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As of March 30, 2015 8,994 RV aircraft have been completed and flown!

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You will sometimes see the numbers of flying RVs on this list rise without a corresponding number of first flight reports from builders. Why?

Well, we learn of flying RVs in many different ways. Ideally, a builder will email us with a photo of his or her personal "RV grin". Sometimes, they call on the phone, which is great, but doesn't provide us with anything to publish on this web page. Sometimes, we find out incidentally; for example, when a customer calls to order new tires, and we wonder why someone who is still building (so far as we know) would need them. Or we may discover a first flight announcement on an RV web forum. On other occasions, we learn of a new batch of flying RVs from "RV factories" overseas, but without individual details.

We'd like to see more RV grins here, so send in the pictures of your new "baby", or we may never know of your success. Click the link below for how to do it.

 Submitting First Flight Reports


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Subject: RV7 S/N:70783 CS-XCH First flight
From: Pedro Miguel
Date sent: Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Dear Van's

It has passed some months since the RV7, S/N:70783, CS-XCH made its maiden flight in Cascais, Portugal.

It was on 5th July 2014 when it took off for the first time piloted by Jorge Durăo and the result was a well balanced aircraft with amazing flight qualities!

It was not necessary any special adjustments and it has completed more than 50 hours of flight since then.

It was built by Abril Lopes, an experienced ultralight builder, but first time building a Van's aircraft, in one year and a half since September 2012 until June 2014.

The engine is a Lycoming O-360 with 180 hp and the propeller is a metal fixed pitch Sensenich. We installed a Dynon Skyview D1000 EFIS as PFD, EMS and GPS.

             Thanks you Van's for this fantastic aircraft!
             Pedro Miguel


Subject: RV-7 First Flight July 26 2014
From: Daniel Langhout
Date sent: Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Better late than never!  RV-7 N528DP,  serial number 73083,  made her first flight on July 26, 2014 at the Courtland, AL (9A4) airport.   7 years and two months of slow build construction - but worth every minute!  Flew for about 30 minutes before the first landing.  No problems other than a prop governor out of adjustment a cylinder head temps a bit high.

Aerosport Power IO-375-M1S engine with Hartzell BA constant speed prop  One Lightspeed Plasma II+ and one Slick Mag for ignition.  Day/Night VFR with Dynon 10" Skyview PFD and EMS, Garmin GDU-375 MFD, Garmin GMA-240 audio panel, (2) ICOM A-210 COM radios, Garmin GTX-327 transponder.  AeroLEDS Nav/Strobe, landing and taxi lights.  Electric pitch and roll trim.  Classic Aero Designs Aviator seats, carpet and Sportsman side panels.

I painted the plane in the shop before final assembly.  All up weight is a bit on the heavy side at 1159 lbs - but it is primed inside throughout and has fairly elaborate paint.

             Dan Langhout
             Madison, AL
             builder #73083


Subject: First Flight RV12 #120766.
From: Anton
Date sent: Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Dear Van's

after an exhausting year and two months - with some troubles and delays just before the finish line - I am proude to anounce my first flights of my RV12. Before I give some details I want to thank all who helped and supported me when building this aircraft.

Today, March 19th, 2015, after the final acceptence tests from Austro-Control and test pilot Andreas Winkler, the RV12 passed the first flight without any problem. Because of the wonderful weather, our test pilot couldn't resist and flew two more rounds from LOAG Krems Austria/Vienna. Just for testing ;)

Some technical details:

  • RV12 #120766
  • Ipad - SkyDemon
  • mail    mtoni10 at
  • blog (german):

Thanks to Van's for this kit!



Subject: First flight of N902EN (Eagles Nest 2)
From: Jeff Malcomb
Date sent: Thurday, 19 March 2015

Hi, Joe, thanks for the help this morning. Attached are a few photos of EN2 on the first flight day. The pilot was my 18 yr old son Austin Malcomb.

             Jeff Malcomb


Subject: N620DS (120620) First Flight
From: Dennis Schoenberg
Date sent: Wednesday, 18 March 2015

To the great Vans Aircraft Community-

I'm proud to share that N620DS (RV-12 120620) flew its maiden voyage on Mar12 in Eugene (Oregon). I had the sincere honor to be left seat and had a very successful flight with no significant issues.  It was built as an E-LSA with the Garmin 3X Touch and autopilot avionics package.

