constant speed Hartzell 2 blade propeller. The Garmin panel was built by Steinair and includes 2 - G3X touch screens, GTX 45R transponder, GTR 20 and GTR 200 coms, GMA 245 audio panel, 625 GPS navigator, GMC 307 auto pilot, G5 EFIS, and a VPX pro system. The slow build kit was a real pleasure to build. I would like to thank my wife Deborah for her encouragement and support. Thank you to my friends Bill Funk and Mervin Friesen for the extra hands when needed, Mark Elste of Dyno Power for the custom engine, John Funk for the paint, RT Signs for the graphics, and Classic Aero for the interior.

After 4 years in the shop, I am looking forward to some great flying hours.

                Bob and Deborah Giesbrecht,
                EAA 172500; Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada


From: James Gries
Subject: First Flight RV-12 S/N 120704 N686MJ
Date sent: Friday, October 20, 2017

Dear Van's;

10/20/2017- This morning, a little after 7:00 I took off from Marana Regional Airport (KAVQ) on the first flight of my RV-12. The airplane flew flawlessly! I can't imagine a better flying airplane. After reviewing my build log I discovered that I starting organizing and clearing out the gargage on 10/20/2012, exactly five years ago today.

First flight was supported by Tito 'Angel' Sanchez and Gary Wood, both RV-12 builders, flyers and great friends. I'd also like to thank flight instructor Kevin Wetteralt of Flying Cacti, LLC, located at the Glendale airport, Glendale Arizona, for the excellent transition training. Last but not least, thanks to Van's for the outstanding support throughout the entire build and certification process!

                I'm one happy guy!
                Jim Gries


From: Mark Hansen
Subject: First Flight #72074
Date sent: Thursday, October 19, 2017

I made the first flight of N896PS this morning (October 19th, 2017) from KGEZ in Shelbyville, Indiana. I now know what it feels like to leave the ground in a plane I built myself in my garage. Words cannot describe the feeling, but the attached picture of a genuine RV grin says a thousand words. I started building 13 years ago, and last year after an 8 year pause I decided it was time to order an IO-360-M1B with a Hartzell C/S prop from Van's. I took my son to Oshkosh last year for the first time with the goal of selecting an avionics package and I settled on the G3X Touch system. It's now a family decision to decide on the paint. My 8 year old daughter is voting for pink!

I want to thank Tom Berge for the transition training. Well worth the trip to Minnesota! Thanks to Larry Anderson as additional pilot. It was great to have someone with experience and an extra set of eyes sitting next to me. Especially thanks to my wife, Mindy, who has supported me and the project for so long!

Thank you, Van's!

                Mark Hansen
                Builder 72074
                Indianapolis, IN


From: Kevin Johnson
Subject: First Flight RV-7 S/N 71188
Date sent: Thursday, October 19, 2017


I starting construction of my RV-7 kit in 2003, and accomplished a wonderful and uneventful first flight on June 5, 2016. My goal throughout the build was to keep my plane light and simple and I am very happy with the way it turned out. Empty weight, painted in my garage with gear leg fairings and wheel pants, plus 8 quarts of oil is 1064lbs and the CG is 78.07. I kept the tail light by adding no accessory's or wiring aft of the flap motor and using an aftermarket composite tail wheel, and lightweight aluminum bushings that I fabricated. I traded my bat wing style wingtips for the old style and love them. I would like to thank Van for awesome engineering, my Dad for the aviation influence and flight instruction, my Fiance for being my rivet bucker, and my good friends in PYM. I picked their brains often whereas they were ahead of me in construction with there RV's. My advice to newbies is to build the plane and the systems that you want not what others want you to build. I couldn't imagine accomplishing the first flight without transition training and highly recommend Mike Seager. It has been great flying, and the longest cross country flight was to Oshkosh 2017. I have 302 hours on the hobbs as of 10/19/2017.

  • Mattituck TMX IO 360 red gold
  • Sensenich metal prop
  • Garmin G3X
  • SL-40 comm
  • GTX-327 Transponder
  • PPG concept single stage paint
  • Classic Aero CA seats
  • B&C Alternator

                Builder: Kevin Johnson
                RV-7 S/N 71188
                Re: First flight N45GJ


From: Tom Velvick
Subject: First Flight Vans RV-6a N53Kt
Date sent: Thursday, October 19, 2017

N53KT was started in 1999 and flew for the first time on July 8th, 2017. 1 to 2 hour flights were flown early every morning. 25 hours of flight time was accomplished on Friday July 20-th and my wife and I departed for Oshkosh the next day, Saturday morning. N53KT panel and engine was changed twice before flying. N53KT currently has a full Dynon panel with Dynon transponder, ADS-B and radio. Engine is a Lycoming 0-360-A1D with Hartzell C/S propeller. The airplane flew great to Oshkosh and back. The extra room and being able to sit in front and sharing flying duties was greatly appreciated by my wife, who had sat in back in the RV-4 on previous trips to Oshkosh.

                Thomas L Velvick


From: Jeremy Heidinger
Subject: First flight
Date sent: Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Very late report. 15 Oct 2016 N282RV Kit # 81892 Flew for the first time. I was wanting to send that perfect RV grin picture but never seem to find the time to find it in all the other pics of the day. The aircraft has about 70 hours on it now and fly's, well duh! Like an RV should! Fantastic! Lycoming 0-320 with a prince prop weights in just under 1050. "Caroline"(planes nick name) and I made our first trip to OSH17 this year after a long winter of not flying and a late start in the spring. A lot of 100LL was used in that process.

I saw on the Vans aircraft site a request for all first flights to be reported out on so the Hobbs can be accurate.

                Jeremy Heidinger
                Quality Inspector
                Constant Aviation


From: Mike Ruffatto
Subject: First Flight Report
Date sent: Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Dear Van's

N23AM, Serial #74167 RV-7 was started on 2/11/13. The first flight was on 8/28/16. The flight was uneventful. The experience was spectacular. I am truly grateful to be able to say I have built and flown my own airplane. I enjoyed the build process and hope to build again in the future. For now I'm having a blast flying the airplane and sharing the experience with friends and family. I have a good group of friends at my home airport of Morris, IL C09 that have helped, motivated and encouraged my passion for aviation. I look forward to taking the plane to Oshkosh in 2018. Here's some info on her:

  • Experimental Lycoming IO-360M1B
  • Hartzell C/S
  • Dynon Avionics
  • Classic Aero Interior
  • Vertical Power Electric
  • Aeroled lighting
  • Smoke system helper
  • Paint by HGWT Russ Ellis
  • 1120#

                Let the adventures begin!
                Mike Ruffatto


From: Scott DeMeyer
Subject: RV6A First flight 10-12-2017
Date sent: Sunday, October 15, 2017

Happy to report N315WA RV6A kit# 60500 had its maiden voyage on Saturday October 12, 2017 out of Hoskins field (44T) in Olympia,Wa. She flew straight and true with no squawks other than a flaky radio.Having owned several "other" experimental planes similar to the Vans RV, I can say without a doubt my RV6A is by far the nicest flying and handling aircraft of them all. I expect many years of enjoyment with this plane! It's powered by a Lyc 0320 150hp and Sensenich 70CM prop. Instruments are dual Dynon displays, Dynon autopilot, King radios and Garmin transponder. Next up is to add some bling in the way of vinyl stripes.

                Scott DeMeyer, Olympia,WA


From: Joel Allen
Subject: First flight kit #73511
Date sent: Sunday, October 15, 2017

First Flight 8/2015. Almost 400 hours on her now. IO-360, Whirlwind RV74 prop. Been over the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, San Juan islands. East coast twice, Martha's Vineyard, multiple trips to California coast, and commuting between Carson City, NV and Southern California many times. Many fly ins. Still plenty of performance at 17,900!

                Joel Allen


From: Sylvia Foster
Subject: Completion of South African RV10 bold.
Date sent: Saturday, October 14, 2017

We are a bit late but would like to report the completion of our RV10 serial number 41582. ZU IHF had her maiden flight 13th October 2016. Extras to the standard build include :-Extra wings tanks with 4 way selector.Garmin pitot tube with angle of attack indicator. 3 blade prop. Aerosport landing light and overhead console. Full Garmin avionics for IFR. Park brake. Aeroled navigation lights. The extras were installed for the purpose of us flying around the world. We are currently in Australia almost exactly three quarters of the way round and hope to complete our journey in the next 3-4 weeks. We have met some lovely fellow RV fliers on our travels. Our trip can be followed on Facebook FostersRTW

                Brian Foster.


From: Dave Nolte
Subject: N413DJ First Flight
Date sent: Saturday, October 14, 2017


After over 12 years of building, RV-7A N413DJ and I went flying on Oct 13, 2017. First flight was about as perfect as could be expected with only a few minor builder-induced squawks.

Aircraft details are:

  • Lycoming YIO-360-M1B with Hartzell constant speed prop
  • Dual screen Garmin G3X Touch & GTN 625
  • TruTrak Vizion autopiot
  • Interior by Classic Aero Interiors

Thanks go to my ever patient wife Jennifer, my family, and too many people to name that encouraged, helped, assisted, and occasionally pestered me to get it done!

                Dave Nolte
                Builder #72299


From: A Girard
Subject: RV-9 , 92001
Date sent: Saturday, October 14, 2017

8k , 75% power, 2500 rpm, 180 mph TAS! Empty weight 1025 with an 0320 and wood Sterba cruise prop. Tip up. GRT Sport Sx with AP. Took 6 years. Now have 20 hours. Thanks for everything. Great Plane.

Hi I have 20 hours on my RV-9. Was a 9a that I converted to a 9. 92001. 0320 160 hp. I will send on some pics in my next email. Thank you for all your help. Love the Plane.

                Al Girard.


From: Philip Barnett
Subject: First Flight of N577PB
Date sent: Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday the 13th is my Lucky Day! I completed the first flight of N577PB today 10/13/2017 with no issues. I've spent about 2,600 hours over 8 years of planning and construction of the Standard Build kits that has been immensely enjoyable. I installed a Lycoming YIO-360-M1B and Hartzell constant speed prop and the full Dynon SkyView Touch Avionics package. I added a pre-oiler/back-up oil pump plus backup flap and fuel pump circuits to the VP-X power controller I installed. I did all the design layout, system integration and installation since 'herding electrons' has been my avocation and hobby for the past several decades.

I thought my 220 HP Franklin-powered SkyHawk was amazing, but this RV-7A is in a different realm! The performance, response and control harmony is simply astounding, as you can see by my grin! Many thanks to Vans for a wonderful design, kits and support through the years. Also thanks to Mike Seager for transition training that opened my mind to flying RV's the right way.

My neighbors here at Sierra Sky Park, CA (E79, the worlds' first aviation community) have also been very supportive. As many of them have built RV's much knowlege was gleened. I'm now looking forward to flying 39.2 more phase-1 hours!

                Philip Barnett
                Sierra Ky Park, Fresno, CA


From: EmidioC
Date sent: Friday, October 13, 2017

Belated first flight report, to Scott McDaniel's request on Kit No. 71081. first flew in June 2014.. flies great and having loads of fun.

  • Engine: Lyc. IO360-A1A
  • Mags: Dual Pmags
  • Prop: Hartzell C/S 74"
  • Avionics: Twin Dynon Skyview with Analogue B/up
  • Battery: EarthX 680
  • Weight: 1152 Lbs.

                Gabriel Chella


From: Stephen Briggs
Subject: First Flight RV9 #92228
Date sent: Thursday, October 12, 2017

First flight on Aug 14,2017, taking off and landing at KCON Concord, NH.

  • RV9 N43EV
  • YIO-320-D1A One Slick, One P-Mag
  • Sensenich GA Prop
  • Full IFR G3X - GTN625 - G5 - ADS-B
  • Build Time 2 and 1/2 years.
  • Weight 1057 lbs.
  • Tip-up

Nice flight no surprises, needs some tweaks to balance the wings and center the ball. Stalls at 41 mph straight ahead.

Thanks to all the Vans' folks for your great support during the building of this aircraft, Steve Briggs

                Stephen Briggs


From: Jason Seavolt
Subject: First flight report
Date sent: Thursday, October 12, 2017

I can't remember if I notified you of my first flight. My builder number is 83140.

First flight of my RV8 was on 4/23/17 at KDLZ.

  • RV8QB (6.5yr build time)
  • AEIO-390
  • Hartzell Composite 76" prop
  • Todd's canopy
  • Grove gear
  • IFR Garmin panel/VPX
  • Smoke-system-helper Fwd Baggage well tank
  • O2 system
  • Aft baggage extension
  • Aveo ZipTips

                Jason Seavolt


From: Bramalea Security
Subject: RV7A Completion for your records
Date sent: Wednesday, October 11, 2017

My second RV, first was an RV6

Serial # 73860

Engine o-360-A1A with Hartzel C/S.

First flight Nov 2013, currently at 500 hours.



From: Kurt Goodfellow
Subject: First Flight RV-10 s/n 40548
Date sent: Tuesday, October 10, 2017

In response to Scott McDaniels' call for first flights, I thought I would let you know that Jay DeMille conducted the first flight of our RV-10, Serial Number 40548, N416DK, early November, 2016. Jay and I flew the Phase 1 40 hours. What a delight to fly! Equipped with new IO-540 from Van's, MT prop, AFS Quick Panel.

                Kurt Goodfellow


From: Wally Rojem
Subject: first flight
Date sent: Tuesday, October 10, 2017

After 16 years N557WR kit #81193 has left the ground. It has an IO 360 200 hp, with a whirl wind prop, weighing 1148 lbs. It has a GRT screen with back up steam gauges. It has inverted gas, oil and smoke systems. Many thanks to my good friends who assisted over the years to help me accomplish a finished project. Thanks to: Tony Kirk, Ed Rush, Ken Schneider, Paul Combs, Jeff Horkey and many others in this magnificent journey. It is truly an amazingly responsive air craft and to say I am enjoying flying it would be putting it mildly.

                Wally Rojem


From: Hank Canup
Subject: First flight update
Date sent: Tuesday, October 10, 2017

I saw you request for unreported first flights on vans airforce. I am pretty sure this one never got reported. Just in case, here it is for you to double check against your records.

  • Ser#21334
  • Kit purchased: january 1994
  • First flown march 2002
  • Builder: James Bohannon
  • Current owner: Hank Canup
  • Houston, Tx
  • 0-320 b2b 160 hp
  • Catto 3 blade prop
  • Dynon d180 panel
  • 160kts tas at 8000ft DA spinning 2700 rpms
  • 1034 lbs empty weight

My third rv airplane and it is the best one so far. Hope this helps you guys hit the 10k completion numbers you are looking for.

                Hank Canup


From: Rich Macrafic
Subject: First Flight Report
Date sent: Monday, October 09, 2017

RV-7A, N4956T. 12 year build. First flight 10/09/2017. KRST, Rochester International Airport (Minnesota).

Aerosport IO-360-M engine. Dual P-Mag electrical ignition. Catto 3-blade prop. Garmin 3X panel w/Dynon backup. VPX Pro electrical system. Classic Aero interior.

Cleaveland Tools for most of our initial riveting class and most of our construction tools. SteinAir for most of our wiring tools and materials and for wiring our panel. Paul Irlbeck for assistance completing our final year and for painting the aircraft. Transition training by Tom Berge.

Building partner and morale booster - my wife and fellow pilot, Cindy!

                Rich Macrafic
                Real heroes don't wear capes; they wear dog tags


From: Jouni Teerikorpi
Subject: first flight
Date sent: Monday, October 09, 2017


    I may have not reported my first flight for my RV8 which happened allready 2006, but here are the details:
  • RV8, registration OH-XEZ
  • Engine Subaru H-6
  • Prop MT electric constant speed MTV7
  • Weight 540kg
  • 55% cruise 147kts consuming 26ltr mogas per hour (sea level)
  • Basic glass panel with a Trutrack autopilot

I have flown over 800 hours during the last ten years

                Jouni Teerikorpi


From: Cecil E. Banks, Jr.
Subject: First Flight Re: 72811
Date sent: October 8, 2017

N811EB, Van's S.N. 72811 defied gravity on Friday morning at 09:35, October 6, 2017 climbing to 4K while orbiting Castle (KMER) airport. Everything in the green with only two (2) squawks, a heavy left wing (not the pilot) and some unwelcomed vibrations over 2400 rpm. Called the mothership regarding the heavy wing and down loaded their heavy wing recommendations, also will try re-clocking the prop and balancing it on the AC seems to be in order.

N811EB is a RV 7A QB with an empty weight of 1,063 lbs., Lycoming (LY-CON overhaul) 0-320 D2J, Sensenich 70CM7S9-80, and basic (analog) VFR. Nothing really unique about this 7A other than it took 10 years to build, having started a RV 6A in the mid 80's (divorce) and a RV 8 in the late 90's (wife medical issues) with both kits sold and finished by other builders. For those builders like myself;

Never Give Up, Never Give Up, Never, Ever, Give Up! (Winston Churchill)

Many thanks to Fresno FSDO John "JJ" Jensen with his patience in helping me navigate the registration, airworthiness and repairman certificate process, Van's Aircraft, (Doug Reeves) website, my wife Daria and son Russ.

                Cecil "Ed" Banks, Jr.


From: Jopling
Subject: N789KD, RV 9A First flight
Date sent: Monday, October 09, 2017

I don't think my 9A's first flight was properly submitted when it occurred. But the posting on VAF, requesting those of us who did not know or understand the process for updating the Hobbs meter, has prompted me to provide the information.

My 9A's first flight was on July 15 2015 at X35 Dunnellon Fl. Jesse Saint (my tech advisor) was at the controls. The weather wasn't the best (as you can see in the photo) so it was a very short flight. Jesse reported my build flew straight and clean with no problems to report. The next day I was at the controls with Jessy in the right seat, making sure I was doing all the right stuff. I have to say that flight was so easy flying my 9 was a piece of cake. Jesse and I made several flights over the next few days, during which Jesse put me and the 9 through the ringer to make sure I was prepared for an emergency.

My Builder Number is 91815
My 9A is equipped w/ Superior IO 320 from Aero Sport Power, duel Garmin G3X screens, a GTR 200 radio, GDL 39, GTC 23 Transponder, and two steam gauges airspeed and altimeter.

My DAR was Vic Syracuse, signing off my airworthiness certificate.

I think between Vic and Jesse I had the best support available

I am very fortunate to live in the Dunnellon Fl. area. Jesse Saint was very helpful with my final building effort and has been a great asset as I've worked out the various issues that invariably come up.

                I think my flight was just after the 1000th 9A flying was reported.
                Dan Jopling


From: Terry Mortimore
Subject: First flight of C-FUIP RV-6A
Date sent: Saturday, October 07, 2017

Hi there, I'm thrilled to report that C-FUIP took to the skies on July 29, 2017 and has accumulated 68 hours to date.

It came out with an empty weight of 1124 pounds equipped with dual alternator/dual battery electrical system and the dual EFII system. Dynon D-100 EFIS, D-120 EMS Garmin 496 GPS, SL-40 com and GTX 327 transponder complete the instrument panel. Engine is a IO-320 160 HP.

It has been a joy to fly and has started it's travelling career with a couple of 367 nautical mile flights to visit the grandkids.

Thank you for all the support over the years, Terry.

                Terry Mortimore
                426 McNabb Street Apt#4
                Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
                P6B 1Z3


From: Bill Korff
Subject: RV7 N174PB first flight report
Date sent: Saturday, October 07, 2017

Sorry for the delay in reporting. Having too much fun flying. N174PB first flew June 7th, 2014. She is powered by an O-360 with 9:1 pistons. Prop is the older style paddle blade Hartzell CS. Before painting, she weighed in at 1103. Adding paint took her to 1133 empty. Fully IFR equipped with dual Dynon Skyview 10" screens, dual ADAHRS, ADS-B, Dynon com, and autopilot. Supplemented with Garmin GNS430W for those long IFR trips, she meets Van's performance specs nicely while still allowing the occasional loop or roll. The Hobbs continues to roll up with about 265 trouble free hours on her currently. Thanks, Van's, for designing such a great bird!

                Robert W. Korff Jr.
                Builder # 71157
                Based at NC25 (Gold Hill, NC)


From: Daniel Dorschel
Subject: RV12 N930DD First Flight Info
Date sent: Saturday, October 07, 2017

Kit# 120350 first flight took place January 2017 at KSDC in Williamson, NY.

