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Experimental Category Lycoming Engines

Factory New


An OEM agreement with Lycoming allows Van's Aircraft to sell to RV builder's factory new experimental engines at prices far below list. This agreement specifies that engines may be sold only to those who have purchased a complete RV kit. The engine must be installed in that aircraft. Only one engine may be sold per RV kit.

These engines are equipped with the lightweight starters, 149 tooth ring gears, dual magnetos, carburetors (or fuel injection systems) and engine driven fuel pumps. All of the engines listed below come with roller tappet lifters and camshafts as standard equipment. They have provisions (drive pads) for vacuum pumps and prop governors, but these, along with alternators and exhaust systems must be supplied and installed by the builder. The engines are built to the same standards as the certified Lycomings, but do not come with the certified airworthiness paperwork. Some countries may require this, so check local regulations before ordering. Van's can supply Certified engines if required, call or email for prices and delivery.

The X(I)O-320, X(I)O-360 (180 or 200hp) and XIO-540 engines are set up for constant-speed propellers as delivered (except for the XO-320 D2G which is a fixed pitch only engine). The X(I)O-320 and X(I)O-360 (180hp) engines may be converted for fixed pitch operation with the crankshaft plugs shown below. All engines from Van's stock are packaged with long term storage at extra cost. Engines with or without long term storage may be drop-shipped directly from Lycoming to builders. All international sales must have long term storage.

The XIO-360-M1B (180hp) and the XIO-360-A1B6 (200hp) use the forward horizontal induction oil sump and injector body permitting the use of Van's "horizontal induction" cowl that does NOT require an external scoop on the lower cowl, as seen on our RV-7A, 8A and RV-14A. ALL other engines (except the XIO-390, which is also horizontal induction) have a vertical draft sump with fuel injection or carburetor that DOES require the external scoop on the lower cowl as seen our RV-9A and IO-540 powered RV-10.

The XIO-390-A3B6 (210hp) can only be sold to RV-14/14A customers. Although this engine has been successfully used on RV-7s and 8s, those models were designed and tested using the 200hp IO-360 engine and that is the maximum power that we recommend.

The XIO-540-D4A5 can be supplied with either a dual or single pulley groove ring gear. The dual pulley is used if an AC compressor is installed.

Lycoming Warranty: Builder has 2 years from date of shipment to activate the warranty. Warranty is activated when the warranty card is mailed in. This should be done when the engine is first run. If Lycoming does not receive the warranty card within 2 years, Lycoming will automatically initiate activation. The warranty covers 100% for the first year after activation and is prorated for an additional year after that.

If an Experimental Lycoming engine and new propeller are ordered at the same time, Van's can offer a special "package" discount on the combination.

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Ordering Information

Experimental O-320 160HP( Fixed Pitch Only )
Part Number = EA XO-320-D2G RT
Price = $26400.00
Experimental O-360 180HP
Part Number = EA XO-360-A1A RT
Price = $27500.00
Experimental O-320 160HP
Part Number = EA XO-320-D1A RT
Price = $26900.00
Experimental IO-320 160HP
Part Number = EA XIO-320-D1A RT
Price = $28500.00
Experimental IO-360 180HP
Part Number = EA XIO-360-M1B RT
Price = $28700.00
Experimental IO-360 200HP
Part Number = EA XIO-360-A1B6 RT
Price = $33100.00
Experimental IO-390 210HP
Part Number = EA XIO-390-A3B6 RT
Price = $33800.00
Experimental IO-540 260HP (RV-10 only)
Part Number = EA XIO-540-D4A5 RT
Price = $47700.00
Experimental IO-540 260HP (RV-10 only)
Part Number = EA XIO-540-D4A5 RT(Y)
Price = $47700.00
Crank plug for converting from FP to CS prop operation
Part Number = EA 61510 CRANK PLUG
Price = $19.00
Crank plug for end of crank on FP props
Part Number = EA STD 1211 PLUG
Price = $4.50
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