Many thanks to friends, family and EAA chapter 105 for believing in me as I  chase my dreams, and a very special thank you to Synergy Air for your mentorship , technical assistance and for your friendship.

Thanks to Vans for designing a great kit and airplane; I truly enjoy flying the -12, especially my -12, and look forward to the many adventures that we'll share together in the future.

             Dennis Schoenberg


Subject:First flight, C-GPQT
From: Terrance Medemblik
Date sent: Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Dear Van's:

After 5 years and 3 months, RV-7 C-GPQT slipped the surly bonds and took to the sky for the first time at 1400 EDT on Friday the 13th. S/N 73090 weighs in at 1103 lbs empty.  Powered by a new Aerosport O-375 and swinging a Hartzell 72" blended airfoil propeller, she sports a Steinair dual Skyview EFIS panel and a Classic Aero interior. Friend and colleague, Dave Hadfield, conducted the 25 minute test flight and returned with the RV grin.  Everything was great under the cowling and only minor adjustments needed to trim.

Tuesday, March 16th was my turn for the RV grin and I flew my project for the first time.  Awesome airplane! This project would not have reached the successful completion that it did, were it not for some very special friends of my wife and myself.  Gord Baxter, friend, mentor and repeat offender guided us from beginning to end. The learning curve is now a little flatter thanks to Gord. Art Penner, our friend, and someone who understands things all things electrical and electronic spent many hours with us making sure the electrons travel to where they are supposed to.  Gentlemen, we can't thank you enough!

Mike Seager, thank you for teaching a wide-body pilot not to start rounding out at 30 feet.  Your calm, competent instruction was worth it's weight in gold.  Dave Hadfield, thank you for your time and expertise in a very thorough test flight.

And last, but not least, thank you to my lovely wife, Louie, for her continued support and contribution, bucking rivets, sealing fuel tanks and the other myriad of tasks needed to see this project to it's conclusion.

             Terrance Medemblik
             Can't wait to start the next one!


Subject: First Flight RV-12 Number 120749
From: Angel R. Sanchez
Date sent: Monday, 16 March 2015

Dear Barb, Ken, and all at Van's,

I flew my RV-12, builder # 120749, N84MY, for the first time this morning (3/16/2015). Everything went extremely well!

Aircraft flew great, no flight control issues clean and with flaperons selected, engine parameters all "in the green, looking forward to complete flight testing now.

The customer support I received from you guys at Van's was truly outstanding! Thank you Barb for being so gracious and patient with me, also Ken for his awesome builder support, tour of the factory, and rides on the RV-12 for my wife and I.

We'll see you all at fly in's and air shows, best regards

             A. R. (Tito) Sánchez, N84MY, based at KAVQ, in sunny Southern Arizona


Subject: N367EB RV-8 first flight 7 March 2015
From: Eric Bale
Date sent: Sunday, 8 March 2015

Today I took my RV-8, N367EB up for its first flight.

It was a slow build RV-8, s/n 83085. I built my entire project in my living room and garage. I used a "recycled" AeroSport IO-320D2A, with AFP FM-100 fuel injection, slick mags and a Catto 70/70 prop. This engine was originally installed on a local RV-6. I put new cylinders on it, had the mags and FM-100 overhauled, with the bottom end having 400 hrs on it I started my project 10 March 2010 and did the first flight today 7 March 2015.

Total cost of this project is a little over $45,000.00. I have a Dynon 10" Skyview, transponder, com radio and ICS. Interior is grey paint, with seats done by Cleveland and harnesses by Crow. Empty weight is 1030 lbs. I plan to leave it "natural metal" with a FlyBoy Accessories WWII US insignia decal set so it looks P-51ish.

My current home base is M38, Hazel Green AL.

Initial test data; stall 48 KIAS, 165 KIAS WFO at 6000 with no wheel pants.

             Eric Bale


Subject: First Flight
From: Daren Rose
Date sent: Sunday, 8 March 2015

Dear Vans,

Michael Peare took RV-9A c/n 92106 registration Thailand HS-MAI, for its first flight today 8/3/14 from Nok Airfield. The aircraft is owned by Nok Flying Club, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The aircraft flew beautifully for its first flight,

The aircraft has a Lycoming IO-320-160hp , 2 x AFS EFIS 5600, autopilot Trutrak, 430W, 330GTX, 225GNC.

