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Sensenich Composite Blade Prop

Lightweight Ground Adjustable Prop


Sensenich have developed a ground-adjustable composite propeller. According to Sensenich, it´s "as light and smooth-running as wood, and as tough as metal”. It offers options not available with fixed pitch props: climb or cruise, speed or economy, with a simple pitch change. But without the weight and expense of a constant speed prop. Its unique blade shape makes it stand out on any flight line. We haven´t done any comparison performance testing with the propeller, but expect that it should be at least equal to Sensenich´s metal props.

Two models are available, designed for 150-160hp (I)O-320 engines with 7/16" mount bolts, and 180hp (parallel valve) (I)O-360 engines. They features two hollow carbon-fiber blades in an anodized aluminum hub. The pitch can be changed accurately and quickly, using Sensenich´s Pitch Pin system. The prop is 72" in diameter, and by itself weighs just 18 lbs. It is supplied with a 2.25" spacer and a custom fitted 13" spinner is available (the standard spinner supplied in Van´s Finishing Kits won´t work with this prop, and can be deleted for credit). The 12" spinner used on early RV-3 and 4 kits will not work with this propeller, and no 12" spinner is available for it. The props are not TSO'd and may only be installed on Experimental airplanes.

The 2.25" spacer is standard for all Van's cowls and engine mounts shipped since 1993. For those requiring a 4" spacer, or who have (I)O-320 engines with 3/8" prop bolts, the prop may be ordered without the spacer or bolts. Spacers and bolts for these applications are available from Saber Manufacturing (

PRICES: Shipping in the U.S. is included. International shipping at extra cost.

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Ordering Information

Propeller with 2.25” spacer w/7/16” mounting bolts
Part Number = PROP 2G0M7/C72RG-0
Price = $3500.00
Sensenich Propeller with no spacer
Part Number = PROP 2G0M7-NS/C72RG-0
Price = $3350.00
13” Spinner kit
Part Number = SPINNER, C2300 SEN
Price = $650.00
Propeller with 2.25” Spacer w/1/2” mounting bolts
Part Number = PROP 2G0M8-C72RG-5-0
Price = $3500.00
Sensenich Propeller with no spacer
Part Number = PROP 2G0M8-NS/C72RG-5
Price = $3350.00
13” Spinner Kit—(I)O-360
Part Number = SPINNER, C2304 SEN
Price = $650.00
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