Builder / Owner - Daniel Dorschel

                Great little airplane and fun to fly. Thanks Van's
                Daniel Dorschel


From: William J. Wuorinen
Subject: First flight
Date sent: Thursday, October 05, 2017

I saw your article on Vans Airforce requesting first flight info. This is to inform you that my RV-7A s.n. 74094, N237W had its first flight in June 2014. To date it has 230+ hours.

                William J. Wuorinen
                Builder # 74094


Date sent:

Not sure if I sent this in so here is the info again as requested by Van's Airforce site.

1st flight 5-10-2015 Duration 0.5 hours at KEVB New Smyrna Beach, Fl

Installed the UL Power 107 hp engine.

Handled great !!

                Just over 200 hours as of 10-04-2017
                Terry Bradshaw


From: Forrest H. Copeland
Subject: First Flight
Date sent: Wednesday, October 04, 2017

I can't remember if submitted a first flight report. If I didn't here is the info. RV-6 #60075 N46FC Forrest H. Copeland 8001 Sunkist Dr Oakland, Ca

First flight on May 7,2003 at Hayward Ca KHWD. The aircraft now has over 750 hours on the Hobbs meter.

                Forrest H. Copeland


From: Joe Wilbur
Subject: first flight
Date sent: Tuesday, October 03, 2017

I'd like to report that after almost 7 years of building my RV10 has flown (builder #41150, N520LW). I flew it for 30 minutes on Sunday 8/13/2017. Took off, circled the airport (KCJR) at 3000' for a while and wrapped up the flight with what an observer called a, "picture perfect flaps-up landing" (flap motor breaker tripped and I elected to continue the landing and debug on the ground). I'm happy to report she flies straight and true.

Special thanks to Mike Seager for providing transition training back in May.

                Joe Wilbur


From: on behalf of Jim Stoops
Subject: First flight
Date sent: Tuesday, October 03, 2017

After reading the article on Vans Air Force web site, I do not recall ever listing my RV-6 first flight. My serial number is 21795. I bought an unfinished project from Robert Butler and finished it in October 17, 2007. First flight was on 11/1/2007. I do not know whether you knew this or not. I apologize for not informing you.

                Hugh J. Stoops
                RV-6 #21795


From: Eric and Antoinette
Subject: RV 7A
Date sent: Friday, October 06, 2017

Dear Vans

First Flight October 2014.

3 years 3 months to build.

The plane is equipped with 0.360 two blade fix pitch prop.

Thank you Vans for a great plane. The aircraft has performed absolutely flawlessly.

I really want to thank my wife for supporting me with this project.

                Eric Addison
                South Africa


From: Mitch Garner
Subject: First flight...just a bit late
Date sent: Wednesday, October 04, 2017

I flew my RV12 ELSA, N2ET, s/n 120260 for the first time on April 6, 2015. Now have almost 200 hours on it.

                Mitch Garner


From: Art Penner
Subject: First Flight C-GAZX
Date sent: Wednesday, October 04, 2017

In response to Scott's request to keep Van's informed of first flights, my RV10, SN 41429 first flew Oct. 31 2015. The only issue was a connector not seated properly into the alternator so I had an alternator failure 30 minutes into the flight but flew for just under an hour anyway. Almost no problems since then. The airplane now has over 200 hours and it's been from Ontario Canada to the east coast, Florida and even to Guatemala. Thanks Van's.

                Art Penner


From: Greg Niehues
Subject: First flight report
Date sent: Wednesday, October 04, 2017

I cannot remember if I ever notified Vans of my first flight or not, but my 9A (serial 91691) flew in February of 2016 and currently has 220 hours on it. IO360, WW200RV prop, full Dynon glass with Garmin 430W for IFR, and extended range fuel tanks (67 gallons). This aircraft was purpose built for an eventual RTW trip, that's the reason for the large fuel capacity. That and a ferry tank will give me trans-Pacific range. The aircraft is set up to 91E10 standard premium automotive fuel and has about 160 hours on that fuel without issue.

                Greg Niehues
                Project Engineer
                Natural Gas Services Group, Inc.
                "Facts do not cease to exist simply because they are ignored" - Aldous Huxley


From: Gavin Ennis
Subject: RV7A First flight
Date sent: Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Hello Vans Team,

RV7A (74148) Rego VH-CTD completed the first flight on 17th July 2017 at Serpentine airfield Perth Western Australia. Build commenced in December 2012 , Aircraft is fitted with Dual Dynon system, IO-360, Classic Aero Interior.

25 Hours test flying completed, Awesome ,it just gets better. Many thanks to Vans staff, fellow builders Clint, Rob, Colin, Bo and test pilot JB.

                Regards Gavin Ennis


From: Ronald Simonton
Subject: Any way to know if "First Flight" was registered?
Date sent: Tuesday, October 03, 2017

We were very excited when I did the first flight with RV-10, #40020, N9900M ---- on September 19, 2009 ---- but I know I did not submit anything to Van's. Anyway, if it did not make it into your count, please include it the "Hobbs Meter", toward the 10,000 goal.

Aircraft was originally owned by Peter C. Krauser, but has a new owner, in TX.

                Ron Simonton
                First flight and test pilot (and many subsequent hours)


From: Alan Archer
Subject: First Flight RV-10 N309WW 19 Ausgust 2017
Date sent: Tuesday, October 03, 2017

RV-10 Kit #41026 N-309WW came in at 1724 #empty weight. After seven long years of building it received it's airworthiness on Friday, 18 August 2017 and may its first flight on 19 August 2017 from Conroe North Houston Regional (CXO). It was not the best day for first flight with OAT at 100F but it flew great and the overhead air helped with cooling the pilot. This is my second vans aircraft build and wife says last. It will go to paint sometime in January 2018.

It has all new equipment from the YIO-540 and Hartzell blend flow prop. The panel is full IFR Garmin G3X Touch with GTN650 and 4 place mountain high oxygen system. It has about every option that Aero-Sport sells for a RV-10. Zac Did a great job on the interior.

                Van's You make aircraft.
                Alan Archer


From: BONNARDEL Gerard
Subject: First flight RV-4 SN4462
Date sent: Friday, September 29, 2017

Dear VANS,

At last, my RV-4 #4462 he did this first flight in July after long birth delivery.

This is Playful plane, with very large speed range. Kind to land with my low tail wheel plane experience.

The plane is equipped with, 0-320 D2A 160HP; EVRA 2 blades wood prop; Basic VFR panel with MGL digital horizon;
EIS Grand Rapid for Engine control; VHF radio TRIG TY91 and TRIG TT21 Transponder.

Thank you for yours professionalism.

                Best wishes.

                Cannes-Mandelieu Airport


From: Todd Agold
Subject: RV-10 First Flight
Date sent: Tuesday, September 26, 2017

I am very happy to share the news that after 12.5 years of building, my RV-10 first flight was conducted on July 8, 2017.

It features an Advanced Flight System EFIS, engine monitor and autopilot with a Vertical Power VP-200 electrical management system. It is powered by an AeroSport IO-540 with the standard Hartzell BA prop and came in at 1654 pounds empty. A few modifications were, a fabricated overhead console, Planearound door latch, Matco front axle, and Aerosport instrument and interior panels.

I'm looking forward to enjoying this great cross country airplane.

                Todd Agold


From: Jared Solomon
Subject: First Flight Report
Date sent: Monday, September 25, 2017

I'm happy to report that on Saturday, September 23rd 2017 N214WJ (RV-14A Ser# 140328) took to the skies for the first time! The first flight was conducted with assistance of Vic Syracuse in the right seat utilizing the Additional Pilot Program. The aircraft flew wonderfully. This is the second RV I have built and finished, completing an RV-7A back in 2009. I received the Emp/Tailcone kit August of 2016. 13 months and 1400hrs from start to first flight building from a "standard" build kit. The aircraft is equipped with an IO-390 and Hartzell prop, along with a dual screen Garmin G3X system. It's in the process of being vinyl wrapped in place of paint. A big thanks to my wife Wendy for all of the understanding, patience and riveting help! Thanks to Van's Aircraft for designing and producing a great kit!

                Jared Solomon


From: Witek Dubinski
Subject: First flight report
Date sent: Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Hello Everybody,

My name is Witold. I'm from Poland.

I wanted to let you know that my RV-7A s/n 71923 is flying. The first flight was in June 2017. Now over 35 hours on it.

VFR day & night, aerobatic approved.

Engine Model:
certified IO360 M1A 180 HP, Prop: 2 blade Catto FP

EFIS MGL Odyssey, MGL EMS, MGL V10 radio, Garmin GTX 328 Transponder, TruTrak

AntiSplate Nose Job Installed, Morozo Oil Accumulator

Thank you to the VAF community & Van's team for the support over last 4 years.

                All the best,


From: Sigurđur Ásgeirsson
Subject: First flight of Vans RV-4 s/n 2770
Date sent: Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Hello there.

Just to announce the first flight of TF-RVB Vans RV-4 s/n 2770 in Iceland.

flight was last night (18.sept 2017 @ 1750UTC)

Everything worked perfectly.

This is aircraft is the fourth RV completed by Arni Sigurbergsson (RV-6 2002, RV-4 2007, RV-9A 2012 and finally this one RV-4 2017) Arni is celebrating his birthday at 5 years intervals completing these aircraft, this one being registered on his 85th birthday.

On this testflight his older RV-4 TF-RVA was used as a chase plane for the brand new RV-4 TF-RVB. Photo plane was his RV-9A TF-RVC. RV-6 TF-ART had to wait on ground due to lack of pilots, as his daughter was flying some bigger birds for Icelandair :-)

                Best regards,
                Sigurdur Asgeirsson (on behalf of Arni)


From: noeldrew
Subject: RV3 B
Date sent: Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Just to let you know that the first RV3 B in South Africa has been flown by Mervyn Roberts. Serial no. 3 24918 built by Mervyn and Noel Drew was weighed in at 840 lbs despite much effort to get closer to the plan's target. With a new YIO 320 up front and a MT two blade prop, the thrust is more than adequate and the ride exciting.

A Garmin G3X Touch screen provides nearly all the information required and the early flights showed up a number of small snags in the system setup. The airframe revealed heavy ailerons as the speed approached 145 knots and a squealing brake on landing is getting attention. She flew straight hands off and stalled on the mark. The take-off could be described as a launch!

We are both looking forward to leaving all the bugs behind and getting to fill the blanks in our operating manual.

                Kind regards,


From: Caleb Tennis
Subject: first flight
Date sent: Sunday, September 17, 2017

On Sunday August 27th, 2017 - RV-8 N29213 (kit #83446) took to the skies.

Empennage kit was received Aug 06 2014 , airworthiness certificate issued July 28 2017 for almost exactly a 3 year build. An extra few weeks to perform Lycoming SB632 on the IO-360-M1B delayed the first flight, but everything performed beautifully on a nice cool evening with a dozen or so spectators watching.

Pretty standard VFR RV-8 build with Grove gear, and all Dynon integration including an HDX display, dual com radios, auto pilot, EMS, transponder, and ADSB. Aeroled wingtip lights and strobes round out the electronics.

Thanks to Larry Anderson with N88XT in chase and for an initial flight test. Thanks to Bruce Bohannon for the skills training in 2016 to get my confidence up on flying the thing. Thanks to Richard Drake for a few hundred hours of assistance over the years, especially during the fuel tank building.

Still to do: wheel pants and paint!

                Caleb Tennis


From: Rob Rickards
Subject: First flight
Date sent: Saturday, September 16, 2017

Good day..

On my 61st birthday 16 Sept 2016, RV7 VH-RRA serial number 73936 took to the skies.

Flew dead straight and no squawks! Oh what a feeling!

Six year build. Aerosport IO 360 CS Hartzell prop. Vertical power VPX sport. Dynon avionics. 516 Kg empty.

Rob Rickards Melbourne Australia

Pics below

                Regards Rob
                Rob Rickards
                190 Hildebrand Rd
                Cottles Bridge
                Victoria Australia
                rob.rickards (at)
                Mob 0403157391


From: Igor Illiuk
Subject: RV 14A
Date sent: Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Hello Everybody,

My name is Igor Illiuk. I'm from Kiev, Ukraine.

23 January 2017, I finally became happy man and get my kit RV14A, exactly within 7 month, August 23rd, my dream plane fly up to the sky.

If some of suppliers did not delay some parts (not VansAircraft), my plane will be ready to fly even one month earlier.

Many Thanks to ... company for the best service and support, good job!

Personal thanks to Mr. Vans for the best planes in the world!!! I'm very happy and enjoying this plane!

P. S. Also, many thanks to my wife for understanding, she was sure that I have another love in my live.

Avionik : Garmin g3x duo, Garmin G5, Garmin gtr 225a, Garmin gnc 255a, Garmin gtx 335, Garmin gps 695....

                Kind Regards,
                Igor Illiuk,
                Kiev, Ukraine


From: Stefan Schroeter
Subject: Stefan Schröter RV14A first flight
Date sent: September 12, 2017

The story started at the AERO exhibition in 2016... where I sold my RV7A.

Actually, the real story started at Vans in Oregon in 2005 when I visited Vans Aircraft.
The adventure began when I met DARYL (Mr. VERY EASY and Mr. NO PROBLEM).

I bought a RV7A because Daryl was so enthused and spoke so much about this model that I didn't dare not to sign the order. Please don't ask me how many problems I had to face, or the mental battle I had with myself after signing the order.
As a result of this signature, I spent more than 3 hard years of my life building an aircraft. Thankfully Daryl was always at my side from across the water with plenty of support and advice. (Sometimes he solved the problem)

At the AERO 2016 exhibition last year, a genuine earl came to the stand and asked Daryl if he could buy my aircraft.

Daryl simply suggested, "ask Stefan NO PROBLEM".. and this in fact was the trigger to the second story. Again I went to Oregon, visited Vans or better still visited a very enthused Daryl and again he spoke a lot how great a RV14A would be especially for me... same story. And we all know how the first one ended. This time after only 12 months of building I could put the painted parts together (prop., engine and all other pieces mounted ŕ la Daryl) and I had my first flight on 29th of August in EDTY.

My special thanks go to: (please ignore the sequence of names) ???
Daryl Shanow (a real friend - no joke)
Marcin Oberski (specialised in riveting)
Armin Kienzle (specialised in canopy adapting)
Klaus-Peter Morhard (specialised in all things)
Christoph Koal (specialised in handling)
Steffen Aufrecht (specialised in handling)
Werner Koch (my examiner)
Roger Hiller (painter)
Tihomir Katic (saddler)
Farmers of my little village
(many of them gave me a third hand)
Es grüßt aus dem schönen Altersberg

                Very best regards from lovely Altersberg
                Stefan Schröter


From: Coates, Mike
Subject: First Flight RV-9A
Date sent: Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Kit 90696 is a flying aircraft now. Bobby Hester who is a VAF forum member and a RV-7A builder/pilot did the first flight. The plane is powered by a 160 hp Lycoming O-320 with ECI cylinders. The instrumentation/avionics consists of a GRT Sport EFIS, GRT EIS, Trig TT31 transponder and Garmin SL-40 comm radio. Electrical hub is a Vertical Power Sport.

Thank you to the VAF community for the support these last 10 years.

                Mike Coates


From: Fredrik Diehl
Subject: First flight report
Date sent: Thursday, August 31, 2017

On the 27th of August my RV-10 with build number 41413, flew for the first time. After have built an RV-7A in 2008 I decided that I needed a four seater to accommodate the whole family. Started in January 2014, it took 3.5 years or 2225 hours to finish. I really want to thank my wife for supporting this. It had not been possible without her!

  • About SE-XTE:
  • Engine - Lycoming 540 with electronic fuel injection and ignition from
  • Propeller - Hartzell two bladed constant speed.
  • Instruments - Dual Garmin G3X, GTN 650, Garmin autopilot from SteinAir who also did panel engraving.
  • Interior - All Aerosport Products except for home made overhead console.

Finally, thanks to Van's for a beautiful kit!

                Best regards,
                Fredrik Diehl


From: uelinuss
Subject: First Flight 120794 RV-12 ELSA
Date sent: Wednesday, August 30, 2017

I'm happy to report that N 120HB flew for the first time on August 20. 2017. 1.1 hours on first flight, all instruments in the green, performance right on and handling excellent. What an Airplane !!! Thanks Van's

The only thing added for second flight was a rudder trim tab. Many thanks to Bill Jagust who made it all possible to help me out with Phase One Testing and sign me off. Bill a true professional in all regards, traveled across the country to help a fellow pilot in need.

                Ueli Nussbaum


From: Sue And Don
Subject: First flight
Date sent: Friday, August 18, 2017

I would like to report first flight on the 23 June 2017 VH SUD kit number 71454 engine lycoming O -320 D1A standard vans instruments almost completed test program Don Crittenden ,Broken Hill Australia

                Sue And Don


Date sent: Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Dear Van's Aircraft,

On Wednesday, August 16, 2017 after over 3,000 hrs and 5 years and 3 months, N600LH, serial no. 41338, took its first flight! What a fantastic airplane! This is my second RV, the first being N800LH, an RV-12.Special thanks to Steve Flattum of the Chicago area who checked the plane and me out and did the first few flights with me. Steve is an airline pilot and CFI who really knows RVs and I really recommend him.

                Larry Hoffman KJXN


From: KJ
Subject: 1st flight 120947 RV12
Date sent: Monday, August 14, 2017

Proud to announce the successful 1st flight of N116KJ RV12 out of Three Forks, Mt (9s5) on July 18th, 2017. I have since completed all 5 of the recommended test flights and Phase 1. Awesome building and flying experience. I am tempted to sell and start it all over again.

                Keith Johnson


From: Alan Lorrie
Subject: C-GADK first flight
Date sent: Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Well it finally happened. After six and three quarter years, on July 21, 2017 at 6:05 am RV-7 C-GADK serial number 73553 took to the skies over CNC3 Brampton for 1.2 glorious hours! Other than my pounding heart the flight was uneventfull and both plane and pilot survived the landing! The first flight day was clear and calm. Perfect for a first flight. I climbed to 2500' (as high as I could before talking to Toronto Terminal) and orbited the field for 30 minutes at 70-75 % power to seat the rings and confirm the engine temps were stable. All was OK so I contacted Terminal and received clearance not above 3500' so I climed and continued the break-in for another 15 minutes. I then tried some stalls and came around for landing. The landing had a small hop (due to the difference in going from a 4 to the story and sticking to it!) but was OK for a first flight in a 7 IMHO. My thanks to my ground crew Neil, who kept in touch on the hand held, for the video's of the TO and landing. An elated RV grin during and at the completion of the flight!! The Lycoming O-360 was rebuilt at the Brampton Flying Club engine shop by our engine guru Mike who did a great job installing new Titan cylinder assemblies, oil pump, mags, B&C BU alternator etc. The prop is a Sensenich FP. The only non-standard thing about the engine was the Rotec TBI 48-4/5 that I installed. It is the MK1 version with the external regulator. After 8 hours flying time so far the engine is performing great with this stock out of the box TBI. Starts are easy, with a smooth idle down below 500 rpm if I want. Takes a little learning for hot starts but OK so far. The panel has a 10" Skyview with backup battery, Trig T22 transponder, KLX135A GPS/COM, BU airspeed and GT50. Aero LED strobes/nav and LED landing/taxi lights in the tips. Abbey at Flightline did a great job on the interior!

My sincere thanks to my wonderful wife for enduring the six plus years as I worked away in the garage in my spare time, to my sons and wife again for their riveting, part flipping and wiring assistance! Thanks also to all the guys at BFC for their help along the way and especially for final assembly!

                Regards and happy flying,


From: jerry karlsberg
Subject: first flight
Date sent: Tuesday, July 25, 2017

After a 3-year 2 month build, RV-14A #140158 N778YS first flew at Renton Municipal Airport (RNT) July 22, 2017. Additional pilot Miguel Marmol did a great job helping with the preparations and making sure all went smoothly. Thanks for a great airplane!!!

                Jerry Karlsberg


From: Dominik Stadler
Subject: First Flight Report of HB-YMP, Serial no. 71849
Date sent: Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Dear Vans

Now, after a bit more than a year, it is really time to give you this information: Kit no. 71849 is no longer a kit ... it is an airplane! Oh boy, and not only an airplane ... It is a DREAM MACHINE! It took me 12 years to slow build ... live came into way, two kids, changed my job, moved my living place and so on, things that over such a long period can happen. Also I'm a precision mechanic, this does not really help to build fast. I thought to take the build as therapies. It was not all the time easy to build, some stations needed my full concentration and craftmanship to produce the parts and put them together. But it is doable and give a lot of fun and good time in the shop. Got the award at our summer-meeting (International experimental fly-in in Switzerland): Best Kit Build!