             Thanks VANS for all your support during the build.


Subject: First Flight
From: Ken Gwyn
Date sent: Saturday, 7 March 2015

First Flight of RV-8 N98KG was made on February 14 by Kenneth R Gwyn (Van's Customer 83002) at Brenham Municipal Airport (11R), Brenham Texas. First flight was uneventful except for the 12 kt 90 degree crosswind which provided a bit of a challenge but alas all went well nothing bent, scratched or broken. What a feeling after 5+ years of a "Labor of Love" now on to completing Phase 1 and beyond Flight Testing.

             Ken Gwyn


Subject: ZK ECE - First Flight - 13 February 2015
From: Pauline & Steve
Date sent: Friday, 6 March 2015

On Friday 13 February ZK ECE (Build No. 73638) took to the sky over Mount Maunganui, Tauranga, N.Z., much to the delight of the owners Pauline Coffey and Steve Carr.  We would like to extend many thanks to Andrew Thompson for his expertise and dedication to the build.  Thanks also to all our friends at the Tauranga Aeroclub for all their advice and support.

  • Vans RV7A., powered by a Lycoming IO-360 with a fixed pitch Sensenich propeller.
  • Christen inverted oil system and flop tube in port fuel tank.
  • Instrumentation is a Dynon Skyview touch screen with auto-pilot.
  • Interior has leather seats and full interior leather trim and carpets by Classic Aero designs.

             Regards  Pauline and Steve.


Subject: N1605A RV-9A first flight
From: Darin Anderson
Date sent: Wed, 4 March 2015

Greetings Van's friends!

I am happy to report that N1605A flew for the first time yesterday.  The airplane is an RV-9A powered by a Lycoming IO-360-M1B with dual PMags, Catto three blade prop, and Garmin G3X touch all glass panel.  She tipped the scales at 1058 lbs and is a little too light in the nose so I am replacing the LiFePo battery with a standard PC680 in the very near future.  The day was somewhat eventful and I can't say I had a true RV grin after my first flight because of some engine concerns.  But after correcting the issue the second flight of the day was textbook and I came back with a huge RV grin, in fact its still on my face and won't go away.

Special thanks to my family for the help and support, my friends Jeff Bloomquist and Harry Nelson for their help, encouragement and for taking the day off to help me do the first flight.  Obviously these people only are the tip of the iceberg for people I need to thank so I will just say thanks to all.

             Darin Anderson


Subject: First Flight RV-12, 120445, N124WB
From: Chuck Carlson
Date sent: Tue, 3 March 2015

To everybody at Van's Aircraft,

RV-12, 120445, N124WB made its Maiden Flight on Monday, March 2, 2015, 10am at Nampa Municipal Airport, ID (KMAN).  At the controls were Chuck Carlson, Builder/Pilot, and co-pilot 'Otto'.

The building of an airplane is really a community project.  And, there are many people to thank.

Good buddy, Chuck Moore, always seemed to appear when I needed encouragement and a helping hand., Doug Reeves, RV-12 blog has many good ideas and helpful hints.  I spent many hours reading this blog.

Vans Aircraft and Dynon Avionics provided a lot of great technical support and help.  And, has a lot of useful engine information.

Sons, Thomas and Joe, came around and provided some heavy lifting.  Thomas, the computer guru, did a lot of builder research for me.

Mike Seager, RV Transition Training Instructor extraordinaire, made the Maiden Flight a lot easier.  I can still hear his words "keep the nose off, keep the nose off".

And, of course, the wife Linda was always saying "Go build an airplane."  How much you want to bet that is now going to change to "let's go fly!"  She is already planning some trips for us.

Thank you to each and all of you.

             Chuck Carlson
             2706 S Teddy Ave
             Meridian, ID 83642
             carlsonchuck at


Subject: Another First Flight
From: Richard Frost
Date sent: Tue, 17 Feb 2015

To everybody at Van's Aircraft,

It is time to advance the complete-o-meter by one. After 15 years, the RV-9A kit you sold as 90065 is now a real air plane! N16RF flies straight and true, with a full-flaps stall at 43 kts. She weighs 1090 lbs including paint, full Flightline upholstery, and Oregon Aero Seats. Power is from a rebuilt O-320 with dual Lightspeed Plasma II+ ignitions and a Catto 3-blade prop.

