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AeroLEDs™ Lights

Lighting Systems for Night Flying


AeroLEDs™ landing and navigational lighting products are designed for some of the most extreme operating conditions on the planet. They introduced the world's first LED-based Nav/Strobe lighting product that meets TSOs C30C and C96a-C2. The PULSAR line is a "clean sheet" design, utilizing advanced mechanical/electrical computer modeling and optical ray-tracing software to accurately predict the performance of the final product. The design has these benefits compared to traditional lighting systems: zero maintenance, reduced power consumption by 80%, no harmful substances such as xenon or mercury, extended light performance, lighter weight, reduced aerodynamic drag. All units are sealed and nitrogen purged. These are a direct retrofit when replacing legacy products, with no mounting modifications. No power pack or high voltage wiring required - the strobe connects directly to a switched 9-36v supply. Strobes can be connected to synchronize them.

Two systems are available:

1. Pulsar NS90 c/w Suntail. Wingtip position/strobe lights combined with a tail light/strobe for rudder mounting. This fits the post 2000 RV-7/8/9/10 wingtips with recess, and is the standard installation for these models.
Order 1 x LN-201-1 and 1 x LN-210-1.

2. Pulsar ExP. Wingtip position/strobe lights combined with an aft facing white light, similar to Whelen A600. These work on older W-415 type wingtips (no recess) on the RV-4/6/8, on airframes without the rudder light.
Order LN-200-1 (contains L&R Pulsar ExP). These are TSO-C30c Type I, Type II, and Type III and TSO-C96a Class II approved.

Ordering Information

Aero Pulsar ExP Left and Right
Part Number = LN-200-1
Price = $1150.00
Aero Pulsar NS 90 Left and Right
Part Number = LN-201-1
Price = $760.00
Aero Suntail Position/Strobe
Part Number = LN-210-1
Price = $340.00
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