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  • Introduction to Avionics

    New technologies and demands mean that products and prices are constantly changing. Because avionics is not our major business, we keep only a small stock on hand of some commonly used or RV-specific avionics. Typically, RV builders buy their avionics from companies which specialize in this field, and who have expertise in this rapidly evolving field. Many of these offer "plug and play" panels which can simplify and speed up construction.
  • ICOM

    ICOM's high quality VHF communications transceiver, gives you a vital capability and offers the best.
  • Antennas, ELTs

    Several choices of antennas, ELTs are available.
  • Com Radio & Transponder Antennas

    Antennas by DeltaPop Aviation
  • ACK E-04

    406MHz ELT

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