HB-YMP, Swisseagle #1, has its home in Switzerland, Airfield Birrfeld LSZF. TMX-IO-320 with Airflow-Performance FM-150, 2x PMAG, Sensenich FP metal Prop, Liese-Muffler, 2x COM, 2x Advanced Flight Systems AF-3400, Garmin 695 GPS, 2-Axis Tru Track AP and many more nice options. It weighs 1124 lbs.

Until now, 65+ hours, 100 landings, aerobatic approved, noise level D, performing great! And after each flight, brings me back on earth with a BIG smile and let me realize how big the privilege is, to be able to fly such a nice plane.

Here two video-link's:
First flights:
First longer trip to another country:

Thank you Vans for this great plane and also a big thank you to all who had helped me on this project!

To all the others that are still building, keep on pounding those rivets! It's worth all the effort, energy, sweat and blood that you invest into your plane! Do not forget your family, friends and all the people that support you, to reach your target.



From: Brian Huffaker
Subject: First Flight Report
Date sent: Sunday 7/23/2017

Another one for the hobs, #80091 is now N609HZ. Very basic day VFR with an O-360 modified with inverted fuel and oil. Catto three blade prop. Came out at 1002 lbs with paint but no gear and wheel fairings yet.

Pictures here:

                Thanks Van for a great flying airplane.
                Brian Huffaker


From: gregory novotny
Subject: FIRST Flight RV-14a N14ZP Kit#140209
Date sent: Thursday, July 20, 2017

After 2 years, 3 months and 25 days, there was finally the moment, when there was nothing left to do, but go flying. N14ZP flew beautifully, straight and fast. No major discrepancies. Special thanks to Rich Zurinsky, (9 time "Repeat Offender") for his incredible builder assistance, and all the folks at Van's for their technical support. The RV-14 series has raised the bar. It is comfortable, roomy and has incredible visibility, while retaining the legendary RV performance.

                Greg Novotny
                RV-14a N14ZP Kit #140209
                Tacoma Narrows Airport KTIW
                Gig Harbor, WA


From: Frank Dombroski
Subject: RV-10 N447V Completion
Date sent: Thursday, July 20, 2017

RV-10 Kit 80447 became N447V on 11-3-2016. First flight and Phase 1 completion followed quickly. This is my Third RV-10, the plane was painted and ready for long term enjoyment at completion. The RV-10 is an incredibly capable aircraft and great design. Flying LOP at 10K feet I see 170 Kt TAS while burning 10.6 GPH.

The panel is outfitted with a full IFR Garmin G3X Touch package. The engine is a balanced IO540 with a blended airfoil Hartzell prop. Runs very smooth.

                Frank Dombroski


From: Bob Welsh
Subject: Another RV-8 flying
Date sent: Tuesday, July 18, 2017

just letting you know that serial # 83262 received its airworthy certificate and has taken two successful flights

                Robert Welsh
                AST Environmental, Inc
                70 Commercial Way
                Springboro, OH 45066
                937.743.0002, ext. #11


From: Al
Subject: 83093 flying
Date sent: Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Hi Van's team,

I wanted to let you know that RV-8 s/n 83093 is flying. It first flew April 2016. I now have over 100 hours on it. It t was painted in April of 2017. The more I fly it the more I love it and the grin is still ear to ear! Thanks for all the technical support along the way. I do not think I could or would have done this without an organization as good as Van's Aircraft available for support.

  • Garmin G3X (3 screens, 1 in back)
  • Garmin GTN 650
  • Trio autopilot
  • Vertical Power
  • Dynon D6 (backup)
  • Aerosport Power IO-375
  • Hartzell CS Composite Prop

                Thanks Again!
                Al Rubin


From: Anders Wallerman
Subject: First flight report
Date sent: Friday, July 14, 2017

Hi Van's!

On June 6 I flew my RV8A, SE-XTT, #81319, for the first time from the Saab airfield in Linköping, Sweden. This after some 15 years of building or so. It was a bit hard to find the time for building, but I have enjoyed every minute of it!

The flight went great, everything worked fine except for a very minor oil leak. It was obvious right away that I am going to enjoy this great aircraft a lot. I am now joining the other RV owners at the airfield (who have given me invaluable support) hoping for many flying adventures in the future.

It's got a used IO-360-A1B6 with a new Hartzell C/S propeller in the front and a Dynon SkyView in the panel. I painted it myself. Wheel pants are finished too, will go on when I finish breaking in new cylinders on the engine.

                Thanks Van's a lot for support and a great kit!
                Anders Wallerman, Linköping, Sweden


From: Steve Brown
Subject: First flight RV 14A
Date sent: Saturday, July 08, 2017

Today was the day that all of us have dreamed about. It was the first flight of my RV 14A at DLZ in Delaware Ohio.

I didn't stray too far from the plans in the construction of my 14A. Although I did put a Superior XP400 in and fired it up with a twin eMag ignition system. The excellent talents of Barrett Precision Engines put the engine together for me. BPE also put in an Air Flow Systems fuel injection system.

The avionics package was done by Rob Hickman at Advanced Flight Systems. I used a twin screen 5600 with an Avidyne IFD5400. Plus any other electronic gadget that you can think of. Certainly it's robust enough for any adventure.

My plane is the 95th RV14 kit and it took me about 3 1/2 years. I had help from several friends: Joe Strausbaugh, Geoff Combs, Dana Saucier, Bob Leffler and many others.

The paint scheme was by Scheme Designers and the paint job was done by AV8 Paintworks in Marion, Ohio.

The plane flew almost hands free the very first time with no major surprises. I did keep the flight limited to about 20 minutes just for safety sake. I wanted to get it on the ground and look closely for any lurking problems before I flew for a longer period.

This was a dream of a lifetime and I am very blessed to have a lovely wife and family that are supportive.

                Steve Brown
                New Albany, Ohio


From: Martin Russell
Subject: First flight report - RV7 VH-IMR
Date sent: Wednesday, July 05, 2017

I am ecstatic to report that RV7 VH-IMR took to the air on Saturday 1st July 2017 at around 8:00 AM from Wedderburn airport, south of Sydney after what seems like a lifetime of thinking about it and 12 years of actually building it. As expected, the aircraft performed absolutely flawlessly.

Built completely to standard with a Vans supplied 0-360-A1A and Sensenich fixed pitch prop, empty weight without wheel pants is 1040 lbs. Fitted with a dual screen Garmin G3X, GTX23ES transponder and SL40 radio and my first ever DIY aircraft paint job using Protec polyurethane.

A huge thankyou to my beautiful wife Deb for her unerring support in helping me achieve my dream. Thanks to my Dad for nurturing the aviation bug, my kids Sheridan and Kurtis for their help and encouragement and to an almost endless list of wonderful people that helped me along the way: Doug, Graham, Lisa, Martin, Eddie, Rob, Glenn, Peter, Kevin and all the other people at Wedderburn and SAAA chapters 1 and 11 and of course Vans Aircraft for supplying such a great kit.

What a ride ! Let the next adventure begin !

                Martin Russell
                Bonnet Bay, NSW, Australia.
                Builder# 72304


From: Ronald Chisholm
Subject: First Flight - N439CH
Date sent: Tuesday, July 04, 2017

That is the "RV-grin" on the test-pilot's face, following a successful 'first flight'! N439CH flew this morning without any issues! Happy 4th of July!

Wow! ... what a wonderful experience! Looking forward to many, many, many, more hours watching the world from the sky! Adventures ahead!

Only took 7-years, 10-months, and 14-day ... S/N 120263 (two kids through college, relocation, job changes, hangar construction ... life happens!).

What a wonderful kit! Thank you Van's!

To those still building, or struggling with your build ... KEEP IT UP! It is worth it!!

                Ronald Chisholm


From: Elliot Halyburton
Subject: N31EH
Date sent: Monday, June 26, 2017

Hello Van's crew,

My first flight was completed the morning of June 15th, 2017. The flight was uneventful and everything worked as expected. Many thanks to all the wonderful employees you have. See you at AirVenture 2017.

                Elliot Halyburton


From: Bob Meyers
Subject: RV-14A N626KM First Flight
Date sent: Tuesday, June 27, 2017

My RV-14A, N626KM flew for the first time Tuesday, June 27, 2017.

It was a perfect day and the flight was just like it with no squawks. The full RV grin was on display back on the ground.

The io390 is a beast that purrs like a kitten. I would not have been comfortable doing the first flight without transition training with Mike Seager. Thanks Mike, and thanks to all the folks at Van's that contributed to this well engineered kit. I appreciated every piece of it. It was a pleasure to build.

                Bob Meyers
                Flying Sonex N982SX. Web Site Index
                Building RV-14 N626KM. Web Site Index


From: Adriaan Kleyn
Subject: #140122
Date sent: Thursday, June 29, 2017

Just to let you know that RV14a #140122 is flying.

Thank you for all the support and it was a privilege to build such a nice airplane.

                Adriaan Kleyn


From: John Siemens
Subject: First Flight, RV-8 S/N 81734, 22 June 2017
Date sent: Thursday, June 29, 2017

RV-8 S/N 81734 completed her maiden flight on 22 June 2017. It was an awesome experience, one I will remember forever!

On 5 March 2011, I acquired the RV-8 kit from her second owner. At that time, the kit was almost 11 years old, but virtually untouched. It took six years to build the plane, which was 4 years longer than anticipated. I assembled the engine from a Superior Air Parts IO-360 kit, wired the instrument panel containing a combination of glass and redundant steam gauges with two Nav/Com radios, and installed a Hartzell C/S prop. Registering the aircraft took over a month because I did not have a good paper trail of kit ownership from the original owner, which resulted in my application being rejected twice. Finally, I called Vans, who established the paper trail to the satisfaction of the FAA.

Eventually, the day arrived for the greatly anticipated first flight. I was ready, having already flown the plane 1000 times (in my head). After takeoff from KECG, I climbed to 3500 ft. and flew circles around the field for 1.8 hours at 75-80% power to seat the piston rings in the new engine. The time went by quickly. I had a "ground support crew" consisting of a group of friends on a handheld radio who kept me company while I burned holes in the sky at 160 knots. I really appreciated them being there!

Thanks to all the great people who offered advice when I asked, and helped during the building process when a second set of hands was required; there are too many to list, but their names are recorded on ribs inside the wings and fuselage! In particular I want to thank William (Mike) Worley, my primary QA inspector throughout the entire process, who loaned me his complete set of aviation tools, taught me how to rivet, assisted during the building of the engine, helped transport the plane to the airport, gave me my first tail wheel lessons in a Piper Cub and Aeronca Champ, and acted as one of my ground support people. Also thanks to my friend Dave Bush for capturing the photo of my first landing!

                John H Siemens


From: Chuck S
Subject: First Flight RV-14A
Date sent: Wednesday, June 21, 2017

RV-14A, N221XC, took to the air for the first time on Monday, June 19, 2017. The aircraft flies beautifully. Thank you to my beautiful wife for her constant loving support and her angelic patience throughout this process. And many thanks to the great team at Synergy Air. I cannot imagine a better group of individuals to work with to make my dream come true.

                Chuck Smalley
                Richmond, Virginia


From: Ed Holyoke
Subject: First flight RV6
Date sent: Saturday, June 17, 2017


Just thought I'd check in with another for the hobbs meter. The slowest quickbuild RV6 ever flew today at Chino Airport. N86ED is kit number 60522. It is equipped with an IO-360, Whirlwind 74RV prop, and a dual Advanced 5600 panel. Flew great for over an hour. No leaks or squawks to speak of. Grinning.

                Ed Holyoke


From: Chris Hall
Subject: Vans RV-6 G-RRRV first flight
Date sent: Sunday, June 18, 2017

As something of a late bloomer, Vans RV-6 serial number 20843 finally made it into the skies on 17th June 2017. Back in October 1989, Ed Kosik of Sonora, CA put in an order for an RV-6 empennage. Unfortunately, in September 2010, Ed passed away without finishing the plane. Via a convoluted route, the project made its way to me in the UK. That was in March of 2012 and by then the tail, fuselage and wings were largely complete, and an ageing Lycoming O-320 sat at the front. I spent some time dealing with the paperwork to get the project registered with the UK's Light Aircraft Association, the equivalent of the EAA, but with a slightly greater propensity for red tape. There was some re-working required and checking of pretty well every rivet that had already been put in, but after that I could get on with the engine overhaul, upholstery, avionics, paint etc. etc.

The propulsion is provided by an O-320 H2AD running a carb and a dual magneto with a Great American wooden prop on the front. A Dynon D10A tells me where I'm pointing and drives the two-axis autopiot, whilst an MGL Enigma Stratomaster tells me all I need to know about the engine. Being a relatively early model, it has floor mounted rudder pedals, manual flaps and a small rudder. The sliding canopy skirts were damaged in transit, so I replaced them with skirts made to the latest drawings, which update the look a little.

So, at just after 11 am on 17th June, test pilot David Findon, accompanied by Ed (see picture) took the leaping lion into the sky for its 26 minute first flight. In just over 9 and a half hours of further test flying it will get a Permit to Fly and I'll be able to try out the RV Grin for the first time.

                Chris Hall
                United Kingdom


From: Keith Sremaniak
Subject: First flite
Date sent: Sunday, June 18, 2017

My Slow-Build Vanessa, N325KS, RV-7A flew on Friday 6/16 after 10 years 2 1/2 months. Kit 73032. RV Flyer # 9,700, and 1,581st RV7/A. Had help from many old friends, new friends and family. As well as Vans and the VAF forum. AMAZING AIRPLANE.

                Thanx to all.
                Keith Sremaniak


From: Alex Loewen
Subject: First flight for RV-7A...s/n 74310 ...C-FIJT
Date sent: Sunday, June 18, 2017

So in February of 2014 I started building RV-7A s/n 74310. With a lot of help from Bill Funk, Rob Hickman, Mark Elste and all of you on this forum, C-FIJT took to the air fir the first time on June 16, 2017 at Steinbach airport (CJB3) with Bill Funk at the controls.

Here's a link to the first flight/ first landing video.

Special thanks to my wife Bev....without her support, I wouldn't have started. Now we plan to use our little plane together to fly between Winnipeg, MB, Mesa, AZ and Sarasota, FL...and other places just because.

                Alex Loewen


From: Steve Riffe
Subject: RV-8 First Flight
Date sent: Saturday, June 17, 2017

Dear Van's Fun Factory!

On June 8, 2017, RV-8 S/N 83041, N23SR took to the skies for a 1 hour flight. What an amazing aircraft-flew straight and true. There were a few minor calibrations that needed to be addressed regarding some Dynon settings, but other than that I could not have been more pleased. Being a new "tail wheel" pilot, I was a bit anxious when it came time to land, but the landing proved uneventful.

My plane is equipped with a 10" Dynon Skyview Touch, autopilot, Garmin GTN650 and a Vertical Power VP-X which I feel greatly simplified the wiring process. My engine is a Lycoming IO-360-M1B 180 hp driving a 72" Hartzell C/S prop. What a performer! I also have the Grove airfoiled landing gear.

Thanks to my wife for the unending support during my build over the last 7 years and 4 months. Also, thanks to the great support team at Van's who responded to a number of questions during the build. And a thank-you to Doug Reeves for Van's Airforce website-this is an invaluable reference source--many great builders with a wealth of knowledge that can offer meaningful advice regarding the build and operation of Van's aircraft . Thank-you Kit-Log and all of the blogs that are posted online-truly there are many gifted craftsman building these wonderful airplanes.

                G.H. "Steve" Riffe


Subject: Another one takes to the air
Date sent: Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Hi Vans,

On Sunday 4 June, around 17:45, I took off from Annecy, France (LFLP) with my RV-7 for the first time.

What a machine!

Wind was almost calm, the air was cool and smooth. After a thorough pre-flight check, a standard run-up at the holding point, I lined up on runway 22 and smoothly applied full power. The acceleration was brisk, directional control very easy and responsive. The airplane took off almost alone, without any effort. I accelerated to 100 Kts and the climb rate was great.

I circled the aerodrome for about 10 minutes to make sure everything was fine. Left wing heavy, but easily controllable. Then I flew west of the field for a bit of slower flight, and to check the flaps in landing configuration. All good... Back to the airfield for landing. The wind was calm so the tower gave me the choice of Runway 04 or 22, I choose 04 as the approach path is less steep. Overhead the field at 120 Kts, slowing down. 20° of flaps on downwind, full flaps on base leg, I passed the threshold at 75 Kts and made my 1st kiss landing. Back to the apron and when I opened the tip-up canopy I couldn't get rid of the RV grin! And I think my wife was as happy as me...

The airplane flies great and is much easier than I thought. I have very limited experience with tailwheel, but that was really not a problem for this flight. I flew without gear/wheel pants, and saw 150 Kts groundspeed. Wow...

    My setup is:
  • RV-7, Tip-up
  • Serial number 73786.
  • Engine: Aerosport Power IO-375-M1S
  • Prop: Whirlwind 200RV
  • Avionics: full Dynon Skyview (dual SV-D1000T, VHF, Transponder, Autopilot, EMS, etc), VP-X Sport.
  • Interior: Classic Aero Design.
  • Tail kit ordered in 2010...

I was born in Africa, and the name of my plane is "Pili-Pili" which is a small piment commonly found there. Why Pili-Pili? Because this machine will "spice up my life" ;-)

Thank you very much Mr Vans to design such great machines, and to allow us to build and fly them.

A small video:

                Best regards,

                Alain VAN SEVEREN


From: Dean Gilbert
To: Kit Sales
Subject: My RV
Date sent: Monday, June 12, 2017

We love it!

                Dean Gilbert


From: Paul Osterman
Subject: Another RV6A first flight
Date sent: Monday, June 12, 2017

RV6A #60426, N630RV took it's first flight on May 27, 2017. Two one hour flights were uneventful. This was my second complete build.

                Paul Osterman
                Redding, CA


From: Josef Kantor
Subject: First Flight OE-VOY
Date sent: Sunday, June 11, 2017

Dear Van´s Team!

And another one is up in the air. On June 4th my good friend Hans and I did the first flight of the RV-9A, serial number 92235 in Punitz, Austria. The flight was an unforgettable, amazing experience and I have to admit that I was a bit nervous when we set full throttle. But the plane flew perfectly and there are only minor glitches to fix and a lot of testing and calibrating to do.

The OE-VOY is equipped with a IO-320 D1A with 160 hp, has a Dynon Skyview with Autopilot and a MT 2-blade constant-speed-prop. So far the technical details.

But what became even more important than the "numbers and technical details" are the people I met along the way. I would like to thank Daryl from Van´s who did a fantastic job convincing me that the RV-9A is a wonderful plane. He was never lying, all he said turned out to be true... :-) And thank you also for the quick response time on my countless e-mails!

Then there is Karl, the guy who knows everything about wiring and installing electrical stuff. I am sure without his help I would not have a glass-cockpit right now.

Also I want to thank Manfred, he has always been super-patient when I asked 1000 questions, he replied with 1000 precise and friendly e-mails. I don´t know how many hours of work he saved me.

The "cheerleader" of this project was my wife Oi Yan who encouraged me from start to end. She did a breathtaking design of the plane (just look at the photos) and also the layout of the cockpit was her merit. I can´t wait to have her flying next to me! Thank you for your support, encouragement and involvement!

But the person I owe the most is Hans. It is amazing how much he knows about everything that has to do with plane-building. Without him my dream would have never turned to reality. I loved the hours spent with him in the garage, working on the plane, talking about flying. I am almost a bit sad that we are done with this plane now.

So at the end of the day I now have a wonderful plane but I am even more grateful for the people I met along the way.



From: Jesse Saint
Subject: First Flight RV-10 N1207D
Date sent: Monday, June 05, 2017

N1207D flew for the first time on May 31, 2017. It is equipped with a Garmin G3X Touch dual screen panel. Serial number is 41141.

                 Jesse Saint


From: Jim
Subject: First flight of N696VA
Date sent: Monday, June 05, 2017

SN 120696 flew today, June 4th, 2017. What a great little plane.

