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Intelligent Servo Controllers


Safety-Trim is an electronic speed control and switching system for use with standard Ray-Allen type electric trim servos typically used in RVs.

Safety-Trim provides the following features:

  • Run-away trim prevention with its unique time limited operation of the trim     servo(s).
  • Two user adjustable trim speeds, controllable via a flap position switch,      airspeed switch or a panel mounted switch (not included).
  • Simple wiring to pilot and co-pilot trim switches, no other relay decks, or      diode matrix is required to have multiple trim switches. Compatible with      standard "hat switches" and momentary contact switches (not included).
  • Available in 1 axis and 2 axis models. Operates from 10-30 volts, and is      reverse polarity and short circuit proof.
  • Optional Accessories include an 8ft. pre-made wiring harness with power      switch and an air speed switch.
  • Ordering Information

    Trim Airspeed Switch
    Part Number = ES ST ASW-1
    Price = $49.00
    1 Axis Trim Harness
    Part Number = ES ST-1 HARNESS
    Price = $65.00
    1 Axis Safety Trim
    Part Number = ES ST-1-12V-2SP
    Price = $245.00
    2 Axis Trim Harness
    Part Number = ES ST-2 HARNESS
    Price = $85.00
    2 Axis Safety Trim
    Part Number = ES ST-2-12V-2SP
    Price = $345.00
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