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RV-7/8 Wing Tip Landing Light Kit

Complete Landing Light System


A Van's Aircraft design specifically for the RV-7 and RV-8 2 place aircraft. This kit offers a complete landing light system that integrates with the wing tip lens and position lights of RV-7's and RV-8's. One kit provides everything needed to install two 75 watt lights in each wing tip resulting in a total of a 300 watts of wide angle light dispersion for recognition and landing.

The light system WILL NOT fit tips with curved trailing edges like the W-715 nor will it fit the older tip W-415. This light system is ONLY available for wing tips with part number W-715-1 which have shipped in all RV-7/7A and
RV-8/8A kits since August 2005.

Van's Aircraft is unable to exchange older wing tips
for the newer W-715-1.

Ordering Information

Kit Contains all parts necessary for 2 W-715-1 Wing Tips
Part Number = LL 7/8 MR-16
Price = $125.00
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