The plane is so nimble and everything works so well. My first flight was uneventful and I'm happy to report no heavy wings nor yaw correction needed. I did install the rudder trim tab during build because I expected it to be necessary and wanted it to be a part of the plane prior to paint. The plane was painted prior to the during construction for several reasons. First of all to get the parts out of my living room and into a hanger but most importantly because I knew that once it was flying it would be difficult to part with it for the inevitable couple months it really takes to paint a plane. Also, the painter has no idea on what fasteners are actually used to construct the plane and there's the chance they could substitute some. By painting prior to final assembly the plane is built per the kit instructions.

I'd like to add that the kit, instructions and the folks in support are all top notch. I'm completely impressed by the detail in the plans and the alignment of all those parts coming together to make a flying machine.

The handling of this airplane is phenomenal. I haven't flow any other Vans plane ( I have many hanger mates on my row that have 6's and 7's) but this little guy is so quick.

I choose the 12 because of the sport pilot rule, the pump gas allowance and the removable wings. I'm very happy after the first flight and more excited now than before to get it up flying again.

Thanks to Vans for creating these wonderful airplanes.

                Jim Agua
                SN 120696
                First flight June 4th, 2017


From: Xavier
Date sent:

?Hello Van's team from France!

On May 19, 2017 after 4 and 1/2 years of building, my SB RV7 n°74130 F-PXRV took to the air for the first time! A great moment in any builder's life! During this inaugural flight, she was far faster than me but at the end, the first landing was rather easy (my only tailwheel experience was on a J3)

    Speed and maneuverability are incredible, thanks Van's for the great design! The setup is:
  • O360A1A homemade overhauled
  • Dual Plasma III ignition with back-up battery
  • 3 blades Valex propeller
  • Dual 8.4 GRT sport SX
  • Trig radio and Xpdr
  • Homemade LED nav lights and strobes.
  • Painted in a local shop, PU paint and varnish, black parts are stickers.

You may recognize the N767WM famous paint scheme, I found in love of this paint scheme back in 2010 when I saw her for the first time.

Thank you to everybody who helped me during the building process, especially my father, great job!



From: Sukhdev Kang
Subject: RV 9A Serial number 91446
Date sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Dear All,

I would like to report that RV 9A Kit # 91446 has been certified as Airworthy on May 15th,2016 and maiden flight was on May 17th,2016 that lasted 2.7 hours, aircraft flew flawlessly and newly overhauled engine was broken in as well.

It took over 9.5 years to complete this aircraft and finely it is flying many thanks to Van's aircraft people.

Thanks and best regards,

                Sukhdev S Kang
                2901 S Atlantic Ave, Unit 702
                Daytona Beach, FL32118
                Dev Kang


From: John Vander Horck
Subject: RV-12 First Flight
Date sent: Friday, May 26, 2017


I don't know who is maintaining the Van's scoreboard, but I'd like to report the first flight of RV-12 #120850, N850VH on Saturday, May 20, 2017 at KPSO, Archuleta County Stevens Field Airport, Pagosa Springs, CO (Field elevation 7,664). Currently flying off the Production Acceptance test cards and tweeking a heavy left wing.

Many thanks to Jose Gutierrez for six hours of transition training and all of the e-mail support from Van's along the way.

                John Vander Horck


From: Vernon Franklin
Subject: N17VF First Flight
Date sent: Friday, May 26, 2017

May 1, 2017 first flight. After 8 years and 3,500 logged hours, I have finally finished the RV-10. First flight was amazing, everything I had been dreaming about. IO-540-D4A5, Hartzel CS Prop, Dual Dynon HDX.

Can't wait to fly off the 40, and start taking up the family.

                -- Vernon Franklin


From: Nathan Tolman
Date sent:

Yesterday, May 19th, 2017, I made my first flight of RV-12 S/N 120895. The weather was beautiful and calm so it made for a good day to take flight. The plane flew excellent!

I spent about 2˝ years building this as an ELSA with a Garmin G3X, autopilot w/ GMC 307, and full interior package. Its empty weight is 752 lbs.

This was my first time building an aircraft and this was a good kit to build for a beginner. I appreciate the great support from Vans and other builders who have posted to forums and blogs. It was great to see what challenges other builders have faced and how they overcame them. It helped immensely at times when I was faced with a challenge.

                Thanks to my family who have supported me in this build!!!
                Nathan Tolman


From: Felis MALHEIRO
Subject: First flight RV7-A F-PFMO
Date sent: Thursday, May 18, 2017


I am pleased to announce that after 2.5 years and 1871hours of Construction F-PFMO, RV-7A, Serial #74390, made its first flight on May 16. Everything works and flies as advertised.

  • Quick Build Fuselage,
  • IO360 180hp,
  • Dynon Skyview Dual Screen,
  • complete interior from Classic Aero Designs
  • and a MT Prop 3 blade CS propeller.

Special thanks to Vans Aircraft, Vansairforce and the Vans club de France !

                Felis MALHEIRO
                77580 BOULEURS


Subject: First Flight
Date sent: Thursday, May 18, 2017


I'm a bit tardy but still extremely happy to report my "first flight". After six and one half years of slow build, N77JZ took flight for the first time on February 9, 2015. My RV7 has an Aerosport power O-360, dual P-Mags, and an Ellison TBI turning a Sensenich fixed pitch prop, and a 10 inch Skyview system. Since then, I have accumulated 160 hours of fun, and climbing. A big thank you to all of the folks at Van's for the wonderful kit and superb support. I could not be happier!

                Thanks, Jim Zimmerman (still grinning)
                Arvada, CO


From: Paul Damiano
Subject: Another Vans Smile
Date sent: Friday, May 19, 2017

RV12PD flew on May 15, 2017.

                Paul Damiano
                29 Lazy Eight Sr
                Port Orange FL 32128
                Mentor. Mathew Malcomb. 300+ RV12 Hours


From: Richard Weiss
Subject: First Flight
Date sent: Monday, May 15, 2017

To the folks at Van's;

I took our RV-7A, N12BW S/N 73415, up for its first flight this morning, May 15, 2017, from the Spruce Creek Fly-in. After 3,000 hours of build time over an 8-year period, the takeoff from runway 23 was quick and smooth. The performance and control harmony, as expected, were excellent! No 'heavy wing syndrome' was noted as it flew perfectly straight and level with hands off the stick.

Our RV is equipped with a new Lycoming Thunderbolt IO-390-EXP, a 3 blade MT constant speed prop, dual Advanced 4500 displays, TruTrak autopilot, a VPX Pro, a Garmin radio stack that includes the GMA-240 audio panel, GTN-650 WAAS Navigator, GTR-200 radio, and a GTX-330ES transponder with ADS-B out. A Navworx 600B provides ADS-B IN traffic and weather. it also has a Vetterman exhaust, Classic Aero Interior, CJ Aviation fuel boost pump, and a host of other upgrades. Van's, Avionics Installations, and the homebuilt vendor cadre rank among the best of the best!

As a former Saturn V/ S-1C propulsion engineer for NASA at Kennedy Space Center, I wanted a NASA Apollo Program tribute themed design. Working with designer/painter John Starr, I think we developed what I hope is the perfect blend of aviation and space. Weird, but then hey, it's my airplane right?

A special thank you to Dick V., all of the aviators at Spruce Creek, EAA 288, Keith Phillips, and to Gary Baker who works with me on the EAA Homebuilt Council. They were always there when needed. A special thank you to my good friend Mike Kelly, my EAA Tech Counselor, Flight Advisor, and my FAA APP pilot who joined me on this first-flight adventure.

None of this would have been possible without the total support and encouragement of my wonderful wife Brenda. Thank you sweetie!

                Rick Weiss
                Chairman, Homebuilt Aircraft Council
                Member, EAA Board of Directors
                Lifetime Member 214428


From: Bob Lippitt
Subject: First Flight N9872V serial 120834
Date sent: Monday, May 15, 2017

On May 9th I completed my first flight in N9872V.

It went very smoothly and I can't get over how nicely the RV-12 flies. It was built E-LSA with the G3X system.

I want to give kudos to Vans for their well done assembly plans, and the accuracy of those pre-fabricated parts.

I sure appreciated the assistance of those folks who took the time to come to the Ocala FL airport to lend a hand during the build.

And also a thank-you to those online bloggers and forum contributors who share their valuable experience.

I am a first-time builder, and not a speedy one, but this project has been very rewarding.

                Bob Lippitt


From: Stan Hodgkins
Subject: G-DMPL
Date sent: Thursday, May 11, 2017


My RV-7A, G-DMPL, Ser # 73686 first flew on October 22 2015 and I don't think I reported it at the time. If I didn't it will be one nearer the magic 10,000!

It's is my second RV and we are having a ball with it. It has a new O-320 with a constant speed Hartzell with Classic Aero leather interior. Thanks for an amazing product that never disappoints! I attach a couple of photos. The colour is Honda Milano Red, the same as our Jazz (Fit).

                Best regards
                Stan Hodgkins


From: Paul Straub
Subject: N917PB First Flight, SN 120971
Date sent: Saturday, May 06, 2017

Hello, May 5, 2017 was my first flight. I have been building my ELSA RV-12 for approx 14 months, I picked up the empennage (first kit) from Van's on March 8, 2016.

It's a standard build with Skyview Touch avionics. I flew for about an hour over my home airport in Lodi, CA and everything worked great, I have no squawks at this point.

It weighed in empty at 738lbs. Thanks to family/friends and the Van's community for all the support during this life changing project!!

                Paul Straub


From: Erik Fjerstad
Subject: RV-6A 60069 First Flight 4-19-2017
Date sent: Wednesday, May 03, 2017

RV-6A 60069 quick-build project was started in 1997 by a JPL engineer, then passed through two more owners before I acquired it in 2007. Work and life interfered with progress until I retired in 2014.

Firewall forward, all fiberglass (fairings, wheel pants, wing tips), and interior forward of the spar is RV-7 configuration and components.

                Empty weight:1037
                Engine: 150hp O-320-E2A from 1972 PA-28-140
                Prop: Performance Propeller (wood laminate)
                Avionics: Advanced Flight Systems 5600, IFD 540
                Paint: not yet!


From: Conklin Richard
Subject: First flight 90432 N183RC
Date sent: Tuesday, May 02, 2017


First (and second) flight of RV-9A 90432 N183RC occurred from KLPR on April 23, 2017. Dave Ross (RV-4 and RV-7 builder) was the pilot. An elevator trim issue marred the first flight, which Dave handled expertly. Once remedied, the second flight was 30 minutes with engine and airframe performance as expected. Calibration of instruments and pilot (me) is next. The test program is ready!

N183RC is powered by a freshly overhauled O-320-H2AD, fixed pitch Sensenich aluminum prop and Ellison throttle body. In the panel is a Dynon D-180 with AP, a Garmin 496 GPS, SL-30 Nav/Com, and a GTX 327 transponder. Interior is Classic seats and carpet with homemade side panels. The airframe is slow build wings and a QB fuselage. It's painted in S-W Genesis M in white and silver, with red accents in vinyl. Empty weight with full fairings and interior is 1113 lbs. Engine OH, construction, fiberglass, paint and all wiring was done by me over a period of 15 years(!).

See attached document for details, picture below is of myself (left) and Dave Ross (right).

Best regards / Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Szívélyes üdvözlettel / Saludos Cordiales,

Rick Conklin

                Richard J. Conklin III
                Director, Air Treatment, Transmission & Engine Air Management
                Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC
                Telephone: 440-329-9445
                Cellphone: 440-315-2010
                Fax: 440-329-9580
                Email: richard.conklin at


From: Gil Alexander
Subject: First flight - N61GX
Date sent: Wednesday, April 26, 2017

After many years, RV-6A #20701 flew.

The 1989 kit, still with the original owner Gil Alexander, was an early slow build kit.

As time progressed a few changes occurred in engine and avionics, as well as a relocation from the Los Angeles area to La Cholla Airpark in North Tucson.

It flew with a narrow deck Lycoming O-360-A1A made up from a box of yellow tagged parts and assembled by a Phoenix engine builder. The avionics changed over time and is now at Dynon 10 inch Touch Skyview, with a Skyview intercom and Comm. radio. Comm #2 is an old Apollo GX-65, but is slated to be soon replaced with a Garmin 400W.

Gil Alexander - Oro Valley, AZ


This was posted on VAF.

Today was the big day, with a nice calm morning after a few windy days.

Getting ready, in a borrowed hangar with less taxi distance -

It takes off - lift the nose slightly and up it went at a DA of 4000 ft -

And the required (and long awaited) grin after -

No big surprises but some radio problems.

  • 1. Com #2, the Apollo GX65, squealed.
  • 2. Com #1, Skyview had a loose knob on the frequency select.

And a high CHT on take off and climb which will hopefully go down a bit as the rings are seated.

No big deal, I just stayed on the Multicom frequency, the first issue I think is an internal preset setting needed for the mic. gain, and the second is fixed with a small allen key.

                Gil Alexander


From: Chris Chattin
Subject: First Flight Report!
Date sent: Thursday, April 20, 2017

Hi Van's!

RV-7 kit #70766 is now an airplane!

Powered by an IO-360-M1B and Hartzell BA CS Prop. It's built light and to the plans coming in at just #1043 empty. The VFR glass panel has a dual screen GRT Horizon EFIS.

Thanks for the amazing design, awesome kit, and good support over the last few years.

First flight was yesterday, April 19, 2017 and went very smoothly. What a sweet flying airplane. I'm definitely looking forward to phase I and exploring the envelope.

Here's a few videos and some pictures of the flight...

YouTube Videos of the First Flight.
Van's Aircraft RV-7 - First Takeoff
N437T - First Flight from the Cockpit
Vans Aircraft RV-7 - First Landing

                All the best,
                Chris Chattin


From: Steve Goevert
Subject: First Flight
Date sent: Wednesday, April 19, 2017

RV 6 #25246 was started 1997 in Missouri by another builder who built the empennage, wings and part of the fuselage. In 2012 with renewed enthusiasm, I brought the project to my farm in central Kansas. I built it inside a gutted old farmhouse where space was always tight.

For the next 4 ˝ years I worked on it an average of 20 hours per week. Most of the "work" was actually planning and research so that the finished product would incorporate the latest technology.

It is powered by a Lycoming O-320 150 HP, Sensenich composite ground-adjustable prop, dual Lightspeed electronic ignition (no mags), dual electric fuel pumps (no engine fuel pump), Dynon electronic EFIS and engine monitoring (no vacuum pump). I also put in an airspeed indicator and altimeter for backup. It has dual independent electrical systems using two Odyssey batteries mounted on the forward side of the firewall. The electrical system is of my own design and I spent a LONG TIME researching it.

First flight occurred on April 18, 2017 and was marvelously uneventful with no squawks. It flew like a hot little sports car and made my beloved old Mooney seem like a family van. My test pilot and I even rolled it upside down a few times. Now I understand what the RV fuss is really all about!

Since it's a late bloomer RV6 I used as much RV7 updating and new technology as possible, and therefore I have it registered with the FAA as an RV6.5.

                Steve Goevert, Builder


From: Doug Happe
Subject: RV-7 First Flight
Date sent: Tuesday, April 18, 2017

I sent an acknowledgement of the first flight in Feb. Attached is a photo with my RV along side of my Corvette. Note the similar paint and interior.

It has an ECI/Titan IO-340 engine, Vetterman exhaust, Sam James cowling and plenum and a Classic Aero Design interior.

First flight was done by Mike Seager with me as passenger. Yep, had a heavy wing. Lots of calibration to do, but our weather has not been good.

                It has been an amazing ride.
                Thank you!
                Doug Happe P.E.
                Head Coach
                Logo For Signatures
                30 Years of Excellence and Integrity
                253 872-5665 Ext 227, Direct 253 981-2764, Fax 253 872-5797, Cell: 206-390-7887
                Toll Free: 800-291-5191
                Proud to be Auburns "Business of the Year"


From: Daniel Budde
Subject: RV-12 120413 First Flight
Date sent: Sunday, April 16, 2017

After 2,420 days and many challenges, our RV-12 took flight for the first time on the morning of Wednesday 4/12/2017. The aircraft performed well with the only squawk being a heavy left wing.

Serial # 120413 was built with the loving support and understanding of my wife Denise. There are so many other friends and family to thank as well for use of their talents, tools, trailers, knowledge, and so many other intangibles. A special thanks to fellow RV-12 builder Jack Clark who always let me stay slightly ahead of him so I could make the mistakes and he could learn from them. He was on his own after our aircraft went into storage for 2 years and he completed a fine flying RV-12. Also, a big thanks to Tracy Willingham who is doing the Phase 1 flying duties. A professional and competent pilot and they don't come any better.

Equipment is straight ELSA that includes Rotax 912 ULS, Sensenich propeller, Dynon Skyview Touch, Garmin GTR 200, lighting, autopilot servos, AP/knobs panel, and ADSB In/Out.

Looking forward to many safe and fun adventures.



From: Jerry
Subject: First flight N448WP
Date sent: Sunday, April 16, 2017

March 10 celebrated the first flight after 4 years of building RV14A kit #98. The test flight went as expected thanks to friend Paul shepherd in the right seat who also gave me 15 plus hours of transition training in his just painted RV14A. A special thanks to a patient wife Bettye for letting me spend so many hours at the hanger. My weekend flying group was always encouraging along with Vans. Dynon avionics is working thanks to Greg and the aft fuselage is still attached to the forward fuselage thanks to Denny.

                See you at Oshkosh
                Jerry Sparks
                Scottsdale Arizona


From: Jeff Kudlo
Subject: N7VQ First Flight
Date sent: Saturday, April 15, 2017

RV, 'Seven Victor Quebec', dispatched for the skies after a ten year build on Tuesday April 13, 2017. Test flown by EAA advisor and mentor David Ross resulted in an amazing day. The RV-7 performed as expected powered by an Aero Sport Power IO-375 and pulled by the Whirlwind RV200 propeller. She weighed in at #1105 without paint and is equipped with some sporty Garmin gear. Thanks to my Lord for the ability and blessing me with the stamina to persevere, my wife who gave up her garage for many years and for the many that encouraged me throughout the journey.

Let's go flying...

                Jeff Kudlo
                Wakeman, Ohio
                N7VQ(very quick)


From: Patrick Keating
Subject: First Flight Report
Date sent: Wednesday, April 12, 2017

My RV-8 N448PK made it's first flight on 4/7/17. This is RV-8 S/N 83584. The aircraft is equipped with a Continental Titan IOX-370 200hp engine. The empty weight was 1085 lbs. It has a Hartzell prop purchased from Van's. The avionics include a Garmin GTN 650 and a GMA 350c. It also includes a Dynon Skyview HDX display with a Dynon D10A as a backup display. It also has a Dynon back-up com and Dynon autopilot. The beautiful leather seats are from Classic Aero in Oregon. As of this date this RV-8 has 11 hours and building.

                Patrick Keating
                RV-8 S/N 83584


From: kevrv7 at
Subject: N517KW has been finished/flying
Date sent: Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Realized when I saw the RV Count on banner at sun-n-fun this year that I don't think I ever submitted mine as completed and flying. Please add RV-7 N517KW as a finished and flying RV since August 2012..(sorry). Builder number 71364.

                Kevin Wees
                Gibsonia, Pa. (formally Houston, Tx.)


From: Norris Brown
Subject: RV-14A Completed
Date sent: Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Good afternoon,

Just one week short of three years and after 3012 hrs my RV-14A received its airworthiness certificate and two days later, when the weather broke, was the first flight which went well with minor glitches.

N14NP is located in Spokane Washington at Felts Field. Power is supplied by a Superior XP-400 assembled by Aero Sport Power. The engine has dual PMags and an MT Constant speed prop. Electronics was installed by myself and is full IFR consisting of dual 10 inch G3x touch screens, a Garmin GNS530W GPS/Nav/Comm, a Garmin 23ES transponder along with a Garmin 39R providing full ADSB, and a second Garmin remote Comm. A Mini X with remote magnetometer and battery backup is installed as a backup EFIS. Circuit protection is provided by a VPX Pro with status of every circuit displayed on the G3x screen. The Garmin autopilot has the panel mounted controller for ease of use. Since this aircraft will be used IFR in the Northwest it is being equipped with the ThermX deice system including wing heaters, prop heat, pitot heat, and canopy deice spray.

                Norris Brown
                NorrisAir at


From: Bob Crooks
Subject: RV10 First FLight
Date sent: Monday, April 03, 2017

April 1 was the first flight for N412BC and a great success it was after 4.5 years of construction. Notice that my wife Ellen has a bigger grin than I do. She has been instrumental in getting this project done.