Thanks for a wonderful design, an excellent kit, and world-class support. I could not be more pleased.



Subject: First Flight N369RV
From: Dean L. Eiland
Date sent: Thu, 5 Feb 2015

I am excited to report the first flight of RV-9, N369RV (build number 91798). The first flight was flown on September 26, 2014 by Jeff Hanson without any issues. Jeff Hanson and Chuck Wilson flew off the first 10 hours and then begin transitioning me into the plane under AC 90-116. I have since flown off the remaining Phase I time. What a great flying machine.

My plane is an RV-9 (yes, conventional landing gear configuration) with an IO-360 originally build by Mattituck, spinning a Whirl Wind 200RV C/S prop. I have installed a full GRT glass panel, TruTrak - 2 axis autopilot and aux tanks by Hotel Whiskey (the test pilot guys).

Special thanks to my wife Heather for letting me do this project, my brother Eddie, test pilots Jeff and Chuck and special counselor Mel Asberry. And of course thanks to Richard VanGrunsven and staff for this wonderful magic carpet.


             I'll send better pictures when my baby get a coat of paint.
             Dean L. Eiland


Subject: First flight of RV-12 120633
From: Jose DEL PESO
Date sent: Tue, 3 Feb 2015

On November 28th 2014 RV-12 120633 flow for the first time. Everything was OK except a light heavy left wing Thank tou very much to Van´s staff and to the people of Van´s Air Force that have taught me a lot of things

            120633 last name is N92RV
            Jose del Peso


Subject: RV9A N721WD first flight
From: William DeLacey
Date sent: Mon, 02 Feb 2015

On Dec 24, 2014 RV9A N721WD took to the Air on its first test flight.  The test pilot was Robin Reid.  No major Squawks in the first three test flights.  I am now in the transition training.
N721WD has a Lycoming YO-233-B2A engine with a Sensenich fixed pitch prop.  The empty weight is 1005 lbs with fairings and wheel pants on.

The panel is a single Skyview SV-D1000 system with AP.


            Thanks to Dan Benua, Robin Reid and Mike Seager for all the assistance.
            William DeLacey


From: Jeremy Schuld
Date sent: Sun, 1 Feb 2015
Subject: 73827 first flight

First flight report. Flew today. Add another to the Hobbs!


            Jeremy Schuld
            [ jeremy.schuld at]


Subject: N671CW First Flight
From: Warren Starkebaum
Date sent: Thu, 29 January 2015

My RV-7 made its first flight this past July 18, 2014 with Doug Weiler at the controls.  1CW is a basic VFR flyer with a Mattituck IO-360, Catto prop, Dynon Skyview w/ ADSB and 2 axis AP, and an MGL V6 com.  She weighed in at 1046 lbs (without gear and wheel fairings) after a 14 year gestation period.  I have about 70 hrs tt now and it is an absolute thrill to fly.    I want to thank my three boys Martin, Peter and Douglas for helping and supporting me through this long process, and the continued encouragement from my wife Cathy.  I also want to extend my sincere appreciation to the Twin Cities VAF community including Tom Berge for his thorough inspection(s) prior to the first flight, Doug Weiler for flying off the first few hours to ensure 1CW was OK to go, and Bob Collins, Bernie Weiss, Pete Howell, and Alex Peterson for their always cheerful suggestions.


            Warren Starkebaum
            Plymouth, MN


Subject: First flight RV-8
From: Ashish Kapoor
Date sent: Thu, 15 January 2015

Hi Cynthia (and folks at VANs),

I happy to report first flight for RV-8 (Builder Number 82731). It flew really nicely and thanks to Mike Seager's transition training, the first flight was uneventful.

I would specifically like to mention Axsys Air here in Seattle (they are builder instruction outfit, where I did my sheet metal course and kept the project). They wereincredibly helpful and perhaps this project would not be completed without them.

Thank you again for producing these wonderful airplanes. Attaching a couple of photographs from yesterday.


            Ashish Kapoor


Subject: RV 7 first flight
From: Tim Newsome
Date sent: Mon, 19 January 2015

I thought I would inform you that my RV took to the air for its first flight on 1-16-15 at its home in southern California.

