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Replacement Lenses

Molded Clear Lenses for Wingtips


Lenses for RV wingtips with molded recesses. Replacements for kit parts. Fits models as below. All are cut in half to make 2 lenses, 1 Left 1 Right. They DO NOT fit older W-318/W-415 "flat top" wingtips on the RV-3/4/6/6A.

Ordering Information

Fits all RV-7/7A and post 2001 RV-8/8A wingtips
Part Number = VA-172-1
Price = $59.00
Fits all RV-9/9A wingtips
Part Number = VA-166
Price = $46.50
Fits all RV-10/14 wingtips
Part Number = VA-193
Price = $61.00
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