Builder number is 41412. The plane is pretty standard except for an Electroair ignition on one side and the Safeair extended range tanks. Avionics suite is G3X with GTN650 as the navigator.

                Bob Crooks & Ellen Moy


From: Dave Bernard
Subject: First Flight Report 83162
Date sent: Sunday, April 02, 2017

Greetings Vans,

After 6+ years and 1880 hours of building I flew my RV-8, N187MF on April 1, 2017.

The test flight went exactly as planned and the aircraft and equipment all performed flawlessly. The performance and maneuverability of this RV-8 are amazing!

The aircraft has a new O-360, Catto 3 blade fixed pitch prop, Dynon Skyview SE, Classic Aero seats and AeroLED lights.

I couldn't have finished this without prodding and support from builders Chris Ryan, Kelly Stevens, my father and fellow builder Rich Bernard, the community at VAF and of course my bucking partner, my wife Krista.

I can't wait to see where this plane will take me! Great plane, Vans!

                Dave Bernard
                Operations Officer
                Commemorative Air Force- Utah Wing
                davebernard81 at


From: Gerhard Jordaan
Subject: First Flight Vans RV-8 no 82193 - VH-ZGJ
Date sent: Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Dear Vans

On 29 March 2017 a collection of parts from a Vans RV-8 kit no 82193 took to the air as "Zulu Golf Juliet" from Caboolture Airfield, Queensland, Australia after 11 years in the making!

As all first flights should go, everything went well with the airplane showing the classic excellent RV handling qualities throughout the tested envelope. With a Lycoming O-320-D1A and 80 inch fixed pitch propeller, she settled at 160 KTAS at 78% power at 3000 ft. This is quite acceptable considering the smaller O-320 engine, which really makes for a light, simple and smooth handling version of the RV-8.

The flight lasted about 40 minutes with a classic first flight profile and some good friends flying safety chase in an RV-6. Some minor tweaks will be needed as always - but this is part of all Phase 1 flight testing and what we do in our hobby.

Even though the builder's log show 2450 hours of my building time, it cannot describe enough the great support I got from everyone who contributes to the RV forums...for every issue I came across there were people who described similar issues and solutions.

The biggest thanks also goes to the great bunch of guys of SAAA Chapter 22, Caboolture who all jumped in to get the project finished - thanks guys for demonstrating the real spirit of our organisation.

Vans RV-8 VH-ZGJ
Lycoming O-320 D1A
Sensenich fixed pitch prop - 80 inch pitch
Empty Weight 1096 lbs, Empty CG at 79 inches
Dynon Skyview 10 inch Classic with steam gauge back-ups

                Happy building and safe flying!
                Gerhard Jordaan
                SAAA Chapter 22


From: David Thompson
Subject: Another takes to the sky's
Date sent: Sunday, March 26, 2017

Hi Vans,

Just letting you know that "Romeo Zulu Victor" (RV-7A #72547) took to the air on the 15th March in the skilful hands of Snoopy Adams ( it's the 6th RV to carry out the first flight). Once proven she worked, I has my first flight too.

Just a minor electrical issue and a slightly heavy left wing, both quickly resolved.

Thanks to all who have helped and those who have had to put up with me for the past 22 months during the build.

Aerosport Power IO-375
Hartzell C/S
Duel Dynon Skyview Touch, and Dynon Comms suite
Classic Aero Design Interior.

P.S. The animate object in the photo is yours truly

                Dave Thompson


From: Gary Christensen
Subject: First Flight - N234GB (RV-6A QB)
Date sent: Monday, March 20, 2017

March 18, 2017 - At FFZ (Falcon Field, Mesa AZ) With no other aircraft in the pattern, N234GB (RV-6A) took the active runway. Six seconds later the rapidly accelerating aluminum transformed into an airborne aircraft, climbed to 3,000 MSL and orbited the field to become accustomed to the operational controls and characteristics. Climbs, turns, descents and engine operation were in appropriate ranges.

Picked up in Aurora by original builder in 1997 as a collection of RV-6A 'factory quickbuilds' . After a little effort he pushed it aside and acquired a completed RV-6A to fly. I acquired it in 2006, and a decade later completed and flew the First Flight. The VS/Rudder is the 'larger' (RV-8/8A version).

Empty Wt - 1051 lbs
Empty CG - 71.0 inches
Total Wt 1st Flt - 1433 lbs
A/C Time - 0.0 SMOH - 753.0
Flight Time - 0.5 hrs

Dynon SkyView 10" "Classic" display, Dynon radio/Intercom, AP Servos, Knob Panel, ADS-B in/out, Mode S. GPS 2020 and D2 Pocket Panel. iPad Mini 4, ForeFlight Pro Plus. Lycoming O-360 (used J2A) with AFP fuel injection, Vetterman exhaust, dual magnetos. Dynon EMS. Sensenich Fixed Pitch 'cruise' prop

Thanks to the member expertise of EAA Chap 228, fantastic forums on VAF and the knowledgebase of its contributors. Thanks to Brian Montenich for Transition Training, the landing was acceptable. Maximum thanks to my patient and supportive wife for putting up with the Aluminum Mistress hiding in the garage. It's well worth the effort. Thanks Van and the great staff of Aurora.

                Pilot Gary Christensen, Builder/Owner


From: blain AT bstrock com
Subject: First flight
Date sent: Sunday, March 19, 2017

Builder Blain Stumpf
El Dorado Hills, CA
Began construction May, 2013
First flight February 25, 2017

Sensenich FP
AFS 4500
Todds canopy

                Blain Stumpf


From: Dan Charrois
Subject: RV-10 completed
Date sent: Thursday, March 16, 2017

Hi there. I know that periodically you release info on how many of your kits have been completed. I'm not sure where you collect information on that, but if it's just from people letting you know when they're done, I thought I'd chime in. My RV-10 (CGDJE) made its first flight on January 15, 2017 (if you're interested, I have a YouTube video posted of the first flight at

I'm happy to say that everything is working great - other than a few minor tweaks, I haven't had to change or adjust much at all. It's a great plane to fly - very responsive, relatively undemanding, and great performance. The only frustration I'm having right now is staying within the 25 nm radius that Transport Canada requires for the first 25 hours of flight :-)

Being Canadian, I've painted it with a northern lights theme (aurorae borealis).. and since you're coincidentally located in Aurora, Oregon I just know that some day I'm going to want to fly it out to your airport there to "complete the circle" as it were :-)

Thanks for making such a wonderful and straightforward design - my family and I look forward to putting thousands of flying hours into it!

                Dan Charrois
                President, Syzygy Research & Technology
                Phone: 780-961-2213


From: Nick Perucca
Subject: first flight
Date sent: Sunday, March 12, 2017

RV-12 N614AK #120753 defied gravity on March 11, 2017 at Meadow Lake airport, east of Colorado Springs, Colorado. This airport is at 6874 msl, and with a density altitude well over 8000, the 12 performed a snappy climb right up to 10,000. It was an uneventful first flight, with no issues.

Thanks go to many. The support of my wife Jan and kids, the crew at Van's, including transition training with Jose G., Jay Brinkmeyer, a 10 builder, who got me started and provided tools, help, and advice, fellow builders whose websites I visited often, and, the best bargain in RV'ing: VAF.

                Safe flying all.
                Nick Perucca
                nickperucca at aol dot com


From: Richard Jason
Subject: First Flight
Date sent: Friday, March 10, 2017

First flight today 3-10-17 8:00 AM EST.

RV8, QB, Ser# 81774, Multiple builder ,10th RV.

Lycoming AEIO-390-X by Barrett Precisions Engines, Christian inverted oil, AFP200 fuel injection, 1152 lbs. empty gross weight, EWCG 77.56" aft. Todds "Dark' tinted canopy, Dual GRT horizon I EFIS, TT auto pilot, Garmin SL30 Nav comm.

Short flight, low ceilings, no issues,

                Dick Jason
                Winter Haven, FL


From: Greg Brinker
Subject: First flight RV-7A N775RV
Date sent: Thursday, March 09, 2017

Hello Van's!

Another RV-7A successfully completed it's first flight on 2/4/17. N775RV took to the skies for a trouble free flight over north Phoenix 6 years after receiving the empennage kit. What a great plane!

                Greg Brinker
                Builder 73838
                Phoenix, AZ


From: Keith Brown
Subject: First Flight Report
Date sent: Wednesday, March 08, 2017

First flight report for N314KC, an RV-14A, builder #140136

N314KC, an RV-14A, got her airworthiness certificate on Mar 7 2017 and had her first flight on Mar 8 2017 - 2 years 10 months from first kit arrival. The engine is a Superior XP400 built by Aero Sport Power, the panel is all Garmin (dual G3X 10" screens, GTN 650, GMA 245 Audio Panel, GTR 20 remote radio, GTX 23ES transponder and G5).

As expected, she flew fast and very true - and what a view from that enormous canopy - like flying in Imax! A couple of minor squawks to chase (like a buzzing radio on my GTN 650) but the hours will start piling up right away. Many thanks to my partner, Chris, for all her building help and encouragement, and to EAA mentor/Tech Counselor Martin Sutter, whose guidance and encouragement were invaluable.

New plane sitting on the scales: Airworthiness from DAR legend Mel Asberry: The shock, when during their post-flight picture op, the builders get a surprise ice water dousing: The post-first-flight celebration from the support community of Pecan Plantation - it takes a village to build an airplane:

                Keith Brown
                Pecan Plantation 0TX1
                Granbury, TX


From: Maxson Jr, Rocky
Subject: RV-10 kit #40203
Date sent: Wednesday, March 08, 2017

To whom it may concern,

RV-10 kit #40203 first flight was on 06-22-2016 and to date has flown 60 hours of grin time powered by an EZ36 Subaru conversion, turbo charged and inter-cooled. All systems are functioning perfectly and the RV-10 design is perfect for us.

Thank you Van and your staff for all your help from the first introductory flight through the delivery process and any technical questions we needed help with during the building process. We enjoyed every step of the way and will continue to have fun with the flying portion of the "RV Experience"

                Paul Hahn and Rocky Maxson
                Denver, Colorado


From: Dennis Crider
Date sent: Saturday, February 25, 2017

RV-12 N928AC took to the air for the first time February 22nd with my RV-12 instructor, Dan Wroe, at the controls as the "Qualified Pilot" under the new dual pilot program. I strongly recommend it to anyone, like me, who hasn't flown for a while. My son/co-builder and I both enjoyed our turn at the controls. The airplane flew well with no wing heaviness and a lucky first guess on the rudder tab. A few squawks of course but most are easily fixed. As you can see in the picture, my son's RV grin started in the air. Mine was undocumented just after the flight when it suddenly hit me that I had just flown an airplane that I had built. Nothing like it. Thanks Vans.

                Dennis Crider
                builder 120391
                Vienna VA


From: Dennis Enns
Subject: First Flight
Date sent: Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Vans can add another RV-8 to the completed list. It flew for the first time Feb 18, 2017. Video link is on VAF.

                Dennis Enns
                Slooooooow Builder 81563


From: Robert Ferguson
Subject: First Flight Report N314RF
Date sent: Sunday, February 19, 2017

Hello Van's--

I'm pleased to report the first flight of RV-14A #140046 on Sunday February 12 out of KSTS Sonoma County Airport, Santa Rosa, CA. The test pilot (and tech counselor/flight adviser) was Steve Barnes, who did my first flight about 7 years ago on my RV-9A. A few minor problems to report, which will all be corrected by the finish of the Phase 1 test period. Special "Thanks" to David Heal, Kevin Quirk, other members of EAA124 who have contributed, and to all the members of the RV community who have shared their knowledge and experience.

The plane is powered by an AeroSport Power Superior IO-400 rated at 215HP, cold air induction, roller lifters and pendulum counter-weighted crankshaft, AFP Silver Hawk fuel injection, ported and flow matched cylinders, with dual electronic Light Speed III ignition systems. The prop is a 74 inch Hartzell BA. Instrumentation is all Dynon-- SkyView Touch 10 inch with EMS module, Mode S transponder, GPS-2020, ADSB out, radio and intercom, autopilot panel and AP Knob panel, two axis auto pilot with Ray Allen trim. The pilot stick is Tosten 8 function. Upholstery by Flightline Interiors with Crow 5 point harnesses. ELT is ACK E-04 (408Mhz). Byonics APRS tracking system.

I have already started my third kit, an RV-8A, so you can call me "just plane crazy"!!

                Bob Ferguson


From: Zak Clement
Subject: First Flight Report
Date sent: Monday, February 06, 2017

Another RV-14 is in the air! On Saturday the 4th we flew our -14 for the first time. The airplane handled great and preformed as expected.

The airplane has the IO-390 Lycoming mated to a Hartzell prop. This combination is really sweet, the airplane wastes no time getting off the ground on the take off roll. The panel was built by Stein and features a Dynon Skyview and a Garmin GTN 650. This panel has an impressive amount to features I am excited to learn about. I plan on earning my instrument rating in the RV this Spring.

This RV was started by my late father, Gordon Clement, January 2013. We were able to finish the build with the help of an RV-8 owner/builder, Allen Holcombe. Allen also pained the airplane as we built. We copied the RV prototype scheme, adding some detail to the wings.

The airplane is based at a private grass strip in the North Georgia mountains. I will be excited to fly off the 40 hour test phase to start exploring the country in this great machine.

Thanks to Allen for his hard work, Bennett Akin for the custom leather interior, and Mike Fitzpatrick for transition training in his RV-6 and for being another set of eyes for the first flight.

Well done on this design Vans. Now I understand why there are so many of these airplanes flying. I am excited to learn more about this airplane and enjoy it for years to come.

                Zak Clement


Subject: first flight RV-7A kit 74051
Date sent: February 2, 2017

I'm pleased to announce RV-7A N531MW kit 74051 made its first flight on 01/31/2017! It is powered by a slightly experienced Lycoming o-360 a4m and Sensenich prop. It is Day/Night VFR equipped with Dynon Skyview system and has the Dynon radio, transponder and intercom. First flight went exceptionally well with only squawks being a transmitting issue from the radio and hot #3 cylinder. I'm off to transition training this weekend & am looking forward to many adventures with this airplane. Thanks for the support from Vans,, EAA, local RV builders, friends and family. I'm glad to get Vans 1 more closer to the 10K milestone!

                Scott Watts
                RV-7A flying!


From: James White
Subject: RV-8 First Flight
Date sent: Sunday, January 22, 2017

Vans Team,

Friday, January 20th, N538AM flew for the first time. The flight went well with only a short list of minor issues to resolve. (Including the traditional heavy wing.) Our -8 is a quick build that took just under 3 years to complete. It's powered by a Superior O-360 XP turning a 3 blade Catto prop. A follow-up flight recorded 208 mph true airspeed without wheel pants. RV grins all around!

                Mitch Midyett and JP White
                Hammond, LA


From: Geoff Carr
Subject: RV-8QB #83518
Date sent: Saturday, January 21, 201

Hi Guys,

Just to let you know my RV-8 flew for the first time today 21 Jan 2017 at 1400hrs Australian EST, one week short of one year since I received the kit. Excellent T's & P's even though I was pulling high power for the whole flight. Engine XP382, with Raven inverted oil, MT C/S prop, Vetterman muffled exhaust.

Garmin G3X, radio's and Xpndr, ADS-B in and out, mounted Ipad mini, Dynon D2 standby. Airplane was fast smooth, and very quiet. And yes that is a Vans cap I am wearing.



From: Michael Wardle
Subject: First Flight RV-12 N219EM
Date sent: Sunday, January 15, 2017

Dear Vans Team:

I flew my E-SLA RV-12 N219EM for its first flight yesterday. I flew for 50 minutes out of KTVY. The airplane flew beautifully. Other than a few minor adjustments to control surfaces and prop pitch, there were no squawks.

I built the airplane in my basement with the incredible support of my wife and family.

Special thanks to Sterling Langrell for his professional and dedicated technical support. I also appreciate the fabulous transition training I received from Jose Gutierrez.

                Michael Wardle


From: RCA Info
Subject: First RCA RV-14
Date sent: Sunday, January 08, 2017

Hi Gentlemen and Ladies

I thought I would share with you pictures of our first completed RV-14a. The test flight was absolutely perfect, with no snags and as straight as an arrow.

The aircraft is built stock standard, utilizing as much from Van's as possible. The only thing that we did differently was to bond the canopy and use no screws. The aircraft is equipped with 2 x Dynon HDX EFIS, autopilot, 2 x Garmin Coms, etc. You will see our switch arrangement in the centre with the Otto switches and our screen printed lexan labels that glow-in-the-dark.

We are very proud of the finishes and the customer is very happy. I think it is going to be a great advertiser for all. Well done on a great kit! It is my favourite by far.

The other three on the floor are coming along very nicely as well. Business is good. Interest is high. We wish you all a Happy New Year and a prosperous one.

Robin Coss

                PO Box 832, Howard Place, Cape Town, 7450
                Plot 12A Convair Rd, General Aviation Area,
                Cape Town International Airport, 7525
                Tel: +27 21 934 7498
                Fax: +27 21 934 7477
                Join us on Facebook


From: Graham Haley
Subject: VH-YVY Flies
Date sent: Thursday, January 05, 2017

On January 5th, 10 days short of 2 years of building, my RV-14 flew for the first time. No problems and flew beautifully.

Thanks to my wife for her patience and my son for his occasional bucking skills.

Engine - IO390

Prop - 72" Hartzell CS

Avionics - Twin G3x, GTN650, G5, GMC307 etc Seats - Classic Aero

                Graham Haley


From: Carl Bell
Subject: N947RV Flies, Just an FYI
Date sent: Friday, December 30, 2016

                Carl Bell


From: Cliff Goldstein
Subject: First flight N399EE December 30, 2016
Date sent: Saturday, December 31, 2016

After 2 years and 364 days, Our RV 14A. Took to the Colorado skies thanks to Bobbi, my wife with her support. I would not have been able to accomplish the build as quickly as we did without the help of Scott Serani, the support of his wife Jill and Art Schwarz who taught me the skills of Building.

There are a few non standard items.

Our 14 has a Superior XP 400 Built and tested by Barrett Precision Engines

A Whirl Wind 74 Prop

EFII Dual Electronic Ignition and Electronic Fuel injection by Protek

The panel has dual G3X screens GTN 650 with Garmin AP, Audio, and back up G5 AHARS.

Stein built the panel and harness which went together with few issues and great support.

Robert Paisley of Protek was incredible walking me through the new technology to make the Superior engine balanced, smooth, and as easy to start, and manage as your new car ignition system. Hot starts are a thing of the past.

As for the airplane, after barely 2 hours, she flies straight, easy to fly and lands with grace.

Finally a special thanks to Joe Blank who helped Bobbi and I choose the 14 as the best platform for our mission. We miss you Joe! Blue skies

                Cliff Goldstein


From: Bob Vosburgh
Subject: First Flight
Date sent: Wednesday, December 28, 2016

On November 23, 2016 N990BV flew .3 hours for the first time. Nice and square, trimmed hands off with no issues. After six years of off-and-on work I upped the effort this past year and am very happy with the airplane.

The Superior XP IO-360 burned only a quarter quart of oil in the 5-hour break in, the Whirlwind 200RV functions smoothly. The panel is the nicest I've ever flown with G3X touch, GTN 625, GRT Mini for backup, AP as well as Grove Gear, EarthX battery, Aero LED lights and seats by DJ Lauritsen. Empty weight came in at 1066 lbs.

This panel blows away what we had in the F-111, AT-38 or F-16... although those were a bit more functional in a combat situation! I have more study and work to do to understand all the functionality.

My thanks to Jay Pratt, RV Central, Mike Gleason of Stein Aircraft and my friends Woody Hopler, Charlie Precourt, Don Shearer, Larry Kline and Don Johnson for their counsel.

With 10 hours on the airplane I'm starting a 20-card flight test program and look forward to a thorough shake down and POH. I still have some work to do on the fiberglas before she goes in for paint in February.

First flight:

                Bob Vosburgh
                S/N 83087


From: Skinnarland, Nils
Subject: First flight RV-7 LN-KJA (#72805)
Date sent: Friday, December 23, 2016

Hi Vans

A little late report from Norway. Anyway, first flight for RV-7 LN-KJA at 3. july this year (serial # 72805).