My name is Tim Newsome, customer # 71897 and it took about 2200 hours to build N213TP.

I can tell you that after flying the plane these first few hours, the plane is every bit as good as advertised and as awesome as I hoped it would be.

            Tim Newsome


Subject: RV-8A - N550EE - Flying
Date sent: Fri, 16 January 2015

This is a Three-Pete! We completed our third RV (yeah, 2 RV-4's you already know about) an RV-8A.

Builder #82123. This is standard stuff with a Lycoming O-360 A1D and Hartzell constant speed prop. My instruments are wireless with 2 ipad minis displaying a Trutrak imonitor and Levil ihud.


            Thanks for a wonderful airplane!!!
            Pete & Dee


Subject: RV-8 - 83115 - Flying
From: Robert Findlay
Date sent: Mon, 12 Jan 2015

Just reporting that my RV8 project sn. 83115 had its first flight on
22nd December 2014 at Devonport aerodrome in Tasmania.

It has been under construction for nearly four years and I am proud of
the end result. I wish to thank Vans for a great design and excellent
kit. It was a pleasure to build and a big learning experience for

After doing the transition training with Mike Seager in Oregon the
test flying has been straight forward. I have now completed over 12
hours in VH-YRF and it is performing as expected considering the wheel
fairings have yet to be fitted.


            Robert Findlay
            robertfindlay at


From: Bill Dicus
Subject: First flight RV-8 N9669D
Date sent: Sat, 10 Jan 2015

N9669D (our Anniversary) finally got its Airworthiness Certificate 11/14/14 after 13 years of sporadic building and a lot of help from this site and other folks. Waited about three weeks for suitable weather with light winds and good ceiling/viz, temp. about 20 degrees. Acceleration on takeoff awesome and lifted off in about 5 seconds after full throttle. Initial climb 2500 fpm and still good rate at 140-150mph ias. Visibility superb and first landing was a greaser. CHT's low on #'s 1 and 2, addressed before 2nd flight with small air dams up front. Now all is good and CHT spread 10-14 degrees. Just need to get the Lycon IO-360 exp M1B (10:1 comp) broken in. Ken at Vans says I'll like the RV-8 even better after a few years, but that's going to be difficult! Garmin 430W, SL30, GMA340 and GTX330,TruTrak Pictorial turn and bank, round Alt, AS, VSI, g-meter, AFS and Dynon AOA's, Whelan strobes and LED leg, taxi lights. Tosten grips with electric elevator and aileron trim (ident, Transmit, freq switch and AP CWS on stick also). Weighed 1110 pounds (no pants, gear or intersection fairings, paint).Special thanks to Tom Stearman, Steve Raddatz, Randy Carson, Doug Woofter, Russ Kotlarek, Mike Schreiber, Dennis Millsap, Jeff Point and especially my wife Jane, who put up with having her car in the driveway for 11 cold and snowy Wisconsin winters. What a ride!

           Bill Dicus


From: Andre Smit
Subject: My new RV9
Date sent: Thu, 8 Jan 2015

Hi All

Attached is my completed RV9 kit number 91877. It took me 5 years of great fun to build her. Thanks to Van’s for a great design and assistance during the build. A special thanks to Mr Noel Drew for all his help encouragement and advice .Thanks to Mr Craig Ralphs for all the time spent helping with the build

To my Wife Collen, thanks love for all the support in helping me reach my dream and may we have many hours of fun flying the RV around South Africa

The first flight went off exactly as per the plan and all the correct temperatures and speeds where achieved

I have flown a total of 50 hours with not one problem


           Thanks Again
           Andre Smit
           South Africa


From: Joe Tierney
Subject: First flight
Date sent: Wed, 7 Jan 2015

#73531 made its first flight on January 3 2015. N887PJ flew great! Thanks to my wife Pam for helping me achieve this goal.


           Joe Tierney


From: Donald Kennedy
Subject: RV-12 First Flight
Date sent: Thu, 01 Jan 2015

RV-12 number 120343 made its first flight at Santa Paula Airport, California on December 29th. The airplane flew beautifully. The equipment is standard ELSA; Dynon D-180 with autopilot and Garmin GPSMap 496.

           (Photo Craig Mailloux)

           Don Kennedy

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