Our RV is powered with a used O-360 with Hartzell fixed pitch propeller and equipped with "steam" instruments.

First flight went well and the RV has now about 35 hours.

                Thank you for a great aircraft!
                Happy Christmas!
                Nils and Vidar


From: Arthur Brent Wenger
Subject: First Flight
Date sent: Sunday, December 18, 2016

Hi Vans,

Once again I've been negligent in my duties, in failing to tell Vans that I've been flying my wonderful RV7A since March of 15, and have over 200 hours on her.

Maximum thanks to Van's and John and Darryl for all their help. They cracked the whip mercilessly or I would still be working instead of flying.

My 7A serial # 71558, has a Lycon 0-360EXP, with a Hartzell CS scimitar prop. It is advertised at 180HP, but I'm certain she does better than that because of high compression pistons, and EIS electronic ignition. No way to know for sure except for the smile on my face.

I chose Dynon Skyview touch for my panel and absolutely love it.

Here are a pic, and thank you again for your wonderful airplane and support.

                Brent Wenger
                EAA 277203


From: Mike Sheffer
Subject: RV-7, call sign 4X-OSM first flight
Date sent: Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Hello friends,

On Dec 9, 2016 09:00 my RV-7, slow build #72339 kit, made its first flight. It was a perfect clear day at Megido airfield (LLMG), in the north of Israel. She took off after more than 11 long building years. This bird is the 4th RV built and flying in Israel, so, formation flights are under serious planning.

The maiden flight was made by Alon Kravetski a very skilled fire extinguishing pilot and was perfect. The bird is stable, no heavy wing, speedy and flying like a dream. We made additional 4 flights in that day. Just couldn't stop.

My RV equipped with Lycoming O-360 A1A engine, Dynon D-100, Garmin GTX 330 transponder and many other instruments, most of them are "steam gages" from Vans catalog Thanks to my patient family, my building pal Yonatan Barkan, and of course to Vans and all the employees over there that made a perfect design and wonderful kit. I had long enjoyable time building my RV. The next RV will certainly follow.

                Mike Sheffer


From: Wayne Runyon
Date sent: Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Another RV12 takes flight in Canada on December 4th, 2016

C-GWRO Serial # 120801 was built by Wayne Runyon and his son Greg. This was a fantastic father -son project with excellent support of wife/mother. We are first time builders but found the Kit Assembly Instructions for the RV12 to be excellent. We took advantage of the "Homebuilthelp" videos as well as several blogs to assist us on our journey. Members of local EAA flight 154 were very supportive and encouraging. We received RV12 transition training from Plane Guys Aviation in Waupaca, Wi.

RV12 Serial No 120801

Engine - Rotax 912 ULS

Prop - Sensenich

Instrumentation - Dynon Skyview, Garmin GTR 200

Optional Kits - Lighting, Auto Pilot Servos, Skyview AP Knob Panels

Greg did the maiden flight at our home base at Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada on December 4, 2016 as per Vans Flight Test proceedures and she flew beautifully

                Wayne Runyon


From: Charles Mifsud
Subject: First Flight of 41376 (RV-10)
Date sent: Monday, December 12, 2016

Thank you to van and staff for a great aircraft RV10 41376 took flight on 10 of December 2016 after 2.5 years building it flew beautifully straight and level hands and feet off do not have to adjust anything.

I definitely have the RV grin.

                Bill Mazzeo


From: Lorne Montgomery
Subject: First Flight
Date sent: Monday, December 12, 2016

I flew our RV6 for the first time on March 16, 2016. Kit 20557 was started in 1989.

After passing through a few owners hands, a trailer full of parts arrived at our hangar in 2011.

This airplane would not be flying if it weren't for mentor and great friend William "Charlie" Brown.

IO360-A1A, Hartzell, Skyviews, Autopilot.

My wife and I send a big "Thank You!" to Van's Aircraft for this wonderful experience.

                Lorne Montgomery
                Huntsville, TX


From: LindyShambaugh
Subject: RV-14A SERIAL NO.140194
Date sent: Friday, December 09, 2016

Van's, Dynon, and AFS Support Teams,

RV-14A Serial No.140194 has just completed Phase I flight testing at the Leeward Air Ranch in Ocala, Florida.

It was a blast to build and even better to fly. It's headed to the Hawk paint shop in Tampa early next week.

My sincere thanks to the support teams at Van's (Sterling, Gus, et al), Dynon, (Mike and David) and Advanced Flight Systems (Rob and Jeffrey) for all the help provided. This is my forth RV and I'm thinking seriously about another one. Ya just can't keep an RV builder down.


                Robert L. (Lindy) Shambaugh
                9220 SE 72 Ave.
                Ocala, FL 34472


Subject: First Flight
Date sent: Sunday, December 11, 2016

Van's RV8A Bld No 80120 Australian Registration VH-ERD had its first flight on Saturday last. yes I have the grin !. Engine Lycoming IO 360 200 hp angle valve with 72" Hartzell CS prop, Dynon Skyview 10" with garmin eara 500 and steam gauges as back up , also has an Infinity stik grip.

                Cheers Bruce Deslandes


From: J S Green
Subject: First flight N9941R RV-8
Date sent: Sunday, December 11, 2016

First flight N9941R RV-8, December 10, 2016 out of 32GA in East Georgia went great. I appreciate all that contributed to this remarkable experience. Keep building, the first flight is amazing.

7.4 years, 2080 hours build time

New 180hp YIO-360-M1B w/ Hartzell Constant speed prop.

IFR, Dual 7" Dynons, GTN650, PAR100EX, ADSB, etc.

1117lb w/ no paint

                James Green


From: Larry
Subject: first flight for RV12 N4560 Larry stevens, Mulino Or.
Date sent: Friday, December 09, 2016

Sorry, I late in notifying you that my RV 12 flew on May 18, 2016. I had my good friend Jerry Vangrusven complete the first flight. After that I had Jerry complete the check time for me as per my insurance company. Since then, I have logged about 20 hours of flight time in the RV. It flys wonderful and having a great time flying around Oregon.

                Larry stevens


From: Peter Froebel
Subject: First flight #25091
Date sent: Thursday, December 08, 2016

On November 10, I did the first flight with #25091 C-GBEJ, RV-6A. Was a 2.5 hour flight, broke the engine in and did a few stalls , no problems.

The engine is an Aerosport O-320, with a Sensenich 70CM7 fixed pitch prop, and single screen Skyview.

Like to thank Van's for all the support over the years.

                Peter Froebel


From: Chris Goodworth
Subject: VH-FZC First Flight Report
Date sent: Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Our RV-7A registered VH-FZC (named 'UP&aWA') took to the sky for the first time on 19 November 2016 at Serpentine airfield Western Australia (YSEN). What a day!

I owe my wife Fiona a big public thank-you and many a weekend away. It's impossible to fully repay her, but I'll try! Without support these things don't happen and she gave it in bucketloads.

Thanks also to the people who helped with all the small things and process steps that are required to commission and certify the aircraft ahead of first flight. Rob Montgomery, Bo Hannington and Colin Morrow continue to be fantastic friends and mentors. I've learnt a lot. Thanks also to my parents who visited to help out on numerous occasions and my mate Mark Biggs who gave up quite a number of weekends to buck the big sequences of rivets with me.

A great product thanks to the team members at Van's Aircraft. I look forward to operating her safely for many years to come.

  • Details:
  • Construction Duration: 6yrs 4months (Std. Kit)
  • Engine: Lycoming YIO-360-M1B
  • Prop: Hartzell BA CS
  • Instrumentation: Stein Dual 10" Dynon Skyview Touch incl. autopilot and a Dynon D2 back-up.
  • Radios: Garmin GTR200 plus a Dynon back-up Comm
  • Other: Dynon break-out panels (a/p, knob, intercom) an integrated carbon monoxide detector and some device charging points complete the panel.
  • Lighting: AeroLeds
  • Interior: Classic Aero
  • Paint: Scheme Designers for the spec, but brought to life by Josh Corbett Spray Painting

                Chris Goodworth


From: Thomas Lombardi
Subject: Another RV7A flying
Date sent: Monday, December 05, 2016

I just wanted to inform you guys and gals that another RV7A has been born, my first flight was on Sunday December 5, flight duration was 1 hour. I'm a three time offender and want to say thanks for such a great kit and support.

                Thomas Lombardi
                Builder #73082 N74L
                Camp Verde, Arizona.


From: Don Prosise
Subject: 1st Flight
Date sent: Monday, December 05, 2016

Hello all at Van's,

N848DP, an RV-8A, flew for the first time on Nov. 30, 2016. She has an IO-360 with 10:1 pistons, 74" Blended airfoil Hartzell, Dynon 100/120 with 2 axis autopilot, Garmin SL30 & Transponder. With 4.5 pounds of lead in the tail still came in at 1117.4 lbs. Empty with just me puts my at the forward CG limit. 5 gallons .03 behind. She flies straight and climbs and cruises fast. Sadly, eventually, her 16 year old sister in the back ground or her will probably have to go make someone else happy. Going to be a tough choice.

Thanks for your excellent service along the way,

                Don Prosise
                Chandler, AZ


From: Mike Dykstra
Subject: First Flight RV-7
Date sent: Friday, December 02, 2016

I thought I'd drop a not to let you know that kit #73547 made its first flight as an airplane on November 14, 2016.

RV-7 slow build took 7 1/2 years to complete. The engine is an ECI IOX-370. MT constant speed prop and Garmin G3X avionics. Paint will come later.

Thanks go to my unbelievably patient wife, my son John (and his riveting skills), daughters Libby, Han, Mick and Cass; Dale DenBesten, Matt Harris, Roger Martin, Bill Gill, Richard White and many others all who either helped, advised or encouraged me along.

                Thanks for a great kit and the marvelous support!
                Mike Dykstra


From: Dale Parker
Subject: First Flight Another RV7A
Date sent: Friday, December 02, 2016


Sorry this is really late, I want to let you know another RV7A was added to the fleet on Aug. 20 2016.

The plane now has 50 hours and phase one was completed with just a few minor issues. This is my second RV I started with a RV8 which I sold after 2 and half years of flying.

                Thanks for all the help
                Dale Parker KHAO


From: David John Taylor
Subject: An Update and Thank you !
Date sent: Monday, November 21, 2016

Hi all at Vans !

Just a huge THANK YOU to everyone at Vans Aircraft for making my Aviation dream come true !

I've recently finished and completed Phase 1 on my RV 4 , and it has not given me the slightest problem whatsoever !

Building it was a privilege and flying it is even more so !

My next aspiration is to become a repeat offender ! [ probably an RV3 or 4 ! ]

                Dave Taylor


From: Bill Alder/Nancy Marshall
Subject: First Flight TeenFlight Campbell River
Date sent: Saturday, November 19, 2016

TeenFlight Campbell River - first flight of our RV-12 with Chris Fordham at the controls. This aircraft was completed by our group of students and mentors over a two year period. We cannot thank Ted Millar enough for introducing us to TeenFlight, and supporting us all the way. This is an incredible way to encourage teenagers to get involved in aviation. This program now has students from all the High Schools in Campbell River, 17 of them now building the second RV-12. The program is revitalizing aviation in Campbell River; we now have an annual fly-in. This years Wings 'n' Wheels event will be July 17th. We would love to see lots of Vans airplanes. This aircraft is now for sale to fund the next one.

The website for TeenFlight Campbell River is The avionics include the Dynon Skyview system with ADSB, transponder/encoder, ELT and a Garmin Comm. The engine is the Rotax 912 ULS with the Sensenich propeller. This is an amateur built aircraft in Canada but conforms to the LSA category in the USA. It is currently listed on Barnstormers, Trade a Plane, Controller and



From: Lucio Catrogiovanni
Subject: Another RV-7 in the air
Date sent: Thursday, November 17, 2016

Hello staff

Yesterday , the 16th November , here in Italy at Trento airport LIDT in late morning on runway 36, the standard and GREAT kit serial # 71804 took off becoming an amazing RV-7 , the I-NLCM.

The baby is equipped :

  • Engine Lyco IO 360 A1A angle valve 200 hp overhauled
  • Three bladed CATTO prop
  • Dual P-Mag + ECI
  • Dynon : SV1000 , Knob Control panel , full AP with control panel, VHF Com (2) Radio, EMS , Transponder Mode "S", AOA Pitot, GPS receiver.
  • Garmin 695
  • Becker AR-6201 Com (1) @ 8.33
  • Winter ALT and ASI
  • ELT Artex
  • Power Flarm

First of all, my biggest thanks to Cinzia , patient and caring wife , pillar of encouragement ; and to Camy, brightly and essential shop helper, our always smiling daughter .

I'd like give my public thanks to Luca Perazzolli friend and councillor passionate..... as well as first flight ground support.

For friends Walter, Franz, Giordano, Luca, Daniele, Roberto and others beside them, thanks a lot at all for your encouragement.

Thank you Joe , and at all Van's staff.

                Lucio Castrogiovanni


From: Robert Young
Subject: First Flight RV-3B
Date sent: Saturday, November 05, 2016

RV-3B N33EY s.n. 11354 was completed and flown on Nov 3, 2016. Performance with 160 hp O-320 was beyond expectation! Thanks to Van for one sweet design.

  • Robert Young, builder/owner
  • Princeton, NC

First flight of N33EY RV-3B sn11354 took place on Nov 03, 2016. What a thrill! The airplane exceeded all my expectations. It reminded me of my first flight in the F-16. Acceleration and climb were awesome! The airplane is setup for Day VFR with GRT EIS and Sport EFIS, with backup airspeed and altimeter.

More specifics:

  • Empty wt 810
  • engine 160 hp O-320H2AD
  • Catto 2-blade prop
  • PPG Delfleet Essential single stage polyurethane GMC Olympic white and gloss black
  • All lettering/insignia vinyl stick-on

                Thanks to Woods Aviation for the paint and vinyl finish. Thanks to Van for one sweet design.
                Robert Young
                Princeton, NC


From: Wade Burnette
Subject: flight announcment
Date sent: Sunday, October 30, 2016

Hello to the people at Vans Aircraft!

I just wanted to let you know, (a lot late) that my little Yellow Bird is flying. (RV-12 440WB) First flight was March 1 2016.

This was my first try at building an airplane. I did all the work with just a little assistance for moving large pieces. It was all done, except for paint and final assembly, in my 20'x24' home shop. It is a great kit, a great performer, and a fun plane to fly.and numbers

Thanks to EAA friend Steve Redding for the Paint, Excel signs for the stripes. Thanks to long time friend and Mechanic Rick Pahnke, for volunteering to do the first and test flights and getting this rusty pilot back in the air.

                Wade Burnette
                EAA chapter 1047
                Wilson, NC
                attached are pictures of the plane, my wife and me on her first ride.


From: Alberto Belfiori
Subject: First flight Rv9 92145 I-WING
Date sent: Sunday, October 30, 2016

Hello guys,

On 29 Oct 2016 RV-9 I-WING made it's first flight from Fano airfield (center Italy).

20 minutes of pure pleasure after almost 4 years of work.

  • Engine: Lycoming YIO-320-D1A
  • Prop: MTV-12-C/180-57
  • Interior: Classic Aero Designs
  • EFIS: Dynon Skyview Dual Screen Sv-1000T
  • Auto Pilot: Dynon
  • Audio Panel: Garmin GMA240
  • Com1: Garmin GTR 225A
  • com2: Dynon
  • Transponder: Dynon
  • Traffic Avoidance: Power Flarme anticollision system
  • ELT: ACK E-04

Many thanks to all my friends involving in this adventure.

Thanks to all Van's staff for their help.

                Alberto Belfiori
                Ancona, center Italy


From: Ilmars Frolovs
Subject: RV-8A YL-RVB First flight reports
Date sent: Wednesday, October 26, 2016


  • Latvia (Letland) Riga, airport: EVAD
  • YL-RVB
  • S/N 83238
  • Engine: ASP Titan AEIO-375 M1S
  • Propeller: Hartzel
  • Data MFG: 11.01. 2015 AS Frolov Motors

                Ilmars Frolovs


From: Michael Mccoy
Subject: First Flight RV8 80688
Date sent: Tuesday, October 25, 2016

RV-8 N256MM First Flight 19 October 2016!

On October 3rd 2013, I purchased Kit #80688 from a third party that had it crated and stored in a hangar for several years. With extensive help and guidance from Ed "The Crazy Cuban" Santiago and John "JD" Alvarez, over a three year period, RV-8 N256MM took to the air with the greatest of ease on 19 October 2016. The Crazy Cuban's skill and craftsmanship of 60+ years in the aviation industry made the first flight flawless! What a machine Van's designs! Thanks again Ed and John for the three years of outstanding support and work!

Equipment includes: 200HP IO-360 (C1D6), Hartzell Blended Foil prop. Empty weight 1118lbs. This baby is a rocket!!!!!!!!!

Shout outs need to go to: Vajdos Aviation, Anderson Aviation, Julicher Aviation, Markline, and most of all my loving wife Heather "Jump'r" McCoy who said just go do this and have fun! Thank You all. Lets Go Flying!!!!!!

                Michael Mccoy


From: Colin Noseworthy
Subject: First flight RV-10 41070
Date sent: Sunday, October 23, 2016

Hi guys and gals at Van's,

On 22 Oct 2016 RV-10 41070 made it's first flight. The flight went off without a hitch. It was planned for 45 minutes that stretched into 1.5 hours because I didn't want to land. This aircraft was built by my wife, Gina, and I over the course of 20 months then we had to wait over 3 months for the paperwork and inspections to catch up. Gina was more than an enabler and supporter. She was the primary riveter while I backed up the job with the bucking bar. We were able to pick registration letters that fit this project nicely, C-GNCX, Gina's -N- Colin's Ten.

Our RV-10 is equipped with a mostly stock Aerosport Power IO-540 engine with CPI ignition from Ross at Racetech and a Whirlwind RV-10 prop that we had custom painted to match our planned paint scheme. The interior contains about every product made by Aerosport Products including their carbon fiber symmetrical panel that houses 2 Advanced Flight Systems AF-5600 panels from Rob. In my opinion the Aerosport items simply have no equal in fit and finish. Everything is wired and cut to allow easy installation if an IFD-540 sold by AFS but I could not convince my wife that I couldn't live without it for a while. The center of the panel has a Guardian Avionics dock for an iPad mini running Foreflight. I can flight plan at home, pick up the plan over the cellular network and wirelessly upload it to the AFS panels. It's pretty slick.

In all, we couldn't be happier with the choices we made and I can't wait for this aircraft to become our getaway machine. Living in a semi-remote Northern location it's nice to be able to go South with speed, comfort and style. Thanks to Van's for such a great design, all the vendors mentioned above and, of course, special thanks to my wife, Gina, for being there pounding rivets and mixing epoxy along side me every step of the way.

Best regards,

                Colin Noseworthy


From: Kelley Clark
Subject: First flight of N870RV on 02/12/1016
Date sent: Friday, October 21, 2016

Kit number 72243 was started on 04/13/2005. The first flight of N870RV was conducted on 02/12/2016.

  • Engine: Lycoming YIO-360-M1B
  • Prop: Hartzell HC-C2YR-1BFP/F7497-2
  • Interior: Classic Aero Designs
  • Paint: Prestige Aircraft Inc.
  • EFIS: Advanced Flight Systems Dual Screen 4500s
  • Auto Pilot: AFS/TruTrak
  • Audio Panel: Garmin GMA 340
  • Nav/Com/GPS #: 1 Garmin GTN 650
  • Nav/Com #2: Garmin SL 30
  • Transponder: Garmin GTX 327
  • ADSB: NavWorx 600-B UAT
  • ELT: ACK E-04

                Thanks to all my friends and neighbors for their expertise, help and words of encouragement.
                Kelley Clark


From: Danny De Brandt
Subject: Firstflight 91 098 !!
Date sent: Thursday, October 20, 2016


just reporting that my RV9A n° 91098 made it's first flight on July 30th 2016 . I did all the testflying myself and now at 29 hours am out of phase I and truly enjoying this wonderful plane !!

A big thanks to all those who helped me !

The plane came in at 1054 lbs with paint and interior , O-320 D2A , WW GA200 , p-mag/ slick , G3Xtouch & ap

                Danny De Brandt


From: Bruce Brielmaier
Subject: First Flight, N837DW
Date sent: Tuesday, October 18, 2016

N837DW First Flight

On October 4th 2016, N837DW, Kit #83137 took to flight at 12:04pm, KHAO.

The flight lasted just over one hour, and the only noteworthy occurrence was the first flight for this aircraft.

Having sold my first RV-8, construction began in December 2014 after delivery of the slow build fuselage. The major components remained the same. I added a few minor upgrades to this build, like Grove Gear and Vernier prop & mixture controls.

Equipment includes: Superior IO-360, Hartzell Blended Foil prop, G3X Touch, GTN650, G-5. Empty weight 1140lbs.

Shout outs need to go to: Van's Aircraft, JB Engines, Stein Air, Redline Avionics, and my fellow "Airport Bums". Thank You all.

                Bruce Brielmaier


From: Carl Meek
Subject: First Flight - G-ORVX RV-10
Date sent: Monday, October 17, 2016

  • RV-10
  • YIO-540-D4A5
  • MT 3 blade composite prop
  • 3x Dynon Skyview Touch 10" screens
  • Dual Dynon Com, Dynon XPD, Funkwerk Traffic Detection, Dynon Autopilot, VP-X Pro, CO Detector.

Thanks to Keith Mitchell for helping me build it, my LAA inspector Phil Trangmar, and test pilot Tony Berryman.

                Carl Meek


From: Solly Ferreira
Subject: RV7 - Maiden fliight
Date sent: Sunday, October 16, 2016

Good day

First flight of RV7 QB Kit # 70465 took place at Charles Prince Airport, Harare, Zimbabwe on 7/15/16. Kit completed by 3rd owner, with total build time of 1311hours.

Maiden flight was flawless with absolutely no issues. Many thanks to professional team of Executive Air and especially to John Gere.

  • Engine: Lycoming IO-360 180 HP
  • Prop: Hartzell - 2 blade
  • Panel: 2 x 10" Dynon Skyview
  • Dynon avionics and autopilot
  • Empty Weight: 1018 lbs

Maiden Takeoff



From: Ron Walker
Date sent: Monday, October 17, 2016

Saturday Oct 15 2016 saw the first flight of yet another RV10. Serial number 40427 was started in June of 2005 and received the airworthiness certificate from the FAA on October 12 2016. It's powered by a Lycoming O-540 A1D5 spinning a Hartzell constant speed propeller. First flight saw all temps on the warm side, but still well within the green. I kept the first flight to 30 minutes, then landed to remove the cowl and check things over. Everything was still right where it should be. Looking forward to a quick 25 hour Phase 1 fly off !

                Airworthy, but by no means complete ;o)
                N820TX @ 40XS


From: Melinda Harrill
Subject: First Flight of my RV-7!
Date sent: Tuesday, October 11, 2016

My RV-7, serial #72691, flew its first flight on the morning of October 11, 2016 with a woman driver (pilot)! I'm happy to say it's fast & fun (like all RVs), and powered with a Barrett IO-360-X with Airflow Performance Fuel Injection, Whirlwind 200RV prop, and Garmin G3X Touch and GTN 750, it is very capable! My husband flew chase in his 14-year-old RV-6 and shared the grin after the flight!

Thank you to Van, all the employees there, the Seagers, Stein & his bunch (especially Christer!), Allen & Rhonda Barrett, Don & Colleen Rivera (AFP), the Garmin guys, James Clark, my husband Ken), and all who supported me over the years!

                Melinda Harrill
                Columbia, SC


From: Rob Dobney
Subject: First Flight; RV8 G-DOBS
Date sent: Friday, October 07, 2016

After 8 years and 11 months, Vans RV8 quick build G-DOBS took to the skies at Gloucestershire Airport in the UK on September 20th 2016. It has IO-360 with MT 3 Blade Prop, Classic Aero Interior and analogue panel.

She flew perfectly bar a minor rudder trim adjustment. Flight testing is almost complete then on to the aerobatic sign off. A huge thanks to Will Butler for his efforts and Phil Mathews for carrying out the first flight.

                Rob Dobney


From: Terry Jackson
Date sent: Thursday, October 06, 2016

Just to let you know N32TJ first flight 9/22/16. Now in phase 1

                Terry Jackson


Subject: First Flight Report
Date sent: Monday, October 03, 2016

RV12 ELSA N12BB made its first flight today, October 3, 2016. As is typical of Van's Aircraft, the plane was a joy to fly, with a minimally heavy right wing and no other squawks to speak of. Empty weight with wheel fairings, Dynon Skyview, autopilot, ADSB, control knob/autopilot panels, and a full interior was 758 pounds. Build time was approximately 560 hours over 5 months.

Special thanks to Synergy Air for the "quick built" kit that provided a jump start to my project. Their workmanship was outstanding! I'd also like to thank members of EAA chapter 18 for ongoing guidance at many key points along the way. Most importantly, thank you to my wonderful wife, who made the journey not only possible, but fun!

                Barry Bernstein
                Builder 120953
                Mequon, WI


From: Chad Rennicke
Subject: Maiden flight
Date sent: Friday, September 30, 2016

Great day yesterday at Vance Brand Airport in Longmont Colorado. KLMO. I made my 1st flight in my RV6A, serial #20956, N824C. It was uneventful and awesome!!! My wife and I are looking forward to many years of flying in it. Thanks for a great kit and support.

                Chad Rennicke


From: Ron Karr
Subject: 1st flight
Date sent: Wednesday, September 27, 2016

Hello Van's,

On July 6, 2016, RV-8 S/N 82486 made its' first flight -- fast, straight and true as these seem to usually be.

This RV-8 is a stock slow-build kit assembled with ease and pleasure over 2,040 hours of build time and ten years. It weighs 1066 pounds, and is powered by a Van's supplied YIO360-M1B and Hartzell constant speed prop. The aircraft is equipped for day/night VFR utilizing a Dynon SkyView system with assocated comm, GPS, transponder, heated pitot with AOA, intercom, and 2-axis autopilot. The seats are by Oregon Aero. A Dynon D-1 is installed for SkyView back-up.

                Thanks, so much,
                Ron Karr


From: Hermann Schiele
Subject: First Flight
Date sent: Monday, September 26, 2016

I completed my RV-8 in July and the first flight was on 21st September 2016. All went well and only very minor adjustments necessary.

It has an Aerosport Power IO-375 with 195hp, Raven Inverted System, Whirlwind 74RV prop and Classic Aero Interior, two 7" Skyview displays and some backup instruments.

I installed a removable 10 Gal aux tank in the rear baggage compartment.

I don´t have a grin photo but believe me the grin was in my face after the first flight - and still is!!

                Hermann Schiele


From: Glider Guider
Subject: First flight RV10
Date sent: Friday, September 23, 2016

N10840 (Glamorous Glenys) took to the air from Apex Airpark in Washington on Sept 9th 2016 Powered by a fuel injected IO540 and guided by Garmin G3x with 3 axis autopilot, ADSB and all the bells and whistles, she took off like a homesick angel. Test pilot Ron Vandervort, with 1700 hrs of RV6 time logged, was impressed. Trim was perfect, we were off the ground half way down the 2500' x28' runway with ease. Owner/Builder Ian McFall took the left seat but Ron made the take-off and landing at Bremerton International.

Picture shows Camera operator Carol Vandervort, Test Pilot Ron Vandervort, Builder Ian McFall, and chase plane (Hyperbipe) pilot Wayne Sergeant

The tail cone kit was delivered late August 2014. Thanks to all my CAP glider program cadets Keenan Boudon, Nathan Boudon, Joe Buxton, Garrett Stanley, Christian Stanley, Jacson Odette and Dillon Bumgarden. Also to friends, the Stanleys, the Burgans, the Bernerts, Jeff Kerr, and Chris Raymaker. Special thanks to Woody Woodbury for teaching me so much and to Hal Beattie for keeping me sane on days I was about to take a chain saw to it and to nephew Nick and Stuart who made it all possible

                Ian McFall
                Glider Guider
                PIC's follow subject N10840


From: gary grubb
Subject: First flight
Date sent: Friday, September 23, 2016

First flight on 11 July 2015. Superior IO360, Catto prop, Grove gear and showplane fastback. Slow build kit that took 49 weeks to build with a lot of help from my friends.

                Gary Grubb
                Builder #83444


From: Harald Roen
Subject: First Flight for Black Magic 03 september 2016
Date sent: Thursday, September 22, 2016

After 16 years of building, designing, creating and just having pure joy while doing it, it was time for LN-FRV to slip the surly bonds of Earth, and if not touch the face of God LN-FRV really touched me! Some facts: It flew fabulous; it has a FADEC Lycoming IOF-360 A1B6 210 HP, Whirlwind propeller, empty weight a bit on the heavy side with its 1160 lb, 2 alternator 24 Volts systems, IFR equipped. Climbs like a rocket.

I would really like to thank my bride Elisabeth for holding on, all our 5 kids, and a super special thanks to my tech-counselor, my uncle Bjřrnar Vollstad, for all his help. He has always been keen to come over to help out. He has done this before in 1991 with his RV-4 LN-BJV.

A special thanks to my cousin and co-owner Řystein Vollstad, who started the dream with me. Thanks my friend!!

And to all people that has helped and supported me..THANKS!

Vans, you nailed it with the RV-8!!!!

                Bstrg regards and still smiling
                Harald Roen


From: Charles Eastlake
Subject: First flight report
Date sent: Friday, September 16, 2016

I made the first flight of my RV-12, N614CE, on Sunday, 9/11/16. It went as smoothly as anyone could have asked for. Second flight was 9/15/16 and went equally well despite weather too poor for anything except trips around the pattern. The serious flight test data taking will start as soon as the weather improves but initial familiarization tests show that stall speed and cruise speed are right where they should be, the control feel is very pleasant, and takeoff and landing distances seem shorter than I expected. The feeling of builder satisfaction is pretty significant, though I don't have a grin photo to prove it. A photo of the plane is attached.

                Chuck Eastlake, Builder #120768


From: Ron Belliveau
Subject: RV-14A first flight
Date sent: Saturday, September 10, 2016

Hello Van's

C-GLEP Kit # 140018 flew for the first time on Aug. 27 , 2016. I do believe to be the first in Canada. As soon as I lifted off I could have let go of the controls as there was no heavy wing and both trims were dead on. My aircraft is pretty much stock other than a gascolator (Thanks Canada) and insulating the firewall (thanks Dan Horton). I did upgrade to the throttle quadrant (thanks Tim Olson) and after transition training in the factory ship I'm glad I did the upgrade. I had previously built an RV-10 and loved the way it flew and was hoping for similar results in the RV-14A. The jury is not fully out yet but I'm leaning towards thinking I like the RV-14A better than the 10. Coming in for a landing in turbulent weather, when you slow the airspeed down to 80 kts. this craft just floats right in ever so smoothly. Completed my 25 hr. airtime test phase on Sept. the fifth with only having to reseal # four head gasket for a small leak and of coarse an oil change.

                Ron Belliveau


From: Bill Marvel
Subject: First flight ops normal
Date sent: Thursday, September 08, 2016

Hi all:

Many of you weren't aware I have been building an RV-14A for the past two and a half years. My wife actually asked me to do this as she wanted more room, better heat and an instrument panel, all of which are lacking in our RV-8A. That has been Job One for me and has been a great experience. It is my third build, my second Van's aircraft and surprisingly easy given the quality of the newer style plans and drawings they employ.

I flew the aircraft for the first time just after dawn today. All went well for the 30 minute flight. At 6500 feet MSL (1700 feet AGL) it was still cool enough for me to get 78% power and all CHTs remained well below 400 the entire time. The angle valve IO-390 engine apparently cools much better than does the parallel valve version as in my -8A where I saw 450 degrees CHT during break in flights.

I noticed the oil temp was higher than I expected at 210, in part because of break in but also because the IO-390 engine has piston squirts that carry piston heat into the oil. I suspect for that reason the oil temp will always be higher than in the O-360 in my RV-8A.

Had a few minor squawks, all fixed now. Will put several hours on the plane tomorrow, mainly letting the autopilot fly it straight and level for more engine break in. That will give me time to learn more about all the electronic wizardry. Once I'm happy with the engine I'll get more into flight dynamics -- stalls, steep turns, minimum controllable airspeed, slow flight, performance at different power settings and altitudes etc. Then comes learning all the RNAV stuff built into the Dynon and Garmin boxes.

I have to fly 40 hours for Phase I testing so there is plenty of time for me to climb the learning curve of the new avionics. Reading about it in a book is one thing; actually operating it and seeing in color and real time what happens is something else.



From: Michael Adenau
Subject: RV-7a done, next project RV14?
Date sent: Friday, September 09, 2016



I want to inform you about my finished project RV7a QB,

Start building: 11/2010
First flight: 9/2012
Final certification:10/2015
Motor: ECi IOX360, 188hp (Titan)
Ignition: 2x Light Speed
Electric: 2x generators, 2x batteries
Cowling: James Cowling and Plenum
Interior: Classic Aero Designs
Color Scheme: Scheme Designers
Avionics: AFS 4500, AFS AP,Garmin GNS430W, Stein Air

Actually I'm planning my next project.
Possibly it's a RV14a.

                Best regards
                Michael Adenau


From: Alan Carlisle
Subject: First Flight RV14A Serial No 149. Registered VH - XIV
Date sent: Friday, September 09, 2016

With great joy and excitement we wish to announce the first flight of our RV14A on Monday 5th September 2016 - Serial number 149. Australian registered VH-XIV (XIV is Roman numerals for number 14 - just in case you didn't get it, we think it's a cute call sign).

It was a husband and wife project, although Suzanne reminds me that she set 85% of all the rivets therefore correctness requires me to say it was a wife (boss) and husband (bucking bar partner) project. We commenced in April 2-14 and worked pretty much 6 days a week, 6 hours per day and tallied 2589 hours in the build. Our only delays were waiting for Van's to keep up in their kit manufacture (being the latest model I suppose you have to expect that).

A special thanks must go to the Support Team at Van's who were very patient and helpful even if they did have trouble understanding Australian grammar at times. We used version 0 plans for the best part and found occasionally some minor issues and the Support team and Engineering section were great and we even helped in some version updates - that is a great partnership relationship. Can't recommend the Van's team too much.

Now the aircraft; We etched, alodined and epoxied the interior and our weight came in at 1288lbs (our hanger is 200 metres from the sea). The instrument panel comprises entirely Garmin products. Twin Touch G3X EFIS, GTN 650 GPS, GTX-33 W/ES Transponder, GTN 240 audio, Garmin roll and pitch A/P., VPX circuit breakers, TCW back up battery. Lycoming YIO 390 matched to a Hartzell 74"prop.

The only glitch so far is we did not check the pre load the nose wheel bearing immediately before first flight and we got some nasty nose wheel oscillations on first landing, quickly fixed.

Thanks go to Col Crittenden our teacher and coach for the first 24 hours of our build and to Trevor Mills who was kind enough to conduct the proving flight and transition training.

                Alan Carlisle


Robin Coss Aviation in South Africa recently sent us some pics of their most recent RV completions. An RV-7A, RV-8 and RV-10 completed to a very high standard in their Cape Town facility.

They are presently working on four RV-14As, as well as more RV-10s, 7s and 9s, so we hope to see more completion pictures soon. Robin commented: "I must commend you on the RV-14. It is a fantastic kit. It is leaps ahead of any other aircraft and the degree of accuracy is astounding." Coss Aviation has constructed many different kit aircraft, not only RVs, so praise from them is very gratifying. Congratulations to Robin and his team for their high class work.



From: Ben Keen
Subject: RV-9 First Flight
Date sent: Wednesday, September 07, 2016

On August 21, 2016 N913EN and I took to the sky over Downtown St. Louis Airport. Flies straight and fast just as expected!

                Ben Keen
                Thanks to my dad John, wife Carissa, and all of the friends who lent a hand along the 12 year build.


From: Doug Rehder
Subject: Kit # 72217 N29NM
Date sent: Friday, September 02, 2016

Just wanted to inform you that N29NM, kit #72217, made its first flight June 23, 2016. N29NM is an RV-7A.

                Doug Rehder


From: Charles Price
Subject: First flight G-CIWB (20504)
Date sent: Friday, September 02, 2016

Hi all,

After two years of construction my RV-6, registration G-CIWB, took to the air on 16 August in the capable hands of RV4 owner Adrian Brook, and what a wonderful sight it was too. I purchased the part built project in Arizona just before my 23rd birthday and proceeded to have the kit shipped back to the UK. The wings and tail had very nearly been completed by the previous builder, so my main tasks were construction of the fuselage, wiring, plumbing, canopy, engine installation and all things fibreglass, with my very first job having been construction of a jig for this very early slow build fuselage.

Thankfully, when weighed the aircraft came out very light and as a result I could not be happier with the performance as we are regularly seeing 144kias at 2300rpm, and yet having a stall speed of only 43kias! The aircraft is powered by a Lycoming O320 B3B (160hp) with a Sensenich fixed pitch propeller. The interior was done by Classic Aero who did a wonderful job.

Clearly a huge amount of thanks must go to many people without whom I wouldn't be writing this now, but special mention must go to Alistair Stenhouse (builder of RV6 G-CHFI) for invaluable advice, Vans customer support who were simply superb throughout, and of course my family for endless support. This has been such a fantastic experience I simply can't wait to start building another RV. The only question that remains is, which one?

                Charles Price
                W.Sussex, UK
                (Builder No. 20504)


From: Ariel Bello
Subject: RV8 First Flight
Date sent: Monday, August 08, 2016

A little late but here's my RV8. First flight on November 18, 2015. Engine is an Aerosport Superior XP-0360 with dual Pmags. Dual Dynon Skyviews and a full fliteline interior.

                Ariel Bello, Repeat Offender
                Carlsbad, CA


From: Brian Moline
Subject: First Flight
Date sent:

After almost 20 years, Jim Johnson's RV6 N1133K, S/N 21234 took to the air on 07/28/2016 at Bulverde Airport (1T8) in Bulverde Texas!

Flight lasted :45 and was uneventful! Test flight was flown by RV7 owner and builder Brian Moline with Charlie Brame flying chase in his RV6A.

Engine is a Lycoming 0-320 B3B 160 HP with a Craig Catto two bladed prop.

Avionics are basic VFR. Empty Weight is 1015lbs.

I would like to thank all those from the our RV Builders group that meet at Luby's whom have helped me over the years.

                What a great feeling!
                Brian Moline


From: Charles Stobbart
Subject: RV-9A ZU-IXA kit No 91018
Date sent: Sunday, August 07, 2016

Hi All,

RV-9A kit 91018 shipped from Van's 10.25.2004, arrived in South Africa December 2004. Work started December 2007 and proceeded slowly till 'life got in the way' and the aircraft was finally completed in July 2016. 5 years after retirement. In the interim I helped a friend complete his RV-9 QB (3 years in my workshop) during this time I purchased an RV-10 from the estate of a friend and spent another year (1300 hours) rebuilding the aircraft to my personal standards. The RV-10 is an AWESOME machine.

ZU-IXA finally took to the air on Thursday 4 August 2016 with all temps and pressures in the green on the new (in 2004) Lycoming O-320. The aircraft has a 160 HP Lycoming, Garmin G3X Touch single screen and Garmin stack including GMA 240 audio panel, SL 30 Nav/Comm and GTX 327 transponder. Second Comm is an Icom A 210 and TruTrack Digiflight 2 autopilot.

As usual, thanks to Van's for a wonderful kit. To my wife Maureen for her support and the occasional push to get me going again.

The RV-9 series are (in my opinion) Van's best kept secret. Running in at 1500ft with 80% power (Garmin readout) 26" MAP and 2550 RPM, the aircraft indicates 155 Kts. Not too shabby for an aircraft with the gear welded down. Unfortunately it burns fuel at RV-10 cruise rates doing this.

Next project: RV-9 QB No 91983 waiting patiently in the hangar. This will be my last homebuilt. I Think.



From: Myra Bugbee
Subject: First Flight Report N199MJ RV14A
Date sent: Tuesday, July 26, 2016

N199MJ -- Up, Up, and Away

On July 26, 2016 at 8:38 am EDT, N199MJ flew for the first time. The IO 390 purred like a kitten. At 75% power on a 95 degree day, the highest engine temp was 381 degrees. The RV14A is comfortable, flies smooth, feels solid, and is very responsive to control input. We flew almost 4 hours on the first day. THANK YOU to Nathan Rigaud of Two Bums Aircraft, Inc. in Sebastian, FL for all his assistance and expertise that helped get to this incredible day!!

                Fly, Learn, Mentor, Inspire
                Myra Bugbee and Roger Hirschbein


From: Sam Valadez
Subject: First flight N279RV
Date sent: Monday, July 25, 2016

Dear Vans,

After 15 years 3 months and 21 days, it's finally flying!!! I remember thinking when I got the tail kit that I would be done in 2-3 years. Well life has a way of getting in the way! The biggest thing that set me back was I was duped into putting a Eggenfellner Subaru engine on the plane. I had it running and ready for prop installation when I caught wind that there were multiple gear box failures with the engine and a mandatory gear box replacement service bulletin and Eggenfellner had gone out of business! I bit the bullet and scrapped the Subaru engine and bought a Lycoming which required me to completely rewire the entire engine compartment and instruments. I'm so thankful that I switched to Lycoming!!!

Thanks to my friends and family for all you help, love and support! Also a big THANKS to my BFF Joe Thalman ex F-16 fighter pilot, experimental builder and United airline pilot for helping me get her flying and doing the initial test flight! She flew completely hands off with no bad tendencies and is a complete pleasure to fly!

She has an Lycoming O-320-D1A spinning a Hartzell constant speed prop and is equipped with auto pilot, electric trim, Dynon Skyview as primary instruments and Grand Rapids as backup with no steam gauges. She weighs in at 1070 lbs. empty.

Thanks Vans for all the support and for answering all of my questions and explain things sometimes two and three times! What a GREAT flying Airplane!!!!

                Sam Valadez


From: Rich Elb
Subject: 1st flight today
Date sent: Friday, July 22, 2016


To all of you that helped me get here, especially Suzanne who spent many hours with me bucking rivets, handing me tools, deburring sharp metal pieces, and just helping me with my sanity through this ordeal.

3 year 2 months and my baby flew for the first time this morning. !.5 hr flight with no issues. Fly's like a Ferrari! Fast, responsive, straight and can it ever corner!!! Got it up to 165 knots (190 miles per hour).

Wow, worth every hour spent on it.

Have to fly 40 hours solo and then can take Suzy with me for some serious travel.

                Love to all,


From: Richard Owen
Subject: RV10 41092
Date sent: Thursday, July 21, 2016

After 5 years, ZU-JTA has taken to the skys!

First flight went flawlessly!

We flew for 90 minutes, and the Lycoming eased up after the first hour.

It is owned and built by Trevor Atkinson, Richard Owen and Jonathan Atkinson.

It is based at Tedderfield Airpark in Johannesburg, South Africa.

                Richard Owen


From: John
Subject: First Flight RV-10 (N319BC SN 40102)
Date sent: Thursday, July 21, 2016

On July 14, 2016 @ 1414z N319BC made its first flight. Total flight time was 45 minutes. Serial #40102 was started on November 10, 2003 and was completed on May 30, 2016. The airworthiness certificate was issued on June 23, 2016.

Lycoming IO-540-C4B5 250 HP 
Dynon 10" & 7" Skyview 
Garmin 796 
Fl-760 x2 radios 
PM-3000 intercom 
Alpha Systems Eagle AOA 
Empty Weight: 
1617 lbs. 

Thanks to everyone at Vans for developing such an incredible flying machine and thanks to my wife, Fida for having the patients to see this project to completion.

                John Hurst
                Lakeland, FL


From: Andrew Peterson
Subject: RV10 Finished
Date sent: Sunday, July 17, 2016

VH-MWG based at Jandakot (Perth, Western Australia) had its first flight on June 30, 2016. Despite a very low-key affair several guys came out from their hangars to celebrate afterwards with a beer. The QB kit was built in a speedy 27 months and boasts most aftermarket goodies to elevate the finish. Dual G3X Touch screens and a GTN650 form the backbone of the avionics. The Garmin stuff was really a pleasure to work with and it is cool having ADSB out and in (only the poor man's AC to AC version here in Australia). Comes out at 1683lb empty. There really was nothing too difficult on the build that could not be worked out with several other brains. We really are lucky that Vans can put together such a precision kit for great value and the result is something that outperforms most certified aircraft - and built by someone who did not know what a cleco was over 3 years ago!

                Andrew Peterson
                Salter Point
                Western Australia


From: Wally Johnson
Subject: RV7
Date sent: Sunday, July 17, 2016

Here is a video, after test flight with Blackhawks in the background. My wife and I started build April of 14 to test flight on December 17 of 15. We also did the paint. Stein panel, Power sport IO 382 engine.

Whirlwind prop, and Cassic aero interior. Great aircraft!!! Builder # 71064.

This is my 2 RV to build. First was a RV 4 back in 1992 .

                Wally Johnson


Subject: First Flight
Date sent: Friday, July 15, 2016

Good Morning. Today the 16 th July . I did the first flight in RV 12 no 917, NZ reg ZK-DMB. In New Zealand. This is my second RV 12 build.

                Malcolm Belcher


From: Trevor Atkinson
Subject: First Flight RV-10
Date sent: Monday July 18, 2016

Hi Anne,

Please see attached photos of our completed RV which took its first test flight On Saturday 16th July 2016 and all went well after five years of building.



From: T R Thorburner
Subject: First Flight
Date sent: Monday, July 4, 2016

Reporting first flight. C-AJE the first flight was a wile ago: now she has flown her time off as required.

She is now a free bird. As an old Cub and Champ pilot she feels comfortable.

M series engine,steam gauges for EMS, SKYVIEW for EFIS.

This is my fourth of Vans aircraft, No 5 is in the hanger, 60% done,90% to go.

                Thank You Vans
                T R Thorburner


From: Calle Bjurström
Subject: RV-4 #2784 SE-XZT
Date sent: Friday, July 01, 2016

First flight of "zulu tango" took place 30th of june at Visby airport (ESSV), Gotland/Sweden.

The airplane handled very well and I'm really looking forward to further flight trials.

  • O-320-E3D
  • WW GA200L
  • Dynon Skyview/Radio/Xpndr&A/P
  • 445kg

Build log:

A big thanks to VANS, VAF and everyone thats been involved in this project.

                Thanks// Carl


From: Harry Deloach
Subject: First Flight
Date sent: Thursday, June 30, 2016

N68HJ was flown on April 26, 2016. the fuselage had to make a return trip from West Tn back to Vans after ABF trashed the firewall. It took about 27 months to complete. It flys great, rigging was perfect. It has a Lyc 320. fuel injected, with 2 E mags. prop is a fixed pitch Sensenich. Panel is all Garmin,G3X, Com radio, Transponder, Audio pannel, stand alone auto pilot controller 307. Thanks to my buddy Gary, this is our 4th airplane to build together.

                See you at Oshkosh


From: Richard Dickison
Subject: RV-12 #120729 N312RD First Flight
Date sent: Thursday, June 23, 2016

On June 11th Mike Seager took N312RD on it's first flight; after which, he flew Phase 1 fly-off. Reportedly, the plane flew "perfect"....all temps and trim A-okay.

Following Phase 1 fly-off (completed the following day), I was able to complete my transition training....and on Monday the 13th, I got to take N312RD up myself...see attached picture.

This has been a dream come true. After 3 years of building in my garage; some 43 years after flying in the Military....I'm finally back above the earth. Much thanks goes to my understanding wife Sandy and neighbors, who occasionally helped lifting things to heavy just for me alone.

                Here is that RV grin.....Van's, you and your crew rock??
                Richard Dickison


From: Oren
Date sent: Wednesday, June 22, 2016

First Flight of Sn. 20357 N929CM, was Sunday June 19, 2016 10 am. handled very well , will need some adjustment.

                Thanks to everyone.
                Oren Cooley


From: Larry DeCamp
Subject: RV-3 complete and out of Phase1
Date sent: Tuesday, June 21, 2016

  • Kit#: 11467
  • Builder: Larry DeCamp
  • Completed: 10/17/2015
  • Wing Type: 3B
  • Wing Mod: NA
  • Fuel Tank: Wing
  • Registration: N243RV
  • Engine: 0320 Carb
  • Prop:Catto 70 x 72
  • Empty Weight: 762
  • Gross Weight: 1220
  • Empty CG: 58.4
  • Owner: Larry DeCamp



From: Dick Bangsund
Subject: First Flight
Date sent: Thursday, June 16, 2016

June 15,2016, first flight 1,000th RV12 kit takes to air.I started kit Sept. 1st 2015 so you can see it took a little over 8 months not counting FAA approval.Plane weighs 743 pounds and I did paint job thanks to Rudy's approval to copy. Van's kit was first class quality, and a pleasure to build!

                Dick Bangsund,
                Lopez Island Wa.


From: Rob W
Subject: 9A First Flight
Date sent: Saturday, June 18, 2016

After 4 years, 9 months, 19 days; and in between having two kids, and a house renovation, I finally finished my RV. I flew the first flight was on the 26th March at Cessnock, NSW, and other than a few EMS alarms that were a little conservative, and the expected warm-running engine, the flight went perfectly, with only the slightest skip on landing. Despite careful planning, I still managed to forget to turn on the GoPro before takeoff though...

My RV, named Aurora Australis, is registered as an "ultralight" in Australia, one of only two on the RAAus register, and though it does limit payload significantly, it meets my requirements perfectly at present and can be upgraded to full capability later. Empty weight is 981 Lbs with a derated (165HP) ECI OX-340S, Sensenich ground-adjustable prop, single-screen - for now - Skyview system and an interior I sewed myself. The only unique thing about my RV is that I have set it up to fly from the RHS and I have installed an automotive dash-camera on the rollbar as an event recorder. She appears to meet the book figures, though with only 15 hours flown so far testing is ongoing to determine the best performance.

The plane was genuinely enjoyable to build, and less than a half-dozen calls to the lads in Tech Support (BIG thanks fella's) reflect the quality of the kit, and the Factory's skill in designing a kit that an everyday bloke can finish and fly. It wasn't until I was putting the plane to bed after the first flight that the RV grin *really* started.

                G'day to the crew at Vans!


From: Tim Olson
Subject: RV14 N14YT first flight
Date sent: Friday, June 17, 2016

Hi all, I got the first flight on my RV 14A model today. It's got the standard Iowa - 390 from Van's, weighed in at 1309 pounds, and I have the longer of the two propellers that are offered for this model. The panel was built exactly the same way as my RV10 N104CD to make it easier for my wife and daughter to use both airplanes.

The first flight was very very good. There were no high temperatures, and no squawks of any kind. The airplane flew very well, had great performance despite the lack of wheel fairings, and landed very easily.

It was a long road, but flying a brand-new RV is always enough to make a person grin!

                Tim Olson
                RV14 kit 140032
                Flight date 6/17/2016
                Tim at


From: Karl Richcreek
Subject: First Flight RV-8 N151TK
Date sent: Friday, June 17, 2016

After 7 ˝ years of building, I received the Airworthiness Certificate for my RV-8, "La Otra Chica", on August 12, 2015. First flight was on August 14th and she flew straight as an arrow. The RV grin is alive and well!! She flew naked for almost a year until she was painted in May 2016 at GLO Custom in TX and the nose art was provided by Victory Girl in CA. The paint scheme mirrors my all-time favorite aircraft, the F4U Corsair, and this particular one is hanging in the Udvar-Hazy museum in Washington DC. Grady at GLO took a bunch of pictures and turned them into reality.

I have to thank my wife and number one fan Traci. Without her support there is no way this project would have been started or let alone finished. I also have to thank all the members of EAA-1099 in VA that helped with the final assembly. Transition training was provided by Mike Seager in OR. Thanks also to all the members of VansAirforce who knowingly or unknowingly provided a whole lot of ideas and a whole lot of help.

  • Mattituck XIO-360
  • Hartzell constant speed prop
  • Raven inverted oil system
  • Inverted fuel system
  • Dynon D180
  • Dynon HS34 Autopilot control
  • Dynon 2 place intercom
  • iFly720 GPS
  • TruTrak Gemini standby attitude
  • Garmin GNC-255A Nav/Comm
  • Trig TT31 transponder
  • Flight Data Systems GD-40 CO detector
  • Kuntzleman triple strobe lights
  • Infinity stick grips

                First Flight Vans RV-8, N151TK
                "La Otra Chica"
                Builder #82826


From: John Davis
Subject: First Flight RV7 N907JD
Date sent: Monday, June 13, 2016

N907JD a 180 HP, CS, G3X equipped RV7 finally did on June 9, 2016 what Orville and Wilbur managed in December of 1903. Having built an 8 and a Tip up 7 previously the sliding canopy 7 struck me as the easier to build. With no paint the aircraft weighed in at 1070lb.

                John Davis, Birchwood, Alaska.


From: cuso ortiz
Subject: Vans RV-8 built in Puerto Rico
Date sent: Tuesday, June 07, 2016

RV-8 built in Cayey, Puerto Rico. Here after landing and flown by me.

                Cuso Ortiz


From: Joe arvai
Subject: RV-10 N975RV First Flight
Date sent: Saturday, June 04, 2016

Looks like I get to be the 800th RV-10 flying!

First flight on 31 May 2016. Started work on 11 Jan 2014 so less than 2.5 yrs. Built from a standard kit (#40976) total time 22,500 hrs and lots of patience on my wife's part.

Powered by a Lycoming IO-540 C4B5 engine mated to a Hartzell HC-C2YR-18FP/F8068D prop. I went with a Garmin cockpit: Two 10.6 in G3X touch displays, GSA- 28 autopilot servos operated through a GMC-305 display, a GTR 200 com radio, and a GTN 650 GPS/COM/NAV to meet IFR requirements. Additionally added a GTL 39 to receive ADS-B information as well as Garmin Pilot information. The GTL 39 is wired into the G3X display so I can look at the traffic and weather information directly. Added a backup Grand Rapids Technology GRT Mini-X display with its own battery and GPS in the event main power is lost.The com panel is a PS-Engineering PMA8000BT.

The center armrest and overhead console are by Aerosports Products and adds a lot to the interior look.

Weight came in a bit heavy at 1659 lbs, but figured that was because I did the paint myself and went heavy on coats.

As my last name is Arvai (pronounced RV) it was natural to build an RV!

It is a joy to fly. Thank you VAN's!

                 Joe Arvai


From: John Clark
Subject: First flight - RV-12 120323 N6699Z based at KMPR.
Date sent: Thursday, June 02, 2016

The airplane was signed off by a team of inspectors from the Wichita MIDO on May 25. The MIDO team had just signed off on Doc, the B-29 down in Wichita, so it was an excellent week for them.

The inspector gave me a 20-hour phase 1 and a 50 mile radius.

The first flight was on May 28. It lasted about 15 minutes. The airplane and all systems performed as expected. I now have about 7 hours on the Hobbs and the airplane is a blast to fly. A bit different than my RV-9A but every bit as fun.

My thanks to Gus for helping with the MIDO requests and especially to Scott McDaniels and his sage advice often seen on Vans Air Force.

                 John Clark
                 RV-9A N6699
                 RV-12 N6699Z


From: John Walker
Subject: RV-10 First Flight
Date sent: Tuesday, May 31, 2016

On Friday May 13th, after 2.5 years, I took our RV-10, N265WD, serial number 40276, into the air for the first time... Except for an oil door that popped open and some hi CHTs,the flight was a non event. It flew just like I had expected from my training with Mike Seager.

Our plane features a BPE XIO-540 with cold air sump, MT 3 blade prop, Full EFII electronic ignition and fuel injection, Showplanes cowl, Garmin G3X Dual screen avionics, Garmin GTN 650 GPS/IFR navigator, TruTrak AP, GRT Mini-X backup efis, Dual Alternator/Dual Battery redundant electrical system, full Aerosport interior, and hybrid Mountain High Oxygen system.

                John Walker
                A/V Consulting
                john at


From: Stoney Ware
Subject: First Customer Built RV-14 to fly
Date sent: Tuesday, May 31, 2016

On April 15, 2016 N214SW, Serial # 140087 received its airworthiness certificate. For the next two days I was looking for a break in the weather and finally, Sunday morning, April 17th, there was a window. After my transition training with Mike Seager, I was confident enough to be able to put the plane on the ground safely. When you push in the throttle for the first time, you hope you did a thorough job of attaching all the parts correctly. Pucker up, let's go! Thankfully, the first flight went smoothly with a perfect landing (Isn't a landing you can walk away from - perfect?). First fight lasted almost an hour with some slow flight, turns and practice attitude for landing.

Thanks to my wife for her patience, understanding and support with my many hours spent in the garage and at the hangar. To Dennis Millsap for his expert assistance and friendship, Jason Smith at Aerotronics for a great panel and unending questions from me and to John Card at Ly-Con for a super IO-390 at 235 HP! I started October 2013 and 2 ˝ years later several well packed crates had become a plane. Thanks to my new hangar mate, Mitch for his assistance with some of the final assembly and last but not least, to the folks at Van's for all of their help.

Some details:

  • IO-390 with dual PMags, Cylinders: Port Flow and Balanced, Stripped Paint and Alodyne Heads & Paint
  • Barrels, Exchange Camshaft for Perf Grind, Chrome Rocker Covers
  • Garmin G3X Dual Screens, Dual Remote Comm, Remote Transponder, GMA 240 Audio Panel, AP GMC
  • 305 Head, GDL 39 ADS-B, GTN 625 and Heated Pitot
  • GRT Mini backup and Standby Alternator
  • Power Stabilizer
  • Aviator Seats by Classic Aero
  • Hooker Harnesses

Finishing up the wheel pants now, with 28 hours on the new bird.



From: Martin Rousseau
Subject: First Flight !
Date sent: Friday, May 20, 2016

On May 19, 2016 , my RV-7A C-GMYL take off for the first time, for a nice 30 min of flight. 6 years and nearly 2000h of work. I have a Dynon D-180, Garmin radio, xponder and GPS 696. The prop are a Sensenitch composite ground adjustable and the engine are a Lycoming O-360, with a carburator and the EFII electronic ignition. Seat are fom Classic AeroDesign. I have painted the aircraft myself with Stewart System paint. Wheel pants will be installed soon !

The aircraft fly straight and climb like a rocket ! Thanks to Van's for this beautiful design! Thanks to VAF forum for all the help ! Thanks to my wife and daughter for supporting me and my crasy dream. Thanks to all my friend who have help me during the last 6 years and also thanks to Gaétan and Luc who pass over my house with his RV-6 and RV-8 while i'm building for the motivation !!!

                Martin Rousseau


From: David Wiley
Subject: Finished RV-8
Date sent: Tuesday, May 17, 2016

First flight was September 8, 2014. After one year of aluminum, the paint job was done in September 2015. Performance is everything I hoped it would be. Finally stopped flying long enough to write an email. It has a TM XIO- 360M1B. Grove landing gear. Currently flying VFR only with a Skyview and Garmin 396. Thanks to my wife and family for their patience over 10 years. Thanks to Vans for a wonderful kit. See you at Oshkosh.

                Eric Wiley
                Early, TX


From: Milbern Adams
Subject: Recent flight of N80609(same as serial number) tur
Date sent: Monday, May 16, 2016

Recent flight of N80609(same as serial number) turning final runway 34 KAWO (home base). Received airworthiness certificate March 11, 2016.

40 hours flown off May 8,2016. Lycoming 180 m1 b fuel injection, Hartzel constant speed. Dynon 10 in skyview with autopilot. Mountain high oxygen permanent install. Paint reservation at Glo Custom. Much thanks to Terry Burch, the RV EXPERT. Second photo to follow.

                Milbern Adams


From: Bill Vinson
Subject: RV-7 S/N 74171
Date sent: Tuesday, May 10, 2016

After a delay of 6 weeks for various reasons N321BV took flight today for the first time! Flight characteristics were flawless. The Skyview system all worked perfectly. I did note some roughness from the Electronic Ignition nhad have been in contact with Electro Air on possible resolution.

I wanted to let you know that N321BV, RV-7 S/N 74171 received its Special Airworthiness Certificate today!! The maiden flight will take place soon when schedules and weather are coordinated.

Here are the basics:

  • RV-7 Standard build
  • 3 years 1 month elapsed construction time
  • 2070 hours logged construction time
  • Superior IO-360-B1LD2 engine
  • Whirlwind 200RV prop
  • Christen inverted oil system
  • Dynon Skyview EFIS, EMS, COM & I/C, ADAHRS, XPDER, ADSB, 2 axis autopilot
  • 1086 lbs. empty weight

                Bill